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Now that you can use Surf......

There are a lot of places you can access with the move Surf, such as Routes 218 to 221 and Fuego Ironworks. These mentioned places will be further introduced.

Some places that you accessed before may contain some items that you couldn't reach. With Surf, you can get those items.

Oreburgh Gate

You need to bring a Pokémon with Rock Smash.

Go to the basement. Head south, then surf to the west. You can fight Veteran Grant -- the only Trainer that uses a Riolu. But you will need the ability to use Strength on the field to get the items. Come back when you have the sixth badge.

Route 204 (South)

Head to the southern part of this route. Use surf on the northeast and southwest ponds. You can get HP Up and Sea Incense.

Ravaged Path

You need to bring a Pokémon with Rock Smash.

Use Rock Smash, head west and surf to the north. Stop surfing on the first turn of the river. Head in and use Rock Smash along the way. You will then get Luck Incense. Jump down the ledges and surf deeper. You will end up in the northeast dead end. Collect TM03 (Water Pulse).

Valley Windworks

Use surf on the coast of the tall grass, and surf to the north, then turn east. You can find a hidden Max Elixir under a wind turbine north of the fence and TM24 (Thunderbolt) on an island directly north of Valley Windworks building.

Eterna City

Go to the Route 211 exit. You will find 2 ponds near the exit. Surf on the north one, then you will find a hidden PP Up. You will find nothing on the south one, so ignore it.

Mt. Coronet (Southern area)

There is a pond on the north. Surf east on it, then go up the stairs. You can collect the Protein. Ignore the wall that you can't scale for now (due to having neither HM08 (Rock Climb) nor the ability to use it on the field. However, this will play a very important role later in the main storyline), and jump down the ledges.

Head to the south. Go up the stairs that leads to another pond. Surf east, and you can get the Dawn Stone.

Route 208

Go down the stairs west of Black Belt Kyle. Surf clockwise. Ignore the waterfall for now. You can fight Fisherman Cody.

Route 209

Go to the coast south of the bridge, where Poké Kid Danielle stands. Head to the east of the rock, then surf along the river. You can collect TM19 (Giga Drain).

Route 214

Go to the northeast. There is a pond. Surf to the northeast of the pond and collect a Rare Candy.

Route 213

Surf southeast from Fisherman Kenneth (the fisherman that fought you). Head into the sea between two rocks. There are a few Trainers for you to fight and some items for you to collect in that area.

Pastoria City

Use Surf near the guy who stands at the middle of the city. Surf east and stop surfing between 2 trees. Head inside and you can find the item Mystic Water.

Route 212

In the southern part, use Surf in the middle of the square of logs and bridges. Surf southwest, and you can collect TM84 (Poison Jab).

At the southwest of Pokémon Mansion, surf west on the pond and you can collect some berries.

In the northern part, west of the Pokémon Mansion, use surf on a pond, and get to the isolated area. You can get Rose Incense.

Fuego Ironworks

File:Fuego Ironworks DPPt.png
Outside Fuego Ironworks

Go to Route 205. Remember the house south of Eterna Forest, which you can take a rest and heal your Pokémon? Head south from there and go down the stairs. Turn west when you can. You will see a river. Now that you can use Surf, you can get through this river. Keep travelling north, and this river will bring you to Fuego Ironworks. Travelling south brings you to Valley Windworks, so don't bother doing that.

Go to the north of the river. You will see a patch of grass. Go through it, and you will see a factory. Collect the items outside, then enter the factory.

Inside Fuego Ironworks

There are many Trainers inside. You will also see something familiar if you have played Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen. Yes, these are the spinners again. Step on it, and you will spin in circles and travel in the direction that the arrow of the spinner points to. For example, if you step on a spinner with an arrow on it that points to the left, you will spin to the left and keep going until you hit something or another spinner.

There are a few Trainers for you to fight. Fight them, collect the items and use the spinners to go around. Eventually you will reach the boiler and Mr. Fuego. Mr. Fuego will give you a Fire Stone. Afterwards, collect TM35 (Flamethrower), and leave Fuego Ironworks.

There is an one-way exit east of Fuego Ironworks, which leads you back to Route 205. Jump down the two ledges, and you will find yourself near the entrance of Eterna Forest and the healing house.

Floaroma Meadow (North)

Return to Fuego Ironworks again, but get to the south of the river. Through the entrance, you will be in another part of Floaroma Meadow. You can get many items here. Most of them are hidden, so use your Pokétch App Dowsing Machine to help you.

Sandgem Beach

Head south from Sandgem Town. You will be on Sandgem Beach after a few steps. There is an Antidote on Sandgem Beach, but you should probably had taken it at the start of the game. Head south, use Surf, and you'll be on Route 219.

Route 219

Route 219 is a small path that takes travellers south, leading to a small island of sand, then into Route 220. This route is as short as Route 202. You will be challenged by 2 Tubers on the island.

Surf south from the island. You will be on Route 220.

Route 220

This route connects Route 219 and Route 221. The route is separated into 3 paths. On the northern shortcut, there is only one Trainer -- Swimmer Katelyn. Also, this path is the shortest out of all 3, so this is the easiest way of crossing the route. The middle path has the most Trainers. The southern path contains several items for the player to collect, but when you arrive at Route 221, you will find that this bypass actually leads to a dead end with a Trainer.

Surf east from any of the 3 paths to reach Route 221.

Route 221

This route is a route that leads to Pal Park, which has not opened yet. If you surf to this route from the southern path of Route 220, you will end up in a dead end with Swimmer Vanessa. If you want to proceed further, surf to this route from the northern or middle path of Route 220.

You will have 2 possible paths to Pal Park after you stop surfing. On the northern path, there is a honey tree, no grass, and only 1 Trainer -- Collector Ivan. This is the easiest path to Pal Park.

North of this path, a small maze of grass and trees leads to a house. An elderly man in the house will tell the player a random number between 1 and 100 once a day. He will give the player a Black Belt, Expert Belt, or Focus Sash if shown a Pokémon of the level he called out. The first time the player shows him the correct level Pokémon, he will give a Black Belt as a reward; the second time, he gives an Expert Belt; the third time, a Focus Sash. The cycle then repeats.

On the southern path, there is more grass, more Trainers, and a berry patch.

2 construction workers standing in front of Pal Park will prevent entrance. It seems that Pal Park is still not ready to open. Now, let's get back to the main storyline. Fly to Jubilife City.


When you have upgraded your Pokédex to National mode, come to the Pal Park again. This time you can go inside. Afterwards, you can also fly here.

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