Appendix:Black and White walkthrough/Section 5

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Nimbasa Gym

Nimbasa City Pokémon Gym
Leader: Elesa

The Shining Beauty

The Nimbasa Gym specializes in Electric-types. Fitting with the city's focus on entertainment, the Gym features multiple roller coasters that challengers must ride to reach the Gym Leader, and a series of switches to change the cars' direction.

Elesa's two Emolga are vulnerable to Ice- and Rock-type moves, and her Zebstrika is weak against Ground-type attacks. But be wary of Emolga's ability ,Static, which may paralyze your Pokemon on contact. All three of her Pokémon know the Volt Switch move, which lets her switch her Pokémon after attacking. If you decide to use TM moves, TM28 (Dig) and TM39 (Rock Tomb) are good choices.

Nimbasa Gym
The Bolt Badge

After her defeat, Elesa awards you the Bolt Badge, which commands obedience from all Pokémon up to level 50. She also gives you TM72 (Volt Switch) as a prize.