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This is an in-depth walkthrough for Pokémon Diamond and Pearl for the Nintendo DS.


Main storyline

The Main storyline includes the gameplay from the very beginning to the Pokemon League battles.

  • Part 1 - In the Beginning, Twinleaf Town, Verity Lakefront, Lake Verity, Route 201, Sandgem Town, Back to Twinleaf Town
  • Part 2 - Route 202, Jubilife City, Route 204, Ravaged Path, Route 203, Oreburgh Gate, Oreburgh City
  • Part 3 - Route 207, Oreburgh Mine, Oreburgh Gym, Oreburgh Gate (Basement), Jubilife City, Route 204 (South, North), Ravaged Path
  • Part 4 - Floaroma Town, Route 205 (Parts 1-2), Valley Windworks, Floaroma Meadow (South), Eterna Forest
  • Part 5 - Route 205 (Part 3), Eterna City, Route 211 (West), Mt. Coronet (Northern Area Part 1), Eterna Gym, Back to Eterna Forest, Old Chateau, Galactic Eterna Building
  • Part 6 - Route 206, Wayward Cave (Main part), Route 207, Mt. Coronet (Southern Area Part 1), Route 208
  • Part 7 - Hearthome City, Amity Square, Route 209
  • Part 8 - Lost Tower, Solaceon Town, Solaceon Ruins, Route 210 (South)
  • Part 9 - Route 215, Veilstone City, Veilstone Gym, Getting back Lucas'/Dawn's PokéDex
  • Part 10 - Route 214, Valor Lakefront, Hotel Grand Lake, Route 213, Pastoria City
  • Part 11 - Great Marsh, Pastoria Gym, Pastoria City, Route 213-Valor Lakefront
  • Part 12 - Route 212, Route 210 (North), Celestic Town, Route 211 (East), Hearthome Gym
  • Part 13 - Fuego Ironworks, Floaroma Meadow (North), Sandgem Beach and Routes 219-221
  • Part 14 - Jubilife City, Route 218, Canalave City, Iron Island, Canalave Gym
  • Part 15 - Wayward Cave (Basement), Canalave Library, Valor Lakefront, Lake Valor, Lake Verity
  • Part 16 - Mt. Coronet (Northern Area Part 2), Routes 216-217, Acuity Lakefront, Snowpoint City
  • Part 17 - Snowpoint Gym, Lake Acuity, Veilstone City, Galactic HQ, Galactic Warehouse, Back to Galactic HQ (Part 1)
  • Part 18 - Back to Galactic HQ (Part 2), Mt. Coronet (Southern Area Part 2, Mountainside and Upper Caverns), Spear Pillar
  • Part 19 - Team Galactic's final showdown, Catching Dialga/Palkia, back in Mt. Coronet
  • Part 20 - Catching the Lake Guardians, Hotel Grand Lake, Route 222, Sunyshore City, Vista Lighthouse
  • Part 21 - Sunyshore Gym, Route 223, Pokémon League— Lily Of The Valley Island (Victory Road Entrance)
  • Part 22 - Victory Road, Pokémon League— Lily Of The Valley Island, Final Rival battle
  • Part 23 - Final Preparation, VS Elite Four, VS Champion, Hall Of Fame

After game

The After game storyline includes the gameplay after winning in the Pokemon League.

  • Part 24 - Back at Home— Twinleaf Town, Sandgem Town, Pokemon Research Lab— Upgrading Pokédex, Pokemon Swarm
  • Part 25 - Poke Radar, Pal Park, Dual-slot, Hearthome City, Pokemon Mansion, Pokemon League— Lily Of The Valley Island
  • Part 26 - Victory Road, Route 224, Eterna City, Eterna Forest, Old Chateau, Catching Rotom
  • Part 27 - Canalave City, Fullmoon Island, Back to Canalave City, Catching Cresselia, Iron Island
  • Part 28 - Route 214, Spring Path, Sendoff Spring, Turnback Cave, Catching Giratina, Hotel Grand Lake— Collecting Diploma
  • Part 29 - Snowpoint City, Snowpoint Temple, Catching Regigigas, Heading towards the Battle Zone
  • Part 30 - Fight Area, Battle Park, Battle Tower, Route 225
  • Part 31 - Survival Area, Routes 226-227, Stark Mountain
  • Part 32 - Back in Survival Area, Back to Stark Mountain, Catching Heatran, Route 228
  • Part 33 - Route 229, Resort Area, Route 230, Back in Fight Area, Rival rematch

Side quests

The Side quests are jobs that have no relation to the prime objective of Pokemon journey-- filling up the PokeDex, but are actually required to complete in order to collect all Trainer stars.

  • The Underground - Subway network where players dig for treasures and drill holes to build secret bases
  • Pokemon Contests - Competitions which test Pokemon's appearance and performance rather than strength as in Gym battles
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