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Survival Area

The Survival Area.

There isn't much here. Heal up at the Pokémon Center and check your supply of medicines before continuing east to Route 226.

Before proceeding......

Make sure that you are fully prepared! Another tough and long journey is up ahead.

You'll have to go through 2 routes at once, and finally explore the huge volcano in Sinnoh Battle Zone-- Mt. Stark. There will be many Trainers for you to fight.

In Mt. Stark, a Trainer will explore with you, but you'd better not let your guard down because most of the wild Pokémon are at a high level, and there are a lot of Trainers. Also, the cave inside Mt. Stark will be very huge.

Make sure that you have done the following things before going on:

  • Buy a lot of medicines.
    • Buy at least 25 of each necessary medicine, excluding different versions of Potions.
      • Buying 30 to 35 of each is recommended.
    • To save money, don't buy Super Potions, and don't buy very many bottles of Potion.
      • You may still need to buy many bottles of Hyper Potion and Full Restore, though.
      • Buy Drinks (i.e. Fresh Water, Soda Pop, Lemonade, Moomoo Milk) instead of the Potions. By now, you should know where to buy them.
  • Heal your Pokémon.
  • Always let your leading Pokémon hold Amulet Coin or Luck Incense to gain double prize after Trainer battles, especially if you're running out of money.
    • You'll face a legendary Pokémon quite soon.
    • Another tough journey will be ahead once you complete the quest in Mt. Stark.
  • Bring Pokémon with the following HM moves:

Route 226

Navigate your way east, climbing up and down the cliffs. When you reach the ocean, Surf east until you reach a large patch of tall grass— the start of Route 227.

Route 227

Route 227.

Continue north from the grass. Soon, you'll notice volcanic ash falling from the sky. Stark Mountain isn't too far ahead! Keep in mind that you want to go north and uphill, and it shouldn't be too much of a challenge. Also, you'll need to use your highest Bicycle gear to jump ramps to get over rocks, but be careful not to jump off the ledges. On the way, you'll see Rival Barry and Crasher Wake having a conversation. You'll also see Buck again. At the top of the hill is the entrance to the volcano-- Stark Mountain!

Stark Mountain

The only and biggest volcano in the Sinnoh Region-- Mt. Stark, are in front of you.


There are some items for you to get.

If you think you're prepared, enter the cave.

First Room

The first room is fairly straightforward— the main puzzle is using Strength to push boulders up and down stairs. You'll want to keep going north. In front of the entrance to the next room, you'll find Barry, complaining about how he was defeated by Buck. He won't battle you, though, so continue deeper into the mountain.

Second Room

When you enter this room, you'll find that the "camera" zoomed out.

Quickly, you'll find Buck again. He asks you to team up with him to find the Magma Stone, although he thinks you're "pretty wimpy". You'll be leading the way through the cave. With him teamed up with you, you can't use Rock Climb to get all of the items, so don't even bother getting any items for now! However, he'll heal your Pokémon after every battle, just like the Trainers you teamed up before.

If you need directions through the cave... First, head east along the sort of ridge you're on until you reach the first point you can go north at. Smash the rock that's in the way and continue north until you reach the second set of stairs. Go down them and continue a few steps north and then far west, smashing the rock in your way. Go up the stairs and fight the Dragon Tamer and Black Belt, then walk around the ledge you're on and go down the stairs. From there, keep going east (pushing the Strength rock in front of you) and go up the stairs at the end.

Third Room

Follow Buck into the cave ahead of you. He will pick up the Magma Stone...... (an earthquake occurs!) and leave. Exit the cavern (using an Escape Rope or the move Dig is the easiest, if you have, but you must leave the third room first) and return to the Survival Area. Time to go look for Buck!

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