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Starting Out

After selecting New Game, you are asked to select your character's gender. Crystal Version is notable for being the first of the main series handheld games to offer the ability to play as a female Trainer. After you make your selection, you are then asked to enter the time. Before long, Professor Oak appears, and introduces you to the world of Pokémon. He then asks you to choose a name, or enter a new one. After that, you wake up in your bedroom.

Choosing a name
Gender Default Names
Male Chris, Mat, Allan, Jon
Female Kris, Amanda, Juana, Jodi


The player's bedroom

The PC

The PC sitting on the desk can be used to store extra items, since your pack only has a limited capacity. To store an item, choose Deposit Item and select an item. To retrieve an item, choose Withdraw Item and then select an item. Finally, to get rid of an item permanently, use Toss Item and select the item to throw away. There is also a Mailbox function on your PC to store mail, as well as a Decoration option. Lastly, the Turn Off option will shut down your PC (like with other menus, this can also be achieved by pressing the B Button).


Go downstairs and talk to Mom. She tells you that Professor Elm has something to ask you. Before you leave, she returns your Pokégear. This handy device is something that a Trainer should never be without, featuring clock, map, phone, and radio functions later on. She helps you activate your Pokégear's clock function, asking about the day of the week and Daylight Savings Time.

To get out of your house, there is a mat at the door. Simply walk right through it and - welcome to New Bark Town!

New Bark Town

New Bark Town

New Bark Town is a rather boring, quaint town, having only four buildings. The house to the east is yours, the house to the south belongs to Professor Elm, the house to the southwest is home to another resident, and the big building to the north is Professor Elm's lab. Ignore the red-haired kid that kicks you out of his way, and enter the lab.

Professor Elm's Lab

Professor Elm is busy with his studies, so he asks you to visit an old colleague of his. Mr. Pokémon's house is located on Route 30, north of Cherrygrove City, and he has an intriguing discovery for the professor. Elm offers you one of his three newly discovered Pokémon from his desk to accompany you. The one you pick will be holding a Berry.

Spr 2c 152.png
Spr 2c 155.png
Spr 2c 158.png
Grass Fire Water
Bayleef Bayleef Quilava Quilava Croconaw Croconaw
Grass Fire Water
Meganium Meganium Typhlosion Typhlosion Feraligatr Feraligatr
Grass Fire Water

  • Charmander's successor, the Fire-type Cyndaquil is strong against Grass-, Bug-, and Ice-type Pokémon but has trouble when battling Water-, Ground-, and Rock Pokémon. It learns Ember at level 12, but its Fire moves are on the weaker side, so it will be difficult to use starting out.
  • Johto's version of Squirtle, the Water-type Totodile is great against Fire-, Rock-, and Ground Pokémon, but struggles against Grass- and Electric Pokémon. It learns a bunch of strong attacks, though only a few are Water moves. Totodile is probably the best starter to pick, though Water types are more common in Johto than Grass or Fire types.

Once you've got your new Pokémon, head west to Route 29. Elm gives you his phone number on your way out, and as you leave, his assistant gives you a Potion. If you need to heal your team, you can return to Elm's lab and use his PC.

Route 29

Route 29

The winding Route 29 leads you right to Cherrygrove City. The route forces westbound travelers to walk through patches of tall grass, but without Poké Balls, you can't catch anything yet!

Pick a Berry

On the northwest hill is a Berry tree. One of Generation II's new additions is a variety of Berries that can do anything from recovering health to eliminating status problems. This type of Berry will recover 10 HP when used, whether it is used by the player or a Pokémon. When a Pokémon holds a natural item like a Berry, it may decide to use it during battle. Pokémon won't interact with man-made items like Potions, since they don't know what they are. Berries grow back, so return the next day to find another one.

The Week Siblings

The Week Siblings are seven siblings that visit various areas around the region, and give out different power-up items for a Pokémon to hold. They will begin appearing after you defeat the first Gym. Each sibling only gives out their respective power-up once. Tuscany appears in the center of the route every Tuesday, and hands out the Pink Bow. When held, it powers-up a Pokémon's Normal-type moves.

Cherrygrove City, Mr. Pokémon's house, Elm's lab Part 2 →

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