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Poke Radar

The Poke Radar that Professor Rowan gave you lets you catch some special Pokemon in the grass, which normally won't appear. Some grass will rustle or flash. If you catch or defeat a Pokemon in rustling or flashing grass, other patches of grass will rustle or flash. If you run from the Pokemon or if the grass has rustled/flashed 3 times in a use, the Radar will stop. To activate it again, run around for awhile. Similar to Vs. Seeker, the Poke Radar needs to recharge, but it only requires 50 steps instead of 100.

Routes 219-211

You'll need to bring a Pokémon with Surf.

Head south from Sandgem Town. Go through these routes to head to Pal Park. If you haven't gone through this route before, fight all Trainers (though you'll probably overwhelm them) and collect all items now. Refer to Section 13 for details.

Pal Park

A map of Pal Park with the different areas highlighted

As soon as you reach Pal Park, Professor Oak will meet up with you and explain that Pal Park is now open and how you can use it. He will also give you a Pokétch App Trainer Counter, then leave to Eterna City.

If you restart the game, you will notice that there is an extra option in the menu, 'Migrate from [whatever Pokémon game is in the GBA slot]'. This will allow you to transfer Pokémon from either Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, FireRed, or LeafGreen. If you have done so, you may greet the ranger at the counter and enter Pal Park. This will begin an event called a Catching Show. Depending on the Pokémon you transfer over, they will appear in different zones of the park (a water Pokémon will appear in the Lake or the Sea). After you catch all the Pokémon, you can leave the park and meet the ranger again. He will end the Catching Show and give you a score. The score is based on how long it took you to catch all the Pokémon and the rarity of the Pokémon you transfer over.

From now on, you can fly here without going through Routes 219-221 again.


After first accessing Pal Park, another method of catching Pokemon from previous generations has unlocked. This is the Dual-slot mode, also known as Dongle Method. Slot in a Generation III game in the Slot 2 (Game Boy Advance slot) on your Nintendo DS or Nintendo DS Lite, and some Pokemon will appear on certain routes. Since this feature is inaccessible with the later DS models, your only choice in that situation is to collect the Pokémon from Platinum as well as HeartGold and SoulSilver and then trade them to Diamond or Pearl.

Hearthome City

Fly to Hearthome City. Deposit 1 Pokemon in the PC (if you have a full party), then go inside the house next to Pokemon Centre. Talk to the girl Bebe and say "Yes" to recieve an Eevee, at Lv.5.

Head south to Route 212.

Route 212

Keep going until you reach the Pokemon Mansion.

Pokemon Mansion

Go into Mr. Backlot's office.

Mr. Backlot's Office

Talk to Mr. Backlot and answer "Yes" whenever he asks if you're envious. He'll tell that a Pokemon come up to him in Trophy Garden in the morning, but his butler points out that the stated Pokemon doesn't exist in the garden. Mr. Backlot whisper to the butler, then butler heads off. Mr. Backlot says that what he says is the truth-- "Honest truth!"

Trophy Garden

The mentioned Pokemon will be found here at a 5% encounter rate. Quite rare to find.

Pokémon League-- Lily Of The Valley Island

You'll need to bring Pokémon with Surf, Strength, Defog, Waterfall and Rock Climb.

You'll find that there is a route east of Pokémon League. That is Route 224. To access there, you have to go inside Victory Road again from the exit near main building of Pokémon League.

Now fly to Pokemon League Main Building, heal your Pokemon, then surf down the waterfall and enter Victory Road again.

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