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==Route 223==
==Route 223==
[[File:Route 223.jpg|thumb|170px|Route 223]]
[[File:Sinnoh Route 223 DP.jpg|thumb|170px|Route 223]]
'''Make sure that you heal your Pokémon before proceeding. You'll need to bring Pokemon with {{m|Surf}} and {{m|Waterfall}}.''' '''Always let your leading Pokémon hold Amulet Coin or Luck Incense''' to gain double prize after Trainer battles, especially if you're running out of money, as a tough journey is waiting for you after you got through Route 223.
'''Make sure that you heal your Pokémon before proceeding. You'll need to bring Pokemon with {{m|Surf}} and {{m|Waterfall}}.''' '''Always let your leading Pokémon hold Amulet Coin or Luck Incense''' to gain double prize after Trainer battles, especially if you're running out of money, as a tough journey is waiting for you after you got through Route 223.

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Sunyshore Gym

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Make sure that you heal your Pokémon before entering the Gym. Sunyshore Gym is the final Gym you'll challenge in the game, so the Trainers and Gym Leader Volkner have Pokémon above Level 40. It's recommended that you train your Pokémon until they're above Level 45 before challenging the Gym.

This Gym specializes in Electric-type. Ground-type Pokémon are what you should use because they're immune to Electric-type moves and can deal super-effective damage. Grass-type Pokémon are also decent choices because they can resist Electric-type moves. However, the Trainers, as well as Volkner, use teams that have Pokémon in different types, so other than Pokémon with Ground-type moves (or a Ground-type Pokémon), you should also bring Pokémon with Dark-type, Bug-type, Ghost-type, Fighting-type, Flying-type, Fire-type, Water-type, Electric-type and Grass-type moves (you don't really need to bring Pokémon with all 9 types of moves. For example, if you have a Pokémon with Ghost-type attacks, you don't need to bring Pokémon with Dark-type, Bug-type and Flying-type moves) to counter Pokémon in different types.

There are three rooms in this Gym. There are several gears with bridges on them. Step on the buttons on the bridges to rotate the gears. There are three different colors of buttons: green, blue and red. A blue button turns the gear you are stepping on clockwise 90 degrees, while a green button turns the gear anticlockwise (or counterclockwise, both words have the same meaning) 90 degrees. The other gears will also be affected and turn. A red button turns the gear you're stepping on clockwise 180 degrees. All of the other gears will also turn when you step on a button. It is rumored that the "gear challenge" was designed by Leader Volkner out of boredom.

Turn the gears and fight the Trainers along to find your way to the next room or Leader Volkner.

Sunyshore Gym
The Beacon Badge

Volkner has four Pokémon in his team, but only two of them are Electric-type Pokémon. Three of his Pokémon have Charge Beam, which is an attack that looks weak, but has a high chance of raising the user's Special Attack stat. The other two Pokémon are completely out of your expectation and can really catch your guard off.

Volkner starts off with his Raichu. A good Ground-type move like Earthquake will finish it off quickly. Although Thunder Wave can paralyze your Pokemon and Light Screen reduces all Special damage by half, don't worry too much about its attacks because it doesn't have Thunderbolt or its evolutionary line's signature move-- Volt Tackle. Be wary if your Ground-type Pokémon is partly Rock-type because Raichu knows Brick Break.

Ambipom (a very strange choice for Volkner, and the evolution of Aipom) is a Normal-type Pokémon, which means that only Fighting-type moves can deal super-effective damage. Two of its moves are Agility and Nasty Plot, which boost Speed and Sp. Atk respectively. Baton Pass will force it to switch out, but the Pokemon that comes in will gain all of Ambipom's stat changes. Its only offensive move Shock Wave may look weak, but being a variation of Aerial Ace and Swift, it never misses. Moreover, Ambipom's Ability Technician will boost the power of this move because its base power is only 60!

Volkner's Octillery (an extremely strange choice for him, and the evolution of Remoraid) tends to surprise people that don't know Volkner's team before they challenge him, as it is a Water-type Pokemon. Therefore, it is weak to your own Electric-type attacks. Strong Grass-type moves may also work against it, but be careful of Aurora Beam if you're using a Grass-type Pokémon. It can shoot Bullet Seed for no reason (unless you are stupid enough to keep using a Ground-type Pokemon against Octillery). It also possesses its signature move Octazooka, which shoots ink to attack and reduce Accuracy of your Pokemon.

