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Team Galactic's final showdown

File:Spear Pillar cutscene.png
Dialga/Palkia unleashing its power

Cyrus says that this world cannot be molded to the ultimate world he seeks and its far easier to create an entirely new one, then summons your version mascot (the Pokémon that appears on your game boxart) DialgaD/PalkiaP, and an epic cutscene happens. Dialga/Palkia unleashes its power, spreading all over the Sinnoh region!

You can no longer turn back and leave. If you try to leave, Mars will stop you, asking if you really think that you can just run off. Get prepared because once you step forward, you can no longer switch the order of your Pokémon until all battles against Team Galactic are over.

VS Mars and Jupiter, Tag Battle with Barry

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Make sure that you heal your Pokémon and check if you need to switch the order of your Pokémon before proceeding! You'll have to battle Mars, Jupiter and Cyrus back to back.

Now, get ready and charge at Cyrus! But do you think you can really stop him by rushing forward? Of course not-— Commanders Mars and Jupiter will stop you. Mars says she will take you on first, and Jupiter says that she will be the next. However, just when you really think that you need to take them on one by one, your rival Barry (or whatever you call him) bursts in and stands between you and either Mars or Jupiter, saying,

"Hold on one second!
Don't you start the party without me!"

Jupiter notices that Barry wants to take revenge on his earlier loss in Lake Acuity, and says that she and Mars are fine to face you off, two on two! So you will be in a Tag Battle again, with Rival Barry as your partner and the two commanders as your opponent.

387 If the player chose Turtwig: 390 If the player chose Chimchar: 393 If the player chose Piplup:

Let's take a look at Barry's team first. It's good that Barry now has a full party.

Barry will always send out Munchlax at first. It is not really too helpful, but it can use Screech to make the Defense stat of 1 of opposing Pokémon plummets. This may sometimes help you. It can also follow up with Body Slam. The combo of Screech and Body Slam deals more damage than you'll expect.

Unlike those three you teamed up with in the past (Cheryl, Mira, and Riley), if Barry's Munchlax gets knocked out, he will send in another Pokémon. He will send in different Pokémon depending on the situation, and even his starter Pokémon when he is in a tight spot.

It is also nice to know that Barry's starter Pokémon has finally evolved into its final form, gaining a lot of power and possessing moves with high power.

Now, let's take a look at Mars' and Jupiter's team.

Mars and Jupiter always send in Bronzor first. Both of them know Extrasensory to attack, Confuse Ray to inflict confusion and have the Ability Levitate to make all Ground-type moves like Earthquake or Mud Bomb miss, so Fire-type moves like Flamethrower are your only choice. Be careful if you are really using Fire-type Pokémon because one of the two Bronzor knows Rock Slide. The other knows Gyro Ball which takes advantage of Bronzor's low speed stat. They can also use Reflect and Light Screen to reduce the damage on their whole team for five turns.

It seems that their two Bronzor focus on annoying you more than attacking you. After they are unable to battle, Mars and Jupiter will send in their remaining Pokémon depending on the situation. This walkthrough will follow the list above.

Both of them also have Golbat in their team. Both Golbat know Air Cutter, which has a higher-than-average chance to land a critical hit. One knows Bite, a Dark-type move that may cause flinching and will do quite a bit of damage to Psychic-type Pokémon, and Confuse Ray, while the other knows Sludge Bomb, which may inflict poison, Mean Look, which prevent you from switching out your Pokémon, and Giga Drain, which steals half of your hp and counters Rock-type Pokémon. Use Rock-type, Psychic-type, or Electric-type moves to take them out.

Next comes their strongest Pokémon— Mars's Level 45 Purugly and Jupiter's Level 46 Skuntank. Each of these two Pokémon have only one weakness— Fighting and Ground moves respectively. Be careful if you are using Fighting-type Pokémon or other Pokémon that are immune to Normal-type or Poison-type (meaning Ghost-type and Steel-type Pokémon)— Purugly has Aerial Ace and Shadow Claw, while Skuntank has Flamethrower. Purugly also knows Slash, which also has a higher critical-hit ratio, and Hypnosis, which makes your Pokémon fall asleep. Skuntank has Poison Jab, a powerful move that may inflict poison, Night Slash (again, has a higher chance to land a critical hit) and SmokeScreen, which reduces the your Pokémon's Accuracy.

After being defeated, Jupiter says that you are still no match for Cyrus. Barry says that you and him have "hit the wall", and helps you one last time by fully healing your Pokémon. Then he says that it's your show and bolts off.

VS Cyrus

Just then, DialgaD/PalkiaP begins to create a new universe, and it seems as if the world is about to end......

