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Route 124

Route 124 is a large water route between Lilycove and Mossdeep City. Follow the route as it bends southeast. You will encounter several dark patches as you navigate the waters: these are dive spots that provide access to the underwater portion of the route, although you will need HM08 (Dive) (obtained later on) in order to use them.

Diving Treasure Hunter

The Diving Treasure Hunter is a man who lives in a small hut on an island near the eastern terminus of the route and will exchange colored Shards for evolutionary stones. Shards can be found held by certain underwater Pokémon. This is one of the few ways to obtain evolutionary stones, so take advantage of this guy!

Shard Traded item
Blue Shard Blue Shard Water Stone Water Stone
Red Shard Red Shard Fire Stone Fire Stone
Green Shard Green Shard Leaf Stone Leaf Stone
Yellow Shard Yellow Shard Thunderstone Thunderstone

Mossdeep City

Mossdeep City

Mossdeep City is situated on a large island east of Route 124. The Mossdeep Space Center is located here, which boasts of being "the closest place to space".

Steven Stone's house lies on the far west side of the city. Enter it to find a note left for you on the table. It says that he has gone on a journey and is leaving a Beldum, his favorite Pokémon, as a gift for you. A Poké Ball next to the note contains a Level 5 Beldum. What a nice surprise! Beldum's final evolution is Metagross, a tremendously powerful Steel/Psychic-type. Unfortunately, the only move Beldum learns is Take Down; but once it evolves into Metang at Level 20, it gains versatility and turns out to be awesome once it evolves into Metagross at Level 45.

In one of the other houses, a boy will inform you of where your secret base is located, in case you forgot. In another house, a Black Belt will tell you which Pokéblocks your Pokémon prefer. Another Black Belt standing outside on the beach will teach your Pokémon DynamicPunch. In the northernmost house, the Fishing Guru will give you a Super Rod.

Route 125

Route 125 lies north of the city. The route does not connect anywhere, although it does contain Shoal Cave, as well as a number of Trainers and a Big Pearl on the second island to the east. It would be a good idea to train here for your upcoming Gym battle.

Shoal Cave

File:Shoal Cave Entrance Low.png
The entrance room at low tide.
File:Shoal Cave Entrance High.png
The entrance room at high tide.

Shoal Cave is the only place in where wild Spheal and Snorunt can be encountered. The cave has several levels of terrain, only reachable during certain times of the day, due to tides. During high tide, you may access different areas by Surfing that could not be accessed on foot during low tide. This feature greatly limits the amount of area that you can access, but at the same time, allows you to explore areas that can not be explored when the cave isn't flooded.


12 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Tide High tide Low tide High tide Low tide High tide

Four Shoal Salts (which can only be found at low tide) and four Shoal Shells (which can only be found at high tide) can be found in the Shoal Cave. If you pick up all four of each, you can give the ingredients to the old man in the first room of the cave, and he will make a Shell Bell for you. You can get infinite Shell Bells, Shoal Salts, and Shoal Shells this way, because every time you have a Shell Bell made, the ingredients reappear.

Mossdeep Gym

Mossdeep Gym's layout

As you might have noticed, the seventh Gym is located here, led by Tate and Liza who will challenge you to a double battle! The specialty here is in Template:Type2 Pokémon. The highest-leveled Pokémon in the Gym are Level 42, so training to at least that level before challenging the Gym is recommended. When you're ready, enter the Gym.

Similar to Saffron Gym in Kanto, Mossdeep Gym contains a series of rooms connected by warp tiles. Each room contains several Trainers, as well as obstacles on spinners that rotate when certain tiles are stepped on, changing the path and often bringing you right into the lines of sight of the enemy Trainers.

As stated before, the Trainers here use Template:Type2 Pokémon, which are weak to Bug-, Dark-, and Template:Type2 attacks. Psychic-types are strong against Fighting- and Poison-types, so don't use those Pokémon in this Gym challenge. Dark-types are immune to Psychic attacks, and Dark-type moves can be learned by a wide variety of Pokémon, so be sure to use that to your advantage here.

Mossdeep Gym
The Mind Badge

When you challenge the Gym Leaders, they will send out Claydol, a Psychic/Ground-type, and Xatu, a Psychic/Flying-type. Claydol knows Earthquake, a powerful Ground-type attack that will hit both your Pokémon unless they have the Ability Levitate or are Flying-type. Note that all of Tate and Liza's Pokémon are immune to Ground-type moves due to this very fact. Xatu also has the powerful attack Psychic, the Template:Type2 move AncientPower, and the defensive move Light Screen, which reduces Special Attack damage done to its team by one-third. It has a huge number of weaknesses, however: Ice-, Electric-, Ghost-, Dark-, and Bug-type attacks will all do super-effective damage to it, so use moves of those types to take it out. Claydol, on the other hand, is weak to Water-, Grass-, Ice-, Ghost-, Dark-, and Bug-type attacks.

Once Xatu and Claydol are taken care of, the next Pokémon will be Solrock and Lunatone. These two are both Psychic/Rock-types, and are therefore greatly damaged by Water, Grass, and Template:Type2 attacks as well as the usual Psychic-type weaknesses of Dark-, Ghost-, Template:Type2s. Solrock knows the move Sunny Day, which raises the power of Template:Type2 attacks. However, it also knows SolarBeam, a Grass-type move with 120 base power that will not need to waste a turn for charging during sunny weather. It also takes advantage of Sunny Day to give boost its Flamethrower attack. Grass-, Bug-, Ice-, and Steel-types will need to watch out! Lunatone is more defensive, with Light Screen, Calm Mind, and Hypnosis to make your Pokémon fall asleep, as well as Psychic.

When they are defeated, Tate and Liza will give you the Mind Badge and TM04 (Calm Mind). Exit the Gym using the warp tiles and then head to the Mossdeep Space Center.

Space Center

File:Mossdeep City Space Center Em.png
The Mossdeep City Space Center

At the Mossdeep City Space Center, you will find that Team Magma has taken over the building. After failing to take control of Groudon, Team Magma is trying to obtain rocket fuel to use to make Mt. Chimney erupt. The group sent a letter to the Space Center, informing them that they will take the rocket fuel, which has caused a panic.

Enter the Space Center and defeat all of the Team Magma Grunts. On the second floor, the player meets up with Steven Stone and pairs up with him to double battle against Maxie and Tabitha.

On the second floor, you will catch up with Steven Stone and fight with him in a Double Battle against two high-ranking Team Magma members— Admin Tabitha and the leader, Maxie. Apparently, their plan was to steal rocket fuel and then dump it into Mt. Chimney to make it erupt. Crazy, right?

After being defeated, Maxie starts to question whether he's really doing the right thing by trying to expand the landmass. Steven will thank you for your help and give you HM08 (Dive), so that you can go underwater on water routes. Afterwards, you'll need to traverse Route 127 on your way to Sootopolis City and its gym.

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