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Back to Galactic HQ (Part 2)

VS Galactic Boss

Make sure that you go back to Team Galactic Nap Room and heal your Pokémon by taking a nap before proceeding!

Now that you have healed up, go to the door again. Step forward. Guess who? The boss is Cyrus, the man that you met in Mt. Coronet and Celestic Town! Remember that he was seeking a power that can make a new world? He says that he already knows that you are coming to rescue the Lake guardians Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf. Then he turns around, and continues, saying that you are remarkable and your emotions are "pitifully useless". He swears, "I will make you regret paying heed to your heart!" Then he steps forward, challenging you to a battle!

He has three Pokémon— Murkrow, Golbat and Sneasel. Due to their types, Rock-type moves will destroy his whole team without much effort, but Fighting-type moves are far more effective when dealing with the speedy but fragile Sneasel, which is also Cyrus' strongest Pokémon, at Level 43. You should know how to deal with Sneasel and Golbat. The first Pokémon he sends out-- Murkrow, is a Dark/Flying-type Pokemon. One of its moves Embargo prevents you from using items on your Pokémon, so knock Murkrow out as soon as possible. The weaknesses of Dark types are covered, so aim at the weaknesses of the Flying type.

After Cyrus is defeated, he talks again. He has known that your power comes from compassion towards Pokémon. He says that the compassion is only "wasteful illusions". He also says that he neither makes Pokémon friends or partners like you, nor uses them as tools like other Team Galactic members. Instead, he makes the power of Pokémon his own. Then he recognizes that "you are strong and courageous to come alone". He also gives you the ultimate version of the Poke Ball— the Master Ball, which he doesn't need, as the reward. He steps to the right and tells you to "take the warp panel ahead" and save the Lake guardians. He also says that he is "off to Mt. Coronet". Not sure? He confirms once more—

"That's correct. Mt. Coronet.
Where you and I first met."

He also says that he will ascend the mountain to its peak, not only to put an end to everything, but also bring about a new beginning for everything. He then leaves.

Now collect the hidden Nugget with the help of your Pokétch App Dowsing Machine, check the computer and head back to the Nap Room to heal your Pokémon.

VS Saturn, Rescuing the Lake Guardians

Again, make sure that you go back to Team Galactic Nap Room and heal your Pokémon by taking a nap before proceeding!

Now go to where you have battled Cyrus. Head to where Cyrus leaves. There are two "bottles" that blocked the one-way exit, so don't think about going out— don't forget that you still haven't rescued the Lake Guardians. Go through the warp panel. You will be teleported to a mysterious laboratory. Head all the way east, talk to the scientists along the way (don't worry— they won't fight you), then head inside.

You'll find that the Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf are sealed in machines, showing you that they are suffering. Go to the machine between Mesprit and Azelf. You'll find Commander Saturn. Talk to him, then he tells you that he can't believe his boss (i.e. Cyrus) "let a kid like you come and go freely". He then says, "You've taken the trouble to come. Let me welcome you! Consider it payback for insulting me at the lake." He then challenges you to a battle as the revenge for his defeat in Valor Cavern.

Saturn's team has only gained a few levels. If you can beat Cyrus, Saturn's team will not be a big threat (unless you were stupid enough that did not heal your Pokemon) because his team is weaker than Cyrus' by two to three levels. But Saturn's Pokémon don't have a common weakness, unlike Cyrus' Pokémon, and Saturn's Toxicroak can use a Bug-type move X-Scissor to counter Psychic-type Pokémon.

After beating Saturn again, he steps aside and tells you to press the button. Now press it to free Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf. He then tells you that Cyrus crafted a Red Chain from crystals he took from those three Pokémon. That Red Chain is what Cyrus needs to "shackle and create something on Mt. Coronet". But this is all Saturn knows. He doesn't know what Cyrus is going to do up there.

Now head back to where Cyrus left. The two "bottles" are gone. Go there, and a green one-way warp panel will take you directly to the ground floor. The exit is only a few steps away from you. Get out from the exit, and you'll find yourself coming out from the door on the right.

The next place you need to go to will be Mt. Coronet-- the highest mountain in Sinnoh, as well as where you and Cyrus first met. Before proceeding, you must do some very serious preparation— more serious than the one you did before going to Lake Acuity.

Before proceeding......

Make sure that you are fully prepared! A tough and long journey is up ahead. You'll also face a legendary Pokémon very soon.

This time, you'll need to go all the way up to the peak of Mt. Coronet. The mountainside is snowing, like Route 216 and Acuity Lakefront, and you should know what will happen during battles. The wild Pokémon are also stronger, reaching Level 40. Also, the Town Map will malfunction and only display where you enter Mt. Coronet.

