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Jubilife City

Go to Jubilife City. Head west from Jubilife TV and the Pokétch Company (if you haven't got the new Pokétch Apps after getting your first, third and fifth Gym Badge, you can stop by to get those Apps), get through the gate, and you are on Route 218. If you have not taken the Old Rod, talk to the fisherman in the gate and answer "Yes" to get it.

Route 218

You can visit this route near the start of the game, but you cannot go far. The route follows a short path over land before reaching a body of water with a small island in the middle. A pair of bridges take travellers partway across the water, but do not go all the way to the other side. With the ability to use Surf on the field, you can surf on the water and go on.

Travelling north from the central island yields a short journey to the far side of the stream where long grass grows. From here, a gateway leads to Canalave City. Surfing south will take travellers to the same landmass as the northern route, but a row of tall trees prevents further passage. Honey and 2 fishermen can be found here.

Enter the gate on the west. Dawn's/Lucas' father, who is one of Professor Rowan's assistants, will upgrade your Pokédex. He will then go back to the Lab. Check your Pokédex. You will find that you can check the gender differences or form differences of every seen Pokémon. Afterwards, go through the gate.

Canalave City (East)

You will find yourself in Canalave City after getting through the gate.

Here, you will find the Move Deleter in one of the house.

The house at the northeast of Pokémon Centre-- the Harbour Inn, is locked, and the sign is too faded to read. Just ignore that house.

Make sure that you heal your Pokémon before stepping on the bridge! A tough battle will be waiting for you.

4th Rival Battle

Again, make sure that you heal your Pokémon before crossing the bridge.

Someone will bump into you again, and challenges you to a battle. That's none other than Rival Barry.

387 If the player chose Turtwig: 390 If the player chose Chimchar: 393 If the player chose Piplup:

After the battle, heal your Pokémon, then cross the bridge.

Canalave City (West)

You will see the Canalave Library, Canalave Gym and Canalave Dock.

Canalave Library is a small library. There are many shelves of different books. There is a sign that informs people that eating and drinking are prohibited. People can be seen here reading about Pokémon and other books. The upper floors of the library have the same layout as the lower floors, except that most of the books on the bookshelves can be read. These books are very philosophical and go in-depth into the history and existence of the Pokémon world as known. These books are considered Sinnoh myths, that many people believe and study by. These books include, the Sinnoh Myth, which refers to Mesprit, the Sinnoh Region's Mythology, which explains why wild Pokémon appear in grass, the Sinnoh's Myth, which explains the existence of the lake guardians, the Veilstone's Myth, which tells a story about a young swordsman encountering Giratina, The Original Story, which explains the origin of the Pokémon world, A Horrific Myth, which tells a horrible tale about the lake guardians, and several other Sinnoh Folk Tales.

A local Sailor called Eldritch lives in a small house near Canalave Dock with his wife and young son. At Canalave Dock, Sailor Eldritch will take you to Iron Island.

You can challenge the Gym right now, but it is not recommended. Instead, go to Canalave Dock and board the ship to Iron Island. You can train your Pokémon there.

Make sure that you heal your Pokémon and buy enough items before boarding the ship to Iron Island. It is also recommended that you bring five Pokémon or fewer.

Iron Island

Iron Island is an island off the northwestern coast of Sinnoh. It was once a prosperous ore mine, but was shut down after the ore reserves dried up. Since then, it was kept open as a training area and habitat for wild Pokémon.

There is no Pokémon Center on this island. However, you will be teaming up with someone quite soon.

Go up the stairs. There is a house— right now, no one is inside. There is a Max Ether hidden on a small rock outside the house, though. Use your Dowsing Machine Pokétch App to find and collect it, then go up the stairs and enter the cave.

Inside, there are two sets of stairs. Go down the one on the left first.

There is one Trainer in this room, and you can get an Iron Ball.

Now, return to the entrance. This time, go down the stairs on the right.

Go through this room, fight the Trainer, and get the items. Then use the elevator to go down.

There are two sets of stairs again. Go down the one on the right first.

Fight the Trainers and get the items, and then go back to B2F. Now, head to the stairs on the left.

