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Snowpoint Gym

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Make sure that you heal your Pokémon before entering the Gym. It is also recommended that you train your Pokémon until they are at about Level 40 before challenging the Gym.

This Gym specializes in Ice-type. The Gym Leader is Candice. Her strongest Pokémon is at level 42. Be sure to bring Pokémon with Fire-type and Fighting-type moves. Pokémon with Rock-type or Steel-type moves will also help a lot. As the Trainers and Leader Candice have diverse teams consisting other Pokémon (especially Water-type Pokémon) and even some unexpected ones (such as Medicham and Steelix), bringing Pokémon with Electric-type, Grass-type and Flying-type or Ghost-type moves are also recommended. However, be very careful if you are really using Rock-type, Grass-type or Flying-type Pokémon! Grass-type and Flying-type Pokémon are weak to Ice-type moves, which you should know. Rock-type Pokémon are not, but the Grass/Ice-type Pokémon Snover are very common in this Gym, and those Snover can have some Grass-type moves to attack.

If Chimchar is your starter Pokémon, be sure to bring its evolution, Monferno, or its final form, Infernape. You'll beat the Gym easily. The only other Fire-type Pokémon found in the wild in Sinnoh are Ponyta and its evolution Rapidash, which may also help. Fire-type Pokémon really help a lot in this Gym, as you will quickly realize.

Empoleon is pretty helpful, too. With its types, it has a double resistance to Ice-type moves, and if it knows some Steel-type moves, it will not only get same-type attack bonus, but it will be super effective as well.

The Snowpoint Gym puzzle consists of a four-level ice rink with ramps connecting the various floors. Step on a tile of ice, and you'll slide all the way until you hit a wall, an obstacle (a snowball as well if you don't have enough speed), a Trainer, or a snow tile. There are several snowballs that are blocking the stairs to the Gym Leader. You must destroy them by sliding down the ramps at them from a level high enough. You'll gain more power and speed if you slide from a higher level.

After destroying the snowballs and fighting all Trainers, go back to the exit (but don't go out, or the puzzle will reset) and head directly north, going through all stairs along the way. You will end up in front of Candice. Talk to her when you are ready to start the battle.

Snowpoint Gym
The Icicle Badge

All of Candice's Pokémon are weak to Fire-type moves except for her Medicham. Ice-type Pokémon are also weak to Fighting-type, Steel-type and Rock-type moves. Candice sends out her Snover first. Its Ability Snow Warning will make it begin to hail, damaging every Pokémon that isn't at least partly Ice-type. Try not to let this bother you and quickly defeat it. Its major weakness is Fire-types move like Flame Wheel. Sneasel shouldn't be too much of a threat, but it is very fast, and will probably outspeed your Pokémon even if you are using speedy Pokemon like Infernape. It also has high Attack stat, but its defensive stats clearly aren't the best. Its typing (Dark/Ice) also gives it a major weakness: Fighting-type moves. Even one hit of Mach Punch or Rock Smash can deal serious damage on it, and a stronger Fighting-type move like Brick Break will render it unable to battle. If you don't have Pokémon with Fighting-type moves, land two or three hits on Sneasel from a Rock-type move like Rock Throw or a Steel-type move like Metal Claw, and it's gone. Candice has a Pokémon you probably didn't expect— Medicham. It is a Fighting/Psychic-type Pokémon. It is weak to Flying-type moves (like Fly) and Ghost-type moves (like Shadow Ball). Avoid sending in a Flying-type Pokémon if you can because Medicham has Ice Punch. Candice's strongest Pokémon is her Abomasnow, which is the evolution of Snover and can confuse your Pokémon with Swagger or put them to sleep with GrassWhistle, which fortunately has low accuracy. It also knows Wood Hammer, a Grass-type move that has 120 base power (so don't use Rock-type Pokémon). However, it deals recoil damage. Abomasnow's Speed stat isn't the best, so hit it with a strong Fire-type move (like Flamethrower or Fire Blast) before it can hurt you.

After being defeated, Candice will give you Icicle Badge. The Icicle Badge will allow you to use HM08 (Rock Climb) (which was located northeast of the Hiker's house on Route 217) outside of battle. Candice will also give you TM72 (Avalanche), an Ice-type move whose base power doubles if the Pokémon that uses it has been hurt by the opponent in the same turn, but forces the user to go last.

Now heal your Pokémon, then head back to Acuity Lakefront.

Back to Acuity Lakefront

The Galactic Grunts are still there, but they won't be blocking the entrance to the lake. Head inside Lake Acuity.

Lake Acuity

You'll see Rival Barry battling Commander Jupiter. It seems that Barry has lost and failed to protect Uxie. Jupiter talks to you about where Uxie and the other 2 Lake guardians are -- Galactic HQ in Veilstone City. She then leaves without battling you. Barry then says that he must get stronger, "not just because of winning or losing", then disappeared.

Surf around and collect TM14 (Blizzard). There is, again, nothing inside Acuity Cavern.

Afterwards, you'll need to fly to Veilstone City. But you can check out other places before proceeding.

Now that you can use Rock Climb......

There are some places for you to access. There are items to get and Trainers to fight, which you previously couldn't.

Mt. Coronet (Southern area)

You'll need to bring a Pokémon with Surf and Strength.

Surf across the northern pond, then head to where you can use Rock Climb. Climb up and go up the stairs.

There are several items for you to collect in this floor.

The tunnel to further areas is blocked by a cave painting, which you saw in Celestic Ruins. There is an exit to an isolated area of Route 207.