Make sure that you have done the following things before going on:

  • Buy a lot of medicines.
    • Buy at least 20 for each necessary medicines. (excluding different versions of Potions)
      • Buying 25 to 30 for each is recommended.
    • To save money, don't buy Super Potions. Also, buy as few Potions and Hyper Potions as possible.
      • Buy the Drinks such as bottles of Fresh Water, Soda Pop, Moomoo Milk and cans of Lemonade instead of different versions of Potions. By now, you should know where to buy the drinks.
  • Buy many stronger versions of Poke Balls.
    • If you are playing Pokémon Diamond Version, buy at least 40 Ultra Balls.
    • If you are playing Pokémon Pearl Version, buy at least 40 Net Balls.
    • If you are playing at night, you may also consider about using Dusk Balls instead. Buy at least 40 if you are using them.
  • Heal your Pokémon.
  • Bring Pokémon with the following HM moves.
  • Train your Pokémon until they are at above Level 40.
    • Having your Pokémon at around Level 45 is recommended.
    • If your Pokémon are at or below Level 40, don't even dare to proceed to the mountainside of Mt. Coronet!

Oreburgh City - Route 207 / Hearthome City - Route 208

Fly to either Oreburgh City or Hearthome City when you are ready. Go through Route 207 or Route 208 and enter Mt. Coronet.

Mt. Coronet (Southern Area Part 2)


Surf across the northern pond, climb up the wall, then go up the stairs.

2/F (South)

If you went here to collect items after beating Snowpoint Gym, then just head straight to the cavern that was previously blocked. Now the "painting" is removed, you can proceed. If you haven't collect the items, collect all of them now. Refer to the part "Now that you can use Rock Climb....../Mt. Coronet" in last section (Part 17) for details.

2/F (Northwest)

Follow the path and go up the stairs.


Go down the stairs on the east.

2/F (Northeast)

You can get a hidden Max Revive. After getting it, return to 3/F.

Back to 3/F

You'll need to start fighting Galactic Grunts again. Head north, grab a hidden Super Repel, fight the grunts, follow the path, then go outside when you are ready to brace the snow.

If your Pokémon are at or below Level 40, do not head outside! Train here until they are at above Level 40.

Mt. Coronet (Mountainside and Upper Caverns)

When you get to the mountainside and upper caverns, the background music completely changes.

The mountainside is snowing, just like Route 216 and Acuity Lakefront. In battles, the snow will change into hail that damages all Pokémon that are not at least partly Ice-type Pokémon.

There are many caverns to enter. Some of them let you proceed, and some of them are dead ends (for now). As the Town Map is malfunctioning, it only displays where you enter Mt. Coronet. Therefore, you will need to be very careful that you don't get lost.

Most of the items you can get are hidden, so make sure that your Poketch App Dowsing Machine is ready.

Southern Mountainside

Head east and follow the path. Grab the hidden Full Heal in the grass. Follow the elevated path to avoid wild battles. Use Rock Climb twice to get above the eastern entrance of 4/F. Grab the hidden Nugget, then climb down once and go east. Get inside.

4/F (Part 1)

Use Rock Smash to collect the hidden PP Up and TinyMushroom. Ignore the waterfall and the cave above for now -- without HM7 (Waterfall), you cannot gain access. Go up the stairs to get the hidden Ultra Ball. Then head back outside.

Back to Southern Mountainside

This time, go all the way west until you see 2 paths. Take the lower path, push the boulder with Strength, smash the rock, get the hidden Max Potion, then go west and follow the path without grass, and go through the western entrance of 4/F. Nothing is on the higher path, except wild Pokémon.

4/F (Part 2)

Climb up the wall, and you will fight the grunts again. Beat them, grab the items (all of them are hidden, and one of them requires you to smash a rock), follow the path all the way to the east, then head outside.

Northern Mountainside

You're now at another part of the mountainside. Smash the rock south of the exit from 4/F, grab the hidden Stardust, then head north. Get down the stairs, and you'll find a cave. It doesn't look like where you need to proceed, but head inside anyway.


There are three grunts for you to fight, a few items for you to get and a grunt which blocks the cave inside, saying that he is "totally lost". Where the grunt blocks is a quick exit that you can access after Team Galactic is gone. Fight the grunts, grab all the items, then get out again.

Back to Northern Mountainside

Climb up to the north to get a hidden Rare Candy, then climb back down. Immediately afterwards, climb to the west. Any of the 2 paths will take you to the far west. On the northernmost ledge, you can grab a hidden Big Mushroom. East of the entrance of 5/F, there is a hidden TinyMushroom. Now, go inside 5/F.


Follow the path, grab the TinyMushroom hidden in one of the rocks along the way, then go up the stairs. (There are really a lot of mushrooms in this mountain!)


Follow the path, grab the 2 hidden items, fight the grunts, then go up the stairs again. (There are items hidden everywhere!)


Follow the path and fight the final grunt in the caverns. This grunt is very determined to render your effort completely wasted, so be careful! You came all the way here and now you cannot lose!

The grunt failed, after all. Now follow the path and head outside for the last time.

Spear Pillar

This is it! You are at the peak of Mt. Coronet -- Spear Pillar! Go up the stairs and fight the last 2 grunts in a Double Battle (you cannot talk to them for 2 single battles -- they will ignore you).

Afterwards, the grunts will let you pass. Don't step forward yet -- about 10 more steps, and you can no longer leave until the event is over. Check that if you still have at least 30 or more Ultra BallsD, Net BallsP or Dusk BallsNight. If you don't have, immediately retreat and buy some!

If you are ready, step forward for the most dangerous sight ever -- Commanders Mars and Jupiter, as well as Boss Cyrus, are ready to...... destroy the world!

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