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Final Preparation

Don't proceed to challenge the Elite Four yet. You must do some insanely serious preparation. The most serious one ever.

The Elite Four will be the hardest challenges in the main storyline. You’ll have to fight them all, four in a row. Not really back-to-back -- you have time to heal between fights, but you cannot gain access to a Pokémon Center, so you’ll need a lot of healing items. When you head inside, you can no longer get out until the challenges are over. There is only one way to go: to win and proceed.

Similar to Gym Leaders, each of the Elite Four specializes in a single type. Therefore, there are at least 4 types of Pokémon for you to face off. Moreover, at least one Pokémon in three of their teams does NOT belong to their specializing types, so bring Pokémon with different types of moves.

When you beat one, you can face the next Elite Four, and he/she will have a team that is stronger than the team of the previous Elite Four. That means the last one will be the strongest out of the 4. The Elite Four have five Pokémon in each of their team. Their Pokémon at at levels ranging from 53 to 63. When one of their Pokémon is defeated, they'll send in their remaining Pokémon depending on the situation, not according to the order of the list, which you should know. Be careful that you need to bring their Pokémon down without making them survive with less than 30% of their HP, or the Elite Four will use Full Restores.

There is also one more challenge after beating the Elite Four. That’s a battle facing the League Champion. Similar to Rival Barry, the Champ has a full party that doesn’t specialize in a type, so be wary and bring a team with Pokémon in a variety of types. The Champ’s strongest Pokémon is at above Level 65, so be extra careful!

Make sure that you have done the following things before going on:

  • Buy a lot of medicines!
    • Buy at least 40 of each necessary medicine, excluding different versions of Potions.
      • Buying 45 to 50 of each is recommended.
    • To save money, don't buy Super Potions, and don't buy very many bottles of Potion.
      • You may still need to buy many bottles of Hyper Potion, Max Potion and Full Restore, though.
      • Buy Drinks (Fresh Water, Soda Pop, Lemonade, Moomoo Milk) instead of the Potions. You should know where to buy them because you had just bought a lot before going through Victory Road.
  • You may consider about buying Battle Items.
    • e.g.: X Attack, X Defend, X Special, X Sp. Def, X Speed, X Accuracy, Dire Hit, Guard Spec.
    • Some of the Battle items, especially those started with X, enhances stats of your Pokémon.
    • Buy 20 to 40 of each if you need.
    • Place to buy them: 2/F, Veilstone Department Store, Veilstone City
  • Heal your Pokémon!
  • Train your Pokémon until they are at or above Level 55!
    • Having your Pokémon at about Level 60 is recommended.
    • If your Pokémon are below Level 55, DO NOT even dare to proceed! (Unless you want to get your Pokemon pulverized)
      • Good training place: Victory Road, Route 223
      • You can also fight some Trainers again using Vs. Seeker in outdoor places.

VS Elite Four

When you are ready, proceed to the Ace Trainer that guards the corridor to the Elite Four. Talk to him, and he’ll check if you have all of the 8 Sinnoh Gym Badges. If you have, he’ll step aside, and let you proceed. Remember: Once you head in, NO turning back!

VS Aaron

Make sure that you heal your Pokémon before proceeding!

Proceed through the corridor. The first Elite Four is Aaron. He specializes in the Bug-type. The following battle will probably be your easiest Pokémon League fight, especially if you have Rock-type moves, but still, never underestimate his team.

He opens up the fight with Dustox, a Bug/Poison-type Pokemon (not Flying-type). You should know how to deal with it after all those battles with Team Galactic. Its only attacking move is Bug Buzz. If it uses Double Team to raise its evasiveness too many times, fight back with some moves like Aerial Ace that never miss. Watch out for Toxic, which inflicts bad poison if it hits your Pokémon. You know what Light Screen does, don't you? If you didn't still knew, it can lower the damage of all Special moves. Better defeat it right away.

