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Mahogany Town

Mahogany Town

Mahogany Town is a small, quiet town in northern Johto. There is no official Poké Mart here, but the shop in the center of town offers the usual Poké Balls and Potions in addition to unusual items like TinyMushrooms and SlowpokeTails. A man on the east side offers to sell you a RageCandyBar for PokémonDollar.png300, though buying one doesn't let you leave the town. The Mahogany Gym is blocked off as well, so the only thing to do is head north.

Route 43

Route 43 links Mahogany Town to a major landmark, the Lake of Rage. There are two paths that lead to the lake; the path through the gate forces you to pay a PokémonDollar.png1,000 toll to Team Rocket, while the other winds its way through the tall grass and past plenty of Trainers.

Lake of Rage

Lake of Rage

The Lake of Rage is the largest lake in the region, and exists alongside a maze of trees to the west. The area is known for its Gyarados population, and the most well-known resident is swimming just offshore. Check on your Poké Ball supply and swim out to meet the Red Gyarados. You should try to catch it, as the odds of finding another with the same coloration are very low. After you battle it, you see a Red Scale floating on the water; you can trade this to Mr. Pokémon back on Route 30 for an Exp. Share.

Step back onto the shore and talk to the man reading the sign. This is Lance; he's been investigating rumors that all the Magikarp in the lake are being forced to evolve. He believes that an odd radio signal from Mahogany is the cause, so follow him back to the suspicious-looking shop.

Mahogany Town

Just as you enter the shop, you see Lance's Dragonite using Hyper Beam to ensure cooperation from the shopkeeper. Lance confirms that the strange radio signal is coming from this location, and moves a cabinet to reveal a stairway leading down into the Team Rocket HQ.

Rocket Hideout

Rocket Hideout, B1F


Each of the five Pokémon statues on this floor has a hidden camera that alerts the Rocket Grunts in the security center. Whenever you step in front of one, the same two Rockets show up to attack you.

Take the first left and head south to the security center. Defeat Scientist Jed, grab the X Accuracy, and examine the computer to deactivate the security cameras. Leave the room and turn east to find a Hyper Potion. Turn right and walk along the south hallway, where you'll find a Nugget. Go down the stairs in the southwest.


Rocket Hideout, B2F

Lance is waiting for you here, and heals your Pokémon before running off. Beat up the two Rocket Grunts nearby, and take the southeast stairs to the lowest floor.


Rocket Hideout, B3F

Here Lance informs you that two passwords are required to reach the boss. Grab the Protein just north of here, then battle the scientist and the female Rocket in the southeast room. When defeated, she gives up the first password: SlowpokeTail. One down, one to go! Continue west, fight Scientist Mitch, and enter the southwest room. Defeat the Rocket here to learn the second password, RaticateTail. Pick up the Dire Hit and the Full Heal by the potted plants, then head north. Grab the Ice Heal in the hallway, and climb up the northeast stairs.


Head all the way to the west, where you'll be challenged by another Rocket. Go down the stairs to reach the boss's room.


When you approach, your rival appears and insists that he is the one who will eliminate Team Rocket. Take a quick detour up the south stairs to get TM46 (Thief), then enter the two passwords at his door to enter the boss's office. The Executive here talks about Giovanni disbanding the group three years ago, and how the organization has continued on since then, planning for his return.

Defeated, he runs off to warn the others that their plans are in trouble. Talk to the Murkrow in the corner to learn the password for the generator room, Hail Giovanni.


Backtrack to the generator room on the second floor. After entering the password, an Executive and a Grunt ambush you and prepare for a 2-on-1 battle, but their plan is short-lived. Lance shows up with his Dragonite, and the two of you each battle a single Rocket.

They claim their experiment was a success, regardless of their defeat here. Lance inspects the generator, and tells you that in order to shut it down, the six Electrode powering it must be removed. Catch or defeat the three on the left to put an end to Team Rocket's plan. With the machine disabled, Lance rewards you with HM06 (Whirlpool). Follow him upstairs and take the warp tile back to the entrance.

With Mahogany free of Rockets, you can finally challenge the Gym.

Mahogany Gym

Mahogany Gym

The Teacher of
Winter's Harshness

The Mahogany Gym specializes in Ice-type Pokémon, and Pryce has installed frozen tiles to thwart all but the most determined Trainers. The most direct route to the Gym Leader can be made in six moves. Stand by the Poké Ball statue on the left, and slide up twice to the first Boarder. Slide right, down, left, up, and right again to meet Pryce. Fire-, Fighting-, Rock-, and Steel-type attacks are the most effective against Ice-types, but Electric-type attacks are also effective against the Seel and Shellder families. Avoid bringing Grass-, Flying-, and Ground-type Pokémon unless you want a challenge.

Mahogany Gym
The Glacier Badge

Pryce rewards your victory with the Glacier Badge, which increases your Pokémon's Special Attack and Special Defense, and enables the use of Whirlpool outside of battle. He also gives you TM16 (Icy Wind), a symbol of winter's harshness. Seven badges down, one to go!

When you leave the Gym, Elm calls you about strange radio broadcasts that mention Team Rocket. It seems that the gang has one more trick up their sleeve, so fly back to Goldenrod City to finally put an end to their plans.

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