When you go down the stairs, a Trainer named Riley will be waiting for you. He will team up with you and help you to go through this room. He has a Lv.34 Lucario. Like Cheryl and Mira, he will fully heal all of your Pokémon, as well as his Lucario, after each battle. Wild Pokémon battles will become Double Battles. This place provides a good training opportunity due to the fact that you get healed after every battle.

Go through this room. Collect the items and fight all Trainers along the way. It is recommended that you fight them in Tag Battle mode (meaning you don't talk to them to battle, therefore getting spotted by two Trainers simultaneously).

At the end, you will encounter two Galactic Grunts. Riley says that he needs to protect the island. Judging from his quote, "I don't want you bringing any trouble into my mine," he is the owner of Iron Island. He tells you that "this is a battle that we can't lose" and then challenges the grunts with you as his partner.

After defeating them, those grunts will leave. Riley than thanks you and asks you if you want to receive an egg as a token of friendship. If you say "No", he will ask you again. Say "Yes", and if you have a space in your party, he will give the egg to you. If you have a full party, then he will notice this after you say yes and say that he will wait for your return. Return with five Pokémon or fewer in your party later if you have a full party. The egg will hatch into Lucario's pre-evolution, Riolu, a Fighting-type Pokémon.

Afterwards, use the elevator to go down, and then head into the next room.

You are in the final room. Use the elevator to go up.

Get the only item, which is a Shiny Stone, and then go through the exit, and you will be outside again. Jump down the ledges and go to the pier. Talk to Sailor Eldritch and say "Yes" to go back to Canalave City.

Canalave Gym

Make sure that you heal your Pokémon before entering the Gym.

Canalave City Pokémon Gym
Leader: Byron
"The Man with the Steel Body!"

The Canalave Gym is a 4-story building made of fixed steel platforms, lifts, and moving metal platforms. You must ride the lifts and moving platforms in a certain order while battling other Trainers in the Gym to reach the top floor, on which Gym Leader Byron waits. There are 2 kinds of lifts -- yellow lifts and red lifts. Yellow lifts operate between 2 floors. Red lifts can shoot from the bottom floor to the top floor, and vice versa.

Leader Byron in the Canalave Gym

This Gym specializes in Steel-type Pokémon, so bring Fire-type, Fighting-type and Ground-type Pokémon along. Or you can bring Pokémon with moves of those three types. The Gym Trainers uses mostly Onix and its evolved form Steelix. Onix evolutionary line is partly Ground-type Pokémon. You can even find Trainers using Skorupi and Azumarill, which is unexpected. Therefore, bringing Water-type Pokémon and Electric-type, Grass-type or Flying-type Pokémon may help a bit.

Canalave Gym
The Mine Badge

Leader Byron uses three Pokémon. Due to ability Levitate and having Psychic-type, Bronzor is not affected by Ground-type moves and only takes normal damage from Fighting-type moves, so Fire-type moves are your only choice. Steelix has Ice Fang, so avoid using Ground-type Pokémon on it. Its DragonBreath may surprise you and paralyze your Pokémon. Byron's strongest Pokémon is Bastiodon. It is very good defensively, but its Rock/Steel typing gives it 2 major weaknesses -- 4× damage from both Fighting-type and Ground-type moves. Avoid using Fire-type moves on Bastiodon. Hit Bastiodon hard with Fighting-type or Ground-type moves fast before it uses Iron Defense to boost its Defense stat.

After beating Byron, he will give you the Mine Badge and TM91 (Flash Cannon). You can also use Strength on the field.

You don't need to go all the way back, though -- there is a shortcut. Head to the moving platform east of Byron. Use all three of them (which almost form a square), and you will be at the west side of the top floor. Get to the lift, and you will be brought back to the bottom floor.


When you leave the Gym, Rival Barry will tell you to go to Canalave Library. Now that you can use Strength, you have three choices:

  • Go to Canalave Library as Rival Barry says
  • Go to places that you can use Strength to collect items you couldn't get
  • Get through northern part of Mt. Coronet, Route 216-217, Lake Acuity, Snowpoint City and challenge Snowpoint Gym

If you want to follow the storyline, choose the first choice. If you want to get the 7th Badge now, choose the third choice. You will actually need to access Lake Acuity quite soon, so the third choice is not bad. Remember that there is a blizzard on Route 217, and be prepared for the worst situation. This walkthrough will cover the second choice first, then first choice, and finally the third choice.

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