You should also know how to deal with Beautifly. However, this Bug/Flying-type Pokemon is totally offensive with Special-based moves. Rock-type moves overwhelm it, but watch out for Energy Ball, which may also reduce your Sp. Def! It also knows Bug Buzz (like Dustox), Psychic, and Shadow Ball. If you chose Infernape, watch out for Psychic.

You faced Heracross before, during the final Rival Battle. This one is also totally offensive, but with Physical-based moves. Flying-type moves overwhelm it, but be extra careful because Heracross knows Stone Edge, which has a higher-than-usual critical-hit ratio. It also has Night Slash, as well as its signature move Megahorn, so don’t even try using Psychic-type Pokémon. It also has Close Combat, which hits as hard as Megahorn but is more accurate. After using Close Combat, though, Heracross's Defense and Sp. Def will be reduced, so use that chance to hit hard.

Vespiquen is another Bug/Flying-type Pokemon and the evolution of female Combee. It has all of its three signature moves: Attack Order, Defend Order and Heal Order. From the names, you can deduce that Attack Order deals damage, Defend Order raises its defensive stats and Heal Order heals it. It also has Power Gem to counter Flying-type Pokémon. Rock-type moves will, again, overwhelm this Pokémon. A good Fire-type or Flying-type move will also take it out.

Aaron’s strongest Pokémon is Drapion, at Lv.57. It is not a Bug-type Pokémon, but it evolves from the Poison/Bug-type Skorupi. Drapion is a Poison/Dark-type Pokémon, so its only weaknesses are Ground-type moves. However, if you decide to use Ground-types, make sure to watch out for Ice Fang! It also has Cross Poison, X-Scissor and Aerial Ace, all of which will hit hard, especially Cross Poison. Send in Pokémon with high Defense to shut down its attacks.

After you beat Aaron, he’ll tell you that three more Trainers are waiting for you and are tougher than him. Get ready for a harder fight.

VS Bertha

Make sure that you heal your Pokémon before proceeding!

Proceed through the corridor. The second Elite Four is Bertha. Her team specializes in Ground-type. Don’t think Flying-type Pokémon can avoid all of the attacks from her Pokémon, though. Grass-type moves make this fight easier, but again, you must not underestimate her team.

Her first Pokémon is Quagsire. It's sturdy and only has one weakness, which is a major one: Grass. A Grass-type move will deal significant damage to it. It only has one attacking move: Dig, which is a two-turn attack. Its other moves are Sandstorm, which summons a sandstorm for 5 turns that damages all but Rock-type, Ground-type and Steel-type Pokémon. Quagsire also has Protect (you should know what it does). Like Aaron’s Dustox, it also wields Double Team, so knock it out immediately or prepare some certain-hit moves like Magical Leaf.

Sudowoodo looks like a small tree, but (surprise!) it is not a Grass-type Pokémon. It is also not a Ground-type Pokémon. Instead, it’s a pure Rock-type Pokémon. Similar to Quagsire, it has Sandstorm. Moreover, it also has Sucker Punch to strike first and catch you off guard if you are attacking. It also has Earthquake and a Fighting-type move Hammer Arm. Water-type, Grass-type, Fighting-type and your own Ground-type moves can finish it off.

Whiscash is another Water/Ground-type Pokémon, and also the evolution of Barboach. Again, Grass-type moves are its only and major weaknesses. This Pokémon is totally offensive with Physical-based moves. Be extremely careful if your Pokémon has a lower level than Whiscash’s level and are not Flying-type Pokémon! Whiscash has Fissure, which is a fatal move -- it will instantly kill your Pokémon if it hits! It also has Rock Slide to hit Flying-type Pokémon. Moreover, it has Aqua Tail and Zen Headbutt (most Grass-type Pokémon are also partly Poison-type Pokémon, so be wary).