There comes his strongest Pokémon— Luxray, the evolution of Luxio, as well as the final form of Shinx, at Level 49. Its Thunder Fang can inflict paralysis or make your Pokémon flinch while dealing damage. The Dark-type move Crunch may reduce your Pokémon's Defense stat. With Luxray's high Attack, these two moves can be threatening. Its lower Sp. Atk makes Charge Beam deal less damage, but you still need to watch out. It doesn't possess Ability Intimidate, so it's OK to use Physical-based attacks, but that means it will have Rivalry instead, so be careful if you're sending in a male Pokémon— Rivalry boosts its Attack when it's facing a Pokémon of the same gender!

After you defeat Volkner, he'll give you the Beacon Badge and TM57 (Charge Beam). You can also now use Waterfall on the field. You can finally challenge the Pokémon League, but you still don't have HM7 (Waterfall)! Now what?

Sunyshore City

Leave the Sunyshore Gym, heal your Pokémon at the Pokémon Center, and then go to the beach where Jasmine is. Talk to her. She will notice that you now have the Beacon Badge, and give you HM7 (Waterfall). Now you can finally climb waterfalls! Note that you'll also need HM03 (Surf) in order to utilize this HM. Only having Waterfall makes this HM completely useless on the field because all waterfalls are on water!

You can now proceed to Route 223, but you may also want to check out places that you've been to before that have waterfalls.

Now that you can use Waterfall......

There are a few places that you couldn't fully navigate due to waterfalls in your way. With Waterfall, you can access those places and grab the items.

Route 208

Go down the stairs southwest of Black Belt Kyle. Surf east and use Waterfall to climb the waterfall. You can grab a bottle of Carbos.

Route 210

You'll need to bring a Pokémon with Defog.

Surf west from Ace Trainer Alyssa. There are two waterfalls. Climb up the eastern one for a hidden Meadow Plate. Climb up the western one and follow along the path, climbing another waterfall on the way. The path leads you to a Wave Incense, which you must have if you want a Mantyke Egg.

Mt. Coronet (Upper Caverns: 4/F)

You'll need to bring a Pokémon with Strength and Rock Climb.

Remember the room with a waterfall? Yes, 4/F, the room between southern and northern mountainsides. Go inside from the eastern entrance. Surf west, then north and climb up the waterfall. Head inside the cave and grab the Stone Plate.

Route 223

Make sure that you heal your Pokémon before proceeding. You'll need to bring Pokemon with Surf and Waterfall. Always let your leading Pokémon hold Amulet Coin or Luck Incense to gain double prize after Trainer battles, especially if you're running out of money, as a tough journey is waiting for you after you got through Route 223.

This is the longest water route in the entire Sinnoh region, and has many Trainers. On the contrary, there are only three items for you to collect.

The Trainers use mostly Water-type Pokémon and the wild Pokémon are all Water-type Pokémon, so this is a good training place for your Electric-type and Grass-type Pokemon.

Surf north of Jasmine. After a few "steps", you're on this route.

Fight all of the Trainers along the way. Keep in mind that you are mainly heading north, but you should also go back and forth between west and east sides of this route to fight all Trainers.

There is a new Pokémon for you to catch: Mantyke, a Water/Flying-type Pokémon, and the newly added pre-evolution of Mantine (which originally didn't have a pre-evolution). The evolving method is extremely strange— you'll need to level it up while having a Remoraid (you can conveniently use your Good Rod to hook one up here) in your party.

You can collect a Big Pearl at the northeast of Swimmer Aubree and TM18 (Rain Dance) among a jumble of rocks on the west side.

On the island, Sailor Zachariah challenges you— you have to enter from the southeast, head north to grab the Pearl, head back to where you stop surfing, head west to fight Zachariah, then surf west and turn north.

After that, follow the path and continue surfing. Fight the Trainers on the way and head north until you see the big waterfall.

Now use Waterfall to climb up this waterfall, and you're done with this route.

Pokémon League— Lily Of The Valley Island (Victory Road Entrance)

You are now in the Pokémon League (called Lily of the Valley Island in the Pokémon anime). But you cannot challenge the Elite Four yet. The biggest and final test before the Elite Four Challenge is in front of you. Yes, it's the Victory Road!

There is a Pokémon Centre just outside Victory Road. Be sure to heal up there! After getting out of the Pokémon Centre, you can also fly off to other places to buy items, and fly here without going through Route 223 again.

Be prepared for the most difficult challenge ahead! You can proceed only if you are totally ready.

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