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Back at Home -- Twinleaf Town

Congratulations! You have become the Champion and advanced to the After Game storyline.

You'll start in your room at home, in Twinleaf Town, just like the start of your game. (Every time you beat the Pokémon League, you'll start here again.)

Check your Trainer Card. You'll find that a star is added and the colour of your Card changed. Turn to your back and you'll find the record "Hall Of Fame Debut".

Check your Pokédex. You'll also find that you've seen all 150 Pokémon in Sinnoh, but only if you strictly followed this walkthrough and faced all Trainers. If you have completed, great job! However, there are a lot of Pokémon for you to see, not just only 150...... But anyway. You should tell this to Professor Rowan. So, get ready and head downstairs.

Your Mom will tell you that Rival Barry has gone to the Battle Zone. The Battle Zone is the island northeast of the main part of Sinnoh Region. You can access there by taking a ship at Snowpoint City, but for now, you cannot do much. Head to Sandgem Town (where the Pokémon Research Lab is) first.

Sandgem Town

You'll see Prof. Rowan's aide Dawn/Lucas outside the Pokémon Research Lab. She/He will congratulate you. Head to the Pokémon Centre and boot up the PC. Access "Rowan's PC". If you've seen all 150 Pokémon in Sinnoh, Prof. Rowan will tell you to come over to the Lab!

Pokémon Research Lab-- Upgrading Pokédex to National Pokédex

Talk to Prof. Rowan. He tells you that he has been waiting. Professor Oak then comes in. The 2 professors joke around. After that, Prof. Oak upgrades your Pokedex with National Mode!

Afterwards, Prof. Oak will say that Pal Park is now open and hurries off for a meeting.

Finally, Prof. Rowan will give you Poke Radar for you to catch special Pokémon in grass.

I missed some Pokémon!

Check your Pokédex and hunt down the Pokémon that you haven't seen yet. There are some Pokémon that is easily omitted, especially 3 of them.


Go to Solaceon Ruins and enter a wild Pokémon battle. No Trainers use Unown and the only place to see it is Solaceon Ruins.


If you don't have the patience to hatch the Riolu egg, didn't get the egg from Riley, or didn't even visit Iron Island, you'll have to see one in the basement of Oreburgh Gate. Surf west and you can fight Veteran Grant to see one. Refer to Section 13 for details.

Opposite version mascot

You can see the picture of PalkiaD or DialgaP in Celestic Town after catching your version mascot. Refer to Section 20 for details. If you have seen 149 Pokémon and this is the only one unseen, Dawn/Lucas will inform you that Cynthia's grandmother wants you to visit her.


There are many more things for you to do:

  • Explore Battle Zone
  • Catch some new Pokémon
    • Pokémon Swarm
    • Poké Radar
    • Pokémon Mansion
    • Legendary Pokémon
  • Go to Pal Park
  • Explore Route 224
  • Collect Diploma

You can now really explore Battle Zone, but you still have something to do in the main part of Sinnoh! Why wouldn't you finish these things first?

This walkthrough will start from swarming Pokémon.

Pokemon Swarm

Now that you got the National Pokedex, Jubilife TV will have a News Flash to tell you that there is a swarm (also known as mass outbreak) of Pokémon at somewhere in the region. Dawn's/Lucas' sister will also tell you about the swarm. To find her, go to Dawn's/Lucas' house in Sandgem Town.

The outbreak will let you catch some previously unavailable Pokémon. The swarm lasts for a day and expires at midnight (12:00AM). The next day, another swarm of Pokémon will appear.

Next "stop", Poke Radar Pokémon.

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