Golem-- the evolution of Graveler, as well as the final form of Geodude, is a Rock/Ground-type Pokémon, so you should know how to deal with it. Water-type and Grass-type moves are its major weaknesses, but Fighting-type and your own Ground-type moves may work too. It has the common Ground-type move Earthquake, the Steel-type Gyro Ball to hit faster Pokémon for more damage and Brick Break to counter Steel-type Pokémon. It also has Sandstorm, similar to Sudowoodo.

Bertha’s strongest Pokémon is Hippowdon, the evolution of Hippopotas, at Lv.59. This Pokémon can be insane if you don't knock it out right away. Its ability Sand Stream summons a sandstorm that lasts for the whole battle, no matter if any of her Pokemon summoned one. Like Golem and Sudowoodo, it has Earthquake. It also can use Stone Edge to counter Ice-type and Flying-type Pokémon, as well as the Dark-type Crunch that may reduce the Defense stat of your Pokémon. Don’t let it use Curse for too many times, or its Attack and Defense will skyrocket, making its three attacking moves (all of them are Physical-based) dreadful. Water-type, Ice-type or Grass-type moves are your best choices.

After you beat Bertha, she’ll think that you can go as far as you want. Talk to her again, and she’ll tell you that the Trainer in the next room is much more formidable. These 2 fights can be a warm-up exercise for skilful players, but from now on, be even more cautious.

VS Flint

Make sure that you heal your Pokémon before proceeding!

Proceed through the corridor. The third Elite Four is Flint, which you saw earlier in Sunyshore City. His team "specializes" in Fire-type, but due to the lack of Fire-type Pokémon in this Sinnoh Region, he only has two Fire-type Pokémon. Be prepared to face a team with Pokémon in diverse types.

He starts with Rapidash -- the evolution of Ponyta. It is extremely fast. It has Flare Blitz that hurts a lot but also deals serious recoil damage like Double-Edge. It also has Bounce, which is a Flying-type move and a two-turn attack like Fly. Water-type, Ground-type and Rock-type moves are your best choices, but be careful of its SolarBeam, which is a Grass-type move! Don’t let it use Sunny Day. What Sunny Day does is not only boosting power of Fire-type moves. It also lets SolarBeam to fire right away without charging!

Drifblim is a Ghost/Flying-type Pokémon. It has Double Team (like Aaron’s Dustox and Bertha’s Quagsire) and Baton Pass to switch to another Pokémon while passing all stat changes along. The Ghost-type move Ominous Wind is its only attacking move, but it might raise all of its stats at once. Its only Fire-type move is Will-O-Wisp, which inflicts burn. Hit it back with Dark-type, Electric-type, Ice-type, Rock-type or your own Ghost-type moves, but beware of its ability Aftermath, which damages the Pokémon landing finishing blow!

Steelix is a Steel/Ground-type Pokémon and the evolution of Onix, which you should know. It has Rock Tomb that may reduce Speed of your Pokémon and Screech to make Defense stat of your Pokémon plummet. It also has Fire Fang that may burn your Pokémon or make it flinch, and Sunny Day, similar to Rapidash. Hit it with Water-type, Ground-type, Fighting-type or your own Fire-type moves.

Lopunny is a pure Normal-type Pokémon, and the evolution of Buneary. Only Fighting-type moves will deal super-effective damage. Be careful that it has Cute Charm as its ability. If your Pokémon's gender is Lopunny's opposite one (in this case, if you use a female Pokémon), using moves that make contact may result in infatuation. However, using Special-based moves like Focus Blast are unsafe because of Mirror Coat, which reflects any Special-based attacks for double damage. It has Charm to make Attack stat of your Pokémon plummet, Sunny Day (like Rapidash and Steelix) and Fire Punch that may burn your Pokémon.

Flint’s strongest Pokémon is Infernape -- the evolution of Monferno, as well as the final form of Chimchar. It is a Lv.61 Fire/Fighting-type Pokémon. It has high Attack, Sp. Atk and Speed. Forget about outspeeding it if your Pokemon are slower than Rapidash. It has Flare Blitz, similar to Rapidash, and Earthquake, similar to 3 of Bertha’s Pokémon. It also has Mach Punch to hit fast (like Quick Attack) and ThunderPunch to counter Flying-type Pokémon and may inflict paralysis. Water-type, Ground-type, Flying-type (beware of ThunderPunch) and Psychic-type moves are your best choices.

