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Route 120

Route 120 in Emerald

Like Route 119, this route contains tall grass that cannot be bicycled through. Near the start of the route, there is a small lake which leads to the Scorched Slab (note that a Kecleon guards the path to the lake). This is home to TM11 (Sunny Day). Follow the path over the bridge and through an area with many puddles and several Trainers. Interviewers Gabby and Ty appear once again above the grass maze, and near them is a gap in the trees containing a patch of Berries.

Below the maze, the route continues over another bridge and splits into two paths. The path to the right leads to Route 121, while the other leads to the Ancient Tomb, which is a dead-end until later in the game. Continue following the path east to Route 121.

Route 121

Route 121

Route 121 is an east-west route that will lead you to Lilycove City. It is a busy route and contains the entrance to the Safari Zone and a water path to Mt. Pyre and Route 122 in the south. At the start of the route, a group of Berry trees lies beyond a small patch of grass to the north. Follow the path east, using the Cut-able shortcuts if you desire to avoid battles.

NOTE: This is one of the few places where you can encounter the Puppet Pokémon, Shuppet.

Lilycove City is around a bend at the eastern terminus.

Lilycove City

Lilycove City

Lilycove City is a flourishing city, featuring a Contest Hall and Department Store. There is also the Cove Lily Motel, where you can find the Game Freak staff (upstairs). The motel is currently unpopular due to Team Aqua having raided the establishment. In the northwest of the city lies the Lilycove Museum, where fine art and paintings are on display. The curator, who stands beside the stairs to the second floor, explains that he is looking for portraits of Pokémon. These may be obtained by winning the Master Class of the Pokémon Contests for each category.

To the east lies Route 124, but for the moment it is blocked by a Team Aqua Grunt attempting to train a group of Wailmer. The Department Store is also blocked by the player's rival, here for a fifth and final battle.

252 If the player chose Treecko: 255 If the player chose Torchic: 258 If the player chose Mudkip:

When you've defeated your rival, head to the Safari Zone, go to Mt. Pyre, then the Magma Hideout and then fly back here and head inside the Aqua Hideout.

Safari Zone

Safari Zone
Hoenn Safari Zone area numbers


Area 1

Area 2

Area 3

Area 4

Once you reach the entrance pay the PokémonDollar.png500 at the registration counter to enter. You will also need the Pokéblock Case as a requirement before you're allowed to enter. If you forgot to pick one up earlier then head to the Contest Hall in Slateport City to pick one up. Also bring a Pokémon that knows Sweet Scent to avoid moving around too much to make the Safari game last longer, as well as Surf since there are a few items across the pond such as TM22 (SolarBeam).

In the Safari Zone there are four areas with different Pokémon, where most of them found in more than one area. While Areas 1 and 2 are simple, the other areas require a Bike to get into. Area 3 the Northwest corner requires the Mach Bike, while Area 4 requires the Acro Bike. Area 3 and 4 also contain rare Pokémon that are only found in this particular location, notably a Pinsir in Area 3 and a Heracross in Area 4. The Safari Zone is the only place to catch Pokémon that hold the items, Sharp Beak which enhances Flying-type moves and the Light Ball that enhances Pikachu's Sp. Attack.

When you are ready head south from the Safari Zone and use Surf to reach Route 122.

Mt. Pyre




Magma Hideout


First, fly to Lavaridge Town, then either go to Jagged Pass and use an Acro Bike to get up the bumps, or go to Mt. Chimney and then head south to Jagged Pass. At this point, the Magma Emblem, received at Mt. Pyre, will activate an earthquake and the entrance to Magma Hideout will open up.

After defeating Tabitha again, go up to Maxie, who has awakened Groudon with the Blue Orb, but flees away, and notices you and will challenge you for the second time.

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