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Back in Survival Area

Enter all of the houses, and you'll eventually find Buck and his grandfather. First, talk to Buck's grandfather and he'll tell you that the legendary Pokemon Heatran will be enraged if the Magma Stone is taken, and Stark Mountain will erupt! Next, talk to Buck. He finally knows that this is a serious matter and bolts off to put the Magma Stone back in its proper place.

Make sure that you talk to Buck and his grandfather, heal your Pokemon and buy at least 40 Dusk Balls before proceeding back to the mountain! Be aware that you'll be facing a Level 70 Legendary Pokémon. You will also need the HMs Surf, Rock Climb, Strength, and Rock Smash. Also, bring a Pokémon with Cut for the next step of the journey.

Back to Routes 226-227

Make sure that you talk to Buck and his grandfather, heal your Pokemon and buy at least 40 Dusk Balls before proceeding!

Go through Routes 226-227 again.

Back to Stark Mountain

It should be easier to go through the volcano this time because you know where you're going.

1st Room

Go through the room as you did previously.

2nd Room

Now that you're going through this room on your own, you're free to use Rock Climb now, so you should pick up all items in this room.

3rd Room

File:Mountain Heatran.png
3rd Room, with the furious Heatran

Buck is nowhere to be seen, but a Pokemon is standing in front of you. That is the legendary Pokemon Heatran. Heatran looks angry...... no, it looks furious. With Heatran enraged, the volcano will erupt for sure and destroy everything on Battle Zone. Seems like it is too late......

Wait, there is still one way to solve this mess and prevent the volcano from erupting. Guess what? You'll need to catch it. Another legendary Pokemon for you to catch!

Catching Heatran

Make sure that you heal your Pokemon and save your game before proceeding!

Spr 4d 485.png
Fire Steel
Flash Fire
Held item:
Heartran Lv.70
Iron Head
Steel Physical
Fire Spin
Fire Special
Lava Plume
Fire Special
Scary Face
Normal Status

When you're ready, talk to Heatran, and the battle will start. Heatran is a Fire/Steel-type Pokemon, and is at Level 70. Ground-type moves deal significant damage on it, so be careful if you're unleashing something like Earthquake or Earth Power. Start off with moves that causes sleep or paralysis (do not bother with freeze— it will instantly defrost with Fire-type moves. Heatran is also immune to burn or poison). Follow up with Water-type or Fighting-type moves. Then, keep on damaging with weaker attacks until its HP bar is red. After that, keep throwing Dusk Balls (as you're in a cave, Dusk Balls work best) until you successfully catch it. It does not possess its signature move-- Magma Storm, but watch out for Lava Plume, which can still hurt a lot! Iron Head can also potentially hit you hard. Do not hesitate when you need to use medicines to heal your Pokemon.

Once you've caught Heatran, get yourself out of the volcano and continue to Route 228. From the T-junction of Routes 226-228, head east into the gate. Or, if you're not ready, fly back to Survival Area first.

Route 228

Make sure that you heal your Pokemon and buy a lot of medicines before proceeding! You'll need to bring Pokemon with Cut, Surf and Rock Smash.

This is a desert route. Similar to Route 111 in Hoenn, a sandstorm will be raging, reducing the visibility and affecting battles (Rock-type, Ground-type, and Steel-type Pokemon are immune to sandstorms). Don't worry, though-- you don't need a pair of Go-Goggles, unlike in Pokemon Ruby and Sappire Versions or Pokemon Emerald Version. Instead, have your Bicycle ready again. Some places in this route can only be accessed by riding up muddy slopes or across logs on your bicycle. Make sure to have your Poketch App Dowsing Machine ready as well, because a lot of items are hidden in the sand.

You'll want to keep heading south to get to Route 229, but try to explore all over to get all of the items (a lot of which are rare or valuable) and fight all of the Trainers. Don't hesitate to heal if you need to.

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