After beating Flint, he cannot believe he loses, and he’ll tell you to keep going. Only 1 Elite Four left!

VS Lucian

Make sure that you heal your Pokémon before proceeding!

Proceed through the corridor. The fourth and final Elite Four is Lucian. His team specializes in Psychic-type. Unlike the previous 3, all of his Pokémon are Psychic-type Pokémon. Dark-type Pokémon are the most advantageous, but having immunity doesn’t mean everything. 4 of his Pokémon know Psychic, which may reduce Sp. Def of your Pokémon if it hits.

He starts with Mr. Mime. It is a pure Psychic-type Pokémon. It may surprise you with the Electric-type Thunderbolt or set up with Reflect and Light Screen. Render it unable to battle fast with Dark-type, Bug-type or Ghost-type moves, in order to avoid a long and tiring battle.

Girafarig is a Normal/Psychic Pokémon, so Ghost-type moves have no effect. It has Double Hit to hit your Pokémon twice in a row. It also has Shadow Ball and Crunch that may reduce Sp. Def and Defense respectively, as well as countering Ghost-type Pokémon. Deal serious damage on it with Dark-type and Bug-type moves.

Medicham is a Fighting/Psychic-type Pokémon and the evolution of Meditite. It is the only one of Lucian’s Pokémon that doesn’t have any Psychic-type moves, thus doesn’t have the move Psychic. Actually, its moves are all punches! It has Drain Punch (has the same power and draining effect as Giga Drain) and three elemental punches -- Fire Punch, Ice Punch and ThunderPunch. Flying-type (be careful of Ice Punch and ThunderPunch) and Ghost-type moves are your best bet.

Alakazam is a pure Psychic-type Pokémon. It is the evolution of Kadabra and the final form of Abra. It has Energy Ball to surprise you and reduce Sp. Def stat of your Pokémon. It also has Focus Blast, which hits as hard as Close Combat and counters Dark-type Pokémon, so be extra careful. It may also use Recover to heal up.

Lucian’s strongest Pokémon is Bronzong -- the evolution of Bronzor, at Lv.63. It is a Steel/Psychic-type Pokémon, making it only weak to Fire-type and Ground-type moves, but due to its ability Levitate (which makes all Ground-type moves miss), Fire-type moves are your only choice. Be extremely careful: it has Earthquake! It also has Gyro Ball to counter faster Pokémon, similar to Bertha’s Golem. It has Calm Mind to raise its Sp. Atk and Sp. Def.

After beating Lucian, he’ll note that "your power is real" and say:

"Congratulations. You have beaten the Elite Four. However, that doesn't mean you're done with the Pokémon league. There remains the Champion. I should warn you—the Champion is far stronger than the Elite Four."

Great job! You have finally beaten the Elite Four, but your challenge is not over! You still need to face the Champion. Get ready for the hardest fight ever......

VS Champion

Make sure that you heal your Pokémon before proceeding!

This corridor is longer. Don't go into Champion's room yet because once you go inside, the battle will start! Keep in mind you can’t switch the order of your Pokémon once you head inside.

Guess who? Remember the one who gave you HM01 (Cut), SecretPotion and Old Charm? That’s Cynthia. Yep, Cynthia is the League Champion! She has a full team with Pokémon in different types and at or above Lv. 60. This will be your most difficult fight (at least in the main storyline), but try your best to beat her!

Her first Pokémon is Spiritomb. Due to its Ghost/Dark type, it has no weaknesses normally. Yup, no weaknesses. You can only bring it down with your strongest attacks that aren’t Normal-type, Fighting-type or Psychic-type moves, or by identifying it with Foresight, Odor Sleuth, hence removing two of its immunities and exposing its weakness to Fighting-type moves. It possesses Embargo to prevent you from using items on your Pokémon, and also Psychic, Dark Pulse (which may make your Pokémon flinch) and Silver Wind, a Bug-type move that might raise all of its stats at once.

