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Cerulean City

Cerulean City

Now that you've made it to Cerulean, you have to track down the thief with the generator part. None of the residents seem suspicious, so let's see if the Gym Leader, Misty, can help out.

Reclaim the Machine Part

A man in a dark uniform runs into you when you enter the Gym, and he babbles aimlessly for a minute before running off. Follow him north from the city to find him on Nugget Bridge.

Trainer Pokémon
Team Rocket Grunt
Team Rocket Grunt
Reward: PokémonDollar.png1200
042 Golbat Lv.30
No item
Trainers with a telephone symbol by their names will give their Pokégear number to the player, and may call or be called for a rematch with higher-level Pokémon.

Defeated, he gives up the location of the Machine Part. He claims that he hid it in the waters of the Cerulean Gym. Search inside the enclosed part of the Gym's walkway to finally recover the stolen part.

Return to the Power Plant

For retrieving the machinery, the manager will reward you with TM07 (Zap Cannon), a powerful but inaccurate move. With the region's power supply restored, you can tie up some loose ends.

The power is back on, but Misty is still missing. To find her, travel north towards Cerulean Cape.

Routes 24 & 25

Route 25
Route 24

Route 24 consists of little more than Nugget Bridge, while Route 25 has a team of Trainers to fight. When you defeat the six of them, talk to Cooltrainer Kevin to receive a Nugget.

Misty and her friend

When you reach Bill's cottage, you run into Misty on a date nearby. The guy gets scared off, and Misty starts to yell at you... until she spots your Johto badges. She tells you to visit the Gym before heading back to town.

Bill's Cottage

Bill's grandfather is housesitting while Bill is away, and he really wants to see a certain species of Pokémon. If you show him the correct Pokémon, he will reward you with one of the Evolutionary stones.

Item Location Games

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Cerulean City

Cerulean Gym

Cerulean Gym

The Tomboyish

Since you ruined her personal time, Misty has no choice but to return to the Gym.

The Cerulean Gym features a large swimming pool, and not surprisingly, the Trainers here specialize in Water-type Pokémon. This is also the only Gym where you can fish for Pokémon. Grass- and Electric-type attacks will inflict double the damage against most of the Pokémon here. Fire-, Ground-, and Rock-type Pokémon can't stand water, so they'll have to sit this one out.

A Thunderbolt or two will take out Misty's Golduck and Starmie, but be wary of Starmie's Recover. Her Lapras is also vulnerable to Fighting- and Steel-type attacks. A Grass-type Pokémon is best suited to fight her Quagsire, as it is immune to electricity. Watch out for Lapras' Blizzard and Quagsire's Earthquake.

Cerulean Gym
The Cascade Badge

Misty awards you the Cascade Badge to mark your victory.

That's everything to do in the city, so now go south to Route 5.

Route 5

Route 5

Jump down over the ledges to reach the former Pokémon Day Care building. The old woman inside gives you the Cleanse Tag, which decreases the chance of encountering wild Pokémon when held by your lead party member.

Pass through Saffron City, and go west to Route 7.

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