But suddenly, the Lake guardians -- Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf appears and stops the Legendary Pokémon from creating a new universe! Cyrus is outraged that the Red Chain has been destroyed -- crumbled away to nothing, the fact that Mesprit appear by your side, and the fact that his galaxy is gone. He swears again, this time swearing that he will capture those 3 again and craft another Red Chain, but also says:

"But before I even think about that,
I'm going to completely crush you!"

He challenges you again to a battle, but now, he is determined to completely crush you no matter what! This is a battle that you cannot lose— if you lose, the Sinnoh region, no, the whole, the entire universe is doomed!

Jupiter is not lying and Cyrus is not joking either. Cyrus' team is far stronger than what you will expect. His Pokémon have all evolved into their final forms and gained 5 to 6 levels. Moreover, he also added one more Pokémon. His team is almost totally offensive—- be very careful and don't underestimate anything he sends out. All of his four Pokémon still have the same common weaknesses-- Rock-type moves, but since they are much stronger, even a strong Rock-type move like Rock Slide cannot wipe out his whole team.

His first Pokémon is Honchkrow, which evolved from his Murkrow. It possesses Dark Pulse, a move that may cause flinching, Embargo (you know, prevents you from using items), Drill Peck and Steel Wing to cover its Rock-type and Ice-type weaknesses, and may also raise its Defense. Electric-type moves are your best bet.

His Golbat has evolved into Crobat. (Is his Golbat really happy to have Cyrus as its Trainer?) Crobat is very fast, probably outspeeding all of your Pokémon! It has Air Slash, Poison Fang, Confuse Ray and Bite. Not too different from the Golbat you just faced, except that Crobat is much speedier and has more power.

His new Pokémon is a Gyarados. It seems that you'll need to go with Electric-type attacks (you should know that Electric-type attacks deal significant damage on Gyarados) or Rock-type attacks, but it possesses Aqua Tail and Earthquake, which may take your Electric-type Pokémon out by surprise. It also possesses Ice Fang, which may freeze your Pokémon or make them flinch, and Giga Impact, which hits extremely hard! Although this counterpart of Hyper Beam forces Gyarados to waste a turn to recharge, Gyarados' high Attack stat makes this move very dreadful.

His strongest Pokémon Sneasel has evolved into Weavile and is now at Lv.48. That's right, Level 48—- stronger by one level than the legendary Pokémon you'll face very soon! Weavile has high Attack and extremely high Speed, making it very dangerous. If your Pokémon is slower than Crobat, don't think about outspeeding Weavile. It has Night Slash, Ice Punch, which may freeze your Pokémon, Brick Break (so don't try Rock-type or Steel-type moves against Weavile), and X-Scissor, a powerful Bug-type move. Its major weaknesses are Fighting-type moves, but even hitting back with your own Brick Break may not knock it out, so don't even think that Mach Punch or Rock Smash can deal serious damage. Stronger moves like Close Combat are your best choices.

If you successfully forced Cyrus to send out his last Pokémon, he will admit that you have pushed him to his extreme. He also says that losing is not possible for him. He may use a Super Potion on his Pokémon when they have only half or less HP left (i.e. HP bar is in yellow), and if they are in danger (HP bar is in red), he will use a Full Restore, especially if it is his last Pokémon, so watch out and use the most powerful moves you've got!

After beating Cyrus, he says, "I won't admit this! The power spoken of in mythology... I didn't just make it obey me, I made it my own!" He then adds, "What is truly ultimate to you? What do you consider perfection? The most important thing... What shines the brightest... Telling you is meaningless. But I will not give up. I will become a deity one day... And I will make the ultimate mine..."

Mars, Jupiter and Cyrus, as well as other Galactic Grunts, vanish in a second. Team Galactic is utterly destroyed and finally out of the way. However, with the legendary Pokemon in front of you, it is clear that you are still not done at Spear Pillar!

Catching Dialga/Palkia

Professor Rowan arrives with his aide Dawn/Lucas and explains that you have to battle the Legendary Pokémon DialgaD/PalkiaP, which is enraged and entrusts you to stop it. He will also stop you from leaving. Unfortunately, unlike Barry, they won't heal your Pokémon up, so you need to do it by yourself. Don't step forward until you are ready -- about 5 more step, and you will be in the battle!

Make sure that you fully heal your Pokémon and save your game before stepping forward!

Now that you are ready, go forth. DialgaD/PalkiaP will roar, and then draw you into a battle!

You can encounter Dialga or Palkia only once, so don't knock it out. Instead, catch it! But DO NOT use your Master Ball! Comparing to other legendary Pokémon, Dialga/Palkia is easier to catch. It isn't worth it to use the precious Master Ball on Dialga/Palkia.

Both Dialga and Palkia are partly Dragon-type Pokémon. They are at Lv.47 and have high stats, especially Sp. Atk. Moreover, their signature moves are Special-based. Their moves can be extremely deadly!

Catching Time Ruler DialgaD

If you are playing Pokémon Diamond Version, you'll be facing the Temporal Pokémon Dialga.