Gastrodon— the evolution of Shellos, is a Water/Ground-type Pokémon, so it has Grass-type moves as its nightmares. It's all out offensive with Muddy Water (which may reduce Accuracy of your Pokémon), Sludge Bomb (counters Grass-type Pokémon and may inflict poison), Earthquake and Stone Edge (counters Flying-type Pokémon).

Roserade— the evolution of Roselia and the final form of Budew, is a Grass/Poison-type Pokémon. It is all out offensive with Special-based moves: Sludge Bomb (like Gastrodon), Energy Ball (like Aaron’s Beautifly and Lucian’s Alakazam), Shadow Ball (like Lucian’s Girafarig) and Extrasensory. You should know how to deal with it: Fire-type, Flying-type, Ice-type and Psychic-type (beware of Shadow Ball) moves are the bane of it.

Lucario is a Fighting/Steel-type Pokémon and the evolution of Riolu. This Aura Pokémon is also all out offensive with Aura Sphere (a Fighting-type move that never misses), Dragon Pulse, Psychic and Earthquake. You should know how to deal with it, but in case you forgot, hit back with Fire-type moves (beware of Earthquake), Ground-type moves or your own Fighting-type moves (beware of Psychic).

Milotic— the evolution of Feebas, is a pure Water-type Pokémon. It can attack with Surf and Ice Beam (counters Grass-type Pokémon and may freeze your Pokémon). It can heal itself a little every turn with Aqua Ring. It also possesses Mirror Coat (similar to Flint’s Lopunny). Electric-type and Grass-type (beware of Ice Beam) moves are your best choices, but most of those moves are Special-based, so watch out for Mirror Coat! Try Physical moves like Spark, Thunder Fang, ThunderPunch, Wood Hammer and Power Whip.

Cynthia's strongest Pokémon is Garchomp, a Dragon/Ground-type Pokémon at Lv.66 with stats on par with many legendary Pokémon. Yes, Garchomp is at Level 66, far stronger than any of the Elite Four's Pokémon! It is the evolution of Gabite and final form of Gible. This big, bad beast is all out offensive with Physical-based moves: Dragon Rush (has only 75% accuracy but hits very hard), Brick Break (like Bertha’s Golem, counters Ice-type Pokémon), Earthquake and Giga Impact (like Hyper Beam, requires recharging afterwards but hits overwhelmingly hard)! With its very high Attack stat, extremely high Speed stat and insanely high level, all of these moves can deal a ton of damage, or even knock your Pokémon out in a single shot! Ice-type moves are its nightmare, but you'll have to beware of Brick Break, and even strong moves like Ice Beam and Blizzard may not render it unable to battle. Hitting back with your own Dragon-type moves will only help a little...... and you need to watch out for Dragon Rush!

If you successfully beat Cynthia, congratulations! You are the new League Champion! Cynthia will let you take the lift and go up. But if you are defeated, don’t feel too bad. Cynthia is a really strong opponent. She is not called "the League Champ" for nothing. Her win would be no fluke. Win or lose, you should know that you and your Pokémon have tried your very best.

Hall Of Fame

Cynthia will state the room in front of you is the Hall of Fame. Professor Rowan arrives and congratulates you. You three will all enter the room one by one.

Rowan says that it has been a long time since he entered this room. Cynthia replies that it is if the last time was when she became the Champion. Then, Cynthia and Rowan will officially welcome you to the Hall of Fame and let you register your Pokémon through the machine.

The information of your Pokémon and the result will be displayed. After that, the game will automatically save. Lastly, the credits will roll. "Fin" (means Finish) appears, and you'll be back to the title screen.

You are finally done with the main storyline! But the game is far from over. Although the word "Fin" appears, there are many more adventures waiting for you!

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