Route 207 (isolated area)

From the aforementioned exit of Mt. Coronet, head south and use Rock Climb. There is an item for you to get.

Route 208

You'll need to bring a Pokémon with Rock Smash.

Go down the stairs southwest of Black Belt Kyle. Then use Rock Climb and climb the wall on the west. Immediately after climbing up, Hiker Alexander will challenge you. There is also a hidden item.

Hotel Grand Lake

This hotel between Valor Lakefront and Route 213 has many places that requires you to use Rock Climb. Use Rock Climb wherever you can and collect all items. There is also an isolated house that you need Rock Climb to access. A man inside will give you the Pokétch App Coin Toss, which simulates flipping a coin. It isn't strictly necessary for playing the game, but it may be useful.

Route 213

Remember the man saying that there must be something up the hill? Use Rock Climb to climb up and collect all of the items.

Route 210 (Foggy area)

You'll need to bring a Pokémon with Defog.

Use Rock Climb and climb down the hill east of Ace Trainer Ernest. Then climb up to the east from the pit. You'll be challenged by Dragon Tamer Patrick. There is a hidden item for you to get.

There is a house at the northeast edge of this route, which is Grandma Wilma's house. Inside, Grandma Wilma teaches Dragon-type Pokémon the strongest Dragon-type move, Draco Meteor, but only if the Pokémon has high happiness.

Route 211 (East)

You'll need to bring a Pokémon with Rock Smash.

Use Rock Smash on the rocks behind Bird Keeper Alexandra. Then climb up the hill and collect two items.

Route 216

East of the Snowbound Lodge, you can use Rock Climb to climb up. There are a few Trainers for you to fight and a few items for you to get, especially TM13, which contains the powerful Ice-type move Ice Beam.

Veilstone City

With the ability to use Rock Climb on the field, there is also an item for you to get before you proceed. There is a Full Incense for you to grab at the southeast of the Gym.

Now head to the northeast part of the city. Go up the stairs, and you are on the highest point of the city, where Galactic HQ is. A Galactic Grunt tells you that you need a key to access. Then he accidentally drops an item when leaving. Pick it up, and you'll find that it is the Storage Key. You may wonder if you can use it to access the HQ, so head inside. Use the door in the middle or on the left. The right one is a one-way exit.

Galactic HQ

Check the door near the reception. It seems that the Storage Key does not work on this door. Now what?

Remember where you fought the grunts with Professor Rowan's aide Dawn/Lucas to get back her/his Pokédex? Remember where you got HM02 (Fly)? That's the place to go -- Galactic Warehouse on the northwest part of the city!

Galactic Warehouse

050Diglett.png This secton is incomplete.
Please feel free to edit this secton to add missing information and complete it.
Reason: Need more info about how to proceed in the isolated part of Galactic HQ.

Heal your Pokémon before proceeding.

Go inside the warehouse. Use the Storage Key on the door. The key is gone afterwards, but it doesn't matter— you won't need it anymore. Grab the Dusk Stone, and go down the stairs.

After getting down the stairs, you will find two ways, one to the north and another to the east. If you take the way heading north, you can talk to a Scientist that won't fight you, but you can do nothing else until you find the key. Head east and fight the grunts along the way. Then go up the stairs, and you will be in isolated parts of Galactic HQ. Yep, this is a tunnel linking the warehouse and HQ.

Now you have to fight all grunts and even Scientists along the way. How come even Scientists work for a villainous team? You will also encounter some yellow warp panels, which warps you to different rooms. Go through all stairs and warp panels to collect all items and fight all Trainers. There is a room that has a stair, a grunt and a warp panel. The stairs leads ultimately to a room where you can collect a TM when you get the key you need. Come back later.

Finally, you will be back to the tunnel linking the warehouse and HQ. Fight the Trainers and collect the items. The item near the door and the scientist that won't fight you is the Galactic Key— the key you need. Now get back to the room that you need this key to get through. Use the key on the door, go inside and collect TM21 (Frustration). Then go to where you collected the key again. Use the key on the door, then go up the stairs and leave.

With Galactic Key, you can get inside Galactic HQ.

Back to Galactic HQ (Part 1)

Heal your Pokémon before proceeding.

Galactic HQ

Get back to Galactic HQ and go inside from the middle or left door. Check the door near the reception again. Use Galactic Key you got earlier to open it, then go up the stairs.

There is a hidden item near the stairs. Grab it, then proceed. Fight the Trainers along the way. You'll see "Team Galactic TV Room" after fighting the grunts, but don't go inside for now. Go through the two warp panels to collect the item first. After that, go inside the TV Room. Fight the Scientist, then go through the warp panel.

You'll end up in the entrance of "Team Galactic Nap Room". (Can you believe that the boss of Team Galactic cares about the grunts so much? Even a sleeping place for them is provided!) Just like the Snowbound Lodge on Route 216, you can sleep on a bed (but be sure to check if it is occupied before sleeping on it). Get onto the bed, press down on Control Pad, press A, then answer "Yes". Your Pokémon will be fully healed. Make good use of this Nap Room!

After taking a nap, go up the stairs. Collect the items and fight the grunts along the way. Then you'll see three warp panels. Two of them bring you to dead ends (may have items), and the remaining one on the left lets you proceed. Finally, another flight of stairs takes you to a door that can be opened with the Galactic Key. Open the door, but don't step forward...... one more step and you'll be in a boss battle!

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