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Route 35

Route 35

The guard in the gate has a favor to ask. Deliver his Spearow's piece of mail to the man by the pond on Route 31, and the man will reward you with TM50 (Nightmare). Return here to receive an HP Up from the guard as thanks.

Route 35 is a small path leading from Goldenrod to the National Park. To the east is a narrow trail that bypasses the park and connects directly to Route 36.

National Park

The National Park

The National Park is a haven for Bug- and Grass-types, and is somewhat similar to Kanto's old Safari Zone. However, the park is much smaller and has less variety of rare Pokémon. Trainers visiting on Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday may participate in the Bug-Catching Contest.

Speak to the woman with her Persian to get a Quick Claw, which sometimes allows slower Pokémon to attack first. On the far side of the park, there is a break in the fence near the east entrance. Look around the exterior of the park to find a Parlyz Heal and TM28 (Dig), then leave through the east gate to reach Route 36.

Bug-Catching Contest

The contest is free to enter, and the objective is to catch the best Bug-type Pokémon you can find. Trainers are given 20 Park Balls and allowed to use a single Pokémon from their party. The other members of a Trainer's party are held temporarily until the competition is over. Any Pokémon caught during the contest will be recorded by the Pokédex, though only one can be kept for judging. The Pokémon that was judged may be kept after the competition.

Route 36

Route 36

Route 36 is unique as the only route that connects five different areas together. Check the tree outside the park for an Ice Berry, then go east to reach a three-way intersection. Talk to Floria to have her return to Goldenrod's Flower Shop; follow her to get the SquirtBottle. Try watering the tree, and it attacks! It turns out to be a Sudowoodo, a Pokémon that has more in common with a rock than a tree. After battling it, talk to the guy near Violet City to get TM08 (Rock Smash) for clearing it out. Arthur hangs out nearby on Thursdays; meet up with him to get a Hard Stone, which powers up Rock-type attacks. Now head up north to reach Route 37.

Route 37

Route 37

Route 37 may be the smallest route in all of Johto, but it's hardly boring. Besides a few Trainers, this route is also home to a group of Apricorn trees. The secluded grove produces Red, Blu, and Blk Apricorns, which Kurt can use to create a Level Ball, Lure Ball, and Heavy Ball, respectively. In addition, Sunny can be found near the grove on Sundays, and speaking to her will earn you a Magnet, which enhances Electric-type attacks. Continue north to arrive in Ecruteak City.

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