File:Spear Pillar Dialga.png
Dialga on Spear Pillar
Spr 4d 483.png
Steel Dragon
Held item:
Dialga Lv.47
Metal Claw
Steel Physical
Rock Special
Dragon Claw
Dragon Physical
Roar of Time
Dragon Special

Dialga is a Steel/Dragon-type Pokémon. Its signature move, Roar of Time, is the Dragon-type version of Hyper Beam. It can deal very serious damage on your Pokémon or even render yours unable to battle in a single shot, but requires Dialga to recharge afterwards, wasting a turn and therefore giving you an opportunity to throw an Ultra Ball or a Dusk Ball. It possesses AncientPower that might raise all of its stats at once, and it also has Dragon Claw and Metal Claw, which may raise its Attack stat.

Start off by inflicting status ailments on it, such as putting it to sleep, paralyzing it or freezing it. Don't burn it, otherwise the burn may knock it out. Its Steel type makes it immune to any Poison-type attacks, so it is impossible to poison it. Follow up by an attack that is super effective. In this case, Fighting-type or Ground-type moves. Then damage it little by little with attacks that are not very effective, such as Normal-type and Grass-type moves, until its HP bar is in red. After that, you can start throwing Poké Balls.

Due to its type, none of the special versions of Poké Balls are more effective than the others. You'll have to use Ultra Balls (or Dusk Balls if you're playing at night). Keep throwing until you successfully catch it.

Catching Space Ruler PalkiaP

If you are playing Pokémon Pearl Version, you'll be facing the Spatial Pokémon Palkia.

File:Spear Pillar Palkia.png
Palkia on Spear Pillar
Spr 4d 484.png
Water Dragon
Held item:
Palkia Lv.47
Water Pulse
Water Special
Rock Special
Dragon Claw
Dragon Physical
Spacial Rend
Dragon Special

Palkia is a Water/Dragon-type Pokémon. Its signature move Spacial Rend is not as deadly as Dialga's Roar of Time, but Spacial Rend has a higher chance of landing critical hits, and Palkia doesn't need to recharge. It possesses Water Pulse that may confuse your Pokémon. It also has AncientPower (might raise all of its stats at once) and Dragon Claw to attack, similar to Dialga.

Start off by inflicting status ailments on it, such as putting it to sleep, paralyzing it or freezing it. Don't burn or poison it, otherwise the burn/poison may knock it out. Follow up by an attack that is super effective. In this case, only Dragon-type moves like Dragon Claw. If Dragon-type attacks are not available, use any attacks that are regularly effective (i.e. not resisted), such as Electric-type moves like Thunderbolt, Grass-type moves like Petal Dance or Ice-type moves like Ice Beam. Then damage it little by little with attacks that are not very effective, such as Fire-type moves, until its HP bar is in red. After that, you can start throwing Poké Balls.

Due to Palkia's Water type, there is now a special version of Poké Balls that works best on Palkia— Net Balls, the Poké Balls for Water-type and Bug-type Pokémon. Keep throwing Net Balls (you can also use Dusk Balls if you are playing at night) until you successfully catch it.

I failed, now what?

If you accidentally knock Dialga or Palkia out, run out of Poké Balls or get defeated, just soft reset your game and try catching again. That's why you were strongly recommended to save your game before proceeding to catch Dialga/Palkia.


After catching Dialga/Palkia, Professor Rowan will say that he doesn't know how you did it and has never been this thrilled. Then Dawn/Lucas will say that it's time to go home and brings you away to the south. Prof. Rowan says that no one has the right to take away the others' world. Then the screen switches to the entrance of Spear Pillar. Don't leave yet, though— walk all the way north, past where you fought Dialga/Palkia, and you can collect either the Adamant OrbD or the Lustrous OrbP. The Adamant Orb can only be held by Dialga and will boost its Steel-type and Dragon-type attacks. The Lustrous Orb can only be held by Palkia and will boost its Water-type and Dragon-type attacks.

Now you can really leave. You cannot use Fly, but don't worry— you don't need to walk all the way back. You don't need to use an Escape Rope either. Remember that there is a tunnel where some Galactic Grunt were in to distract you or just simply got lost? Now that Team Galactic is gone, you can go through the tunnel. It functions as a shortcut to the exit.

Back in Mt. Coronet

Upper Caverns -- 5-7/F

Follow the path and head back to the mountainside.


Head east and climb down the wall. Then head inside the tunnel.


Climb down the 2 walls, smash the rocks, and you are in the pit with the "cave" that a grunt previously blocked. Head inside.

Northern area

The background music changes. You are in the northern area which Route 211 tunnels through, but at the southern end of this area that you couldn't reach before.

Grab the two items (one of them is hidden), push the boulder, then go outside, and you're finally done with Mt. Coronet.

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