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Sanyou City

After defeating Bel, continue to Sanyou City, location of the first Gym in Unova. Take some time to heal at the Pokémon Center.

The first thing you will notice is that the Gym is blocked by a shady-looking man. Talking to him doesn't help, so explore a little bit. Head west into the Pokémon Academy. Like most other Pokémon Academies in the history of the games, this one is home to a blackboard detailing all of the status conditions (Burn, Freeze, etc.). Reading the blackboard, next to you, is your good friend, Cheren. He will battle you.

495 If the player chose Snivy: 498 If the player chose Tepig: 501 If the player chose Oshawott:

After you defeat him, he will give you an Oran Berry, which can heal 10HP. Give it to one of your weaker Pokémon, as they automatically consume it (without wasting a turn) when their health drops below a certain point. Useful, right?

Leave the Academy. Head back to the Gym, and you will notice that the shady man has been replaced by none other than the Gym Leader you are going to face! Talk to him, and he will head back into his gym. Follow him in.

BUT WAIT! Before you enter the gym, know this: the gym leader you will face (either Dent, Pod, or Corn) is determined by your starter; you will get the one with the Pokémon strong against your starter. Unfortunately, unlike Cheren's, these Pokémon are reasonably strong and can devastate your starter with one of its elemental attacks. However, the game designers throw you a lifeline here: head to the Site of Dreams (see the section below) to receive the elemental monkey (Hiyappu, Yanappu, or Baoppu) that is strong against the gym leader's monkey (i.e. weak to your own starter).

Sanyou Gym
The Tri Badge

495 If the player chose Snivy: 498 If the player chose Tepig: 501 If the player chose Oshawott:

After the battle, either Dent, Pod, or Corn will give you the Tri Badge, your first Unova Gym Badge! Congratulations! You'll also receive TM83, Cheer Up, which raises Attack and Special Attack by one stage each. You'll also be able to use HM01, Cut, outside of battle.

As soon as you leave the gym, a strange lady named Makomo will escort you over to her house, where she will introduce herself. She will then proceed to give you what you've been waiting for - the first HM of the game, Cut. Her friend introduces herself as Shouro, designer of the Unova PC. This version of the PC has a feature known as the Battle Box, which allows entire teams to be quickly withdrawn or deposited from the PC. After you finish up, head to the Site of Dreams.

Site of Dreams

According to the anime, the Site of Dreams was once a massive laboratory dedicated to the pursuit of alternative energy sources from Dream Smoke, a substance the Pokémon Musharna emits. However, due to the evil intentions of some of the scientists, Musharna outputted so much power that the entire place was leveled and the scientists (including Makomo) were forced to bid a hasty retreat and pursue other lucrative opportunities. The location is now a rather desolate ruin. However, it's still a hotbed of activity. Fight the two trainers at the beginning, and then talk to the girl at the end of the path to receive an elemental monkey! If you haven't defeated the Sanyou Gym yet, go do so now by training your newly-caught monkey in Route 2. However, if you've already conquered the Gym, head over to the tree blocking your way, and cut it down.

As soon as you try to enter, none other than Bel appears. This time, she's not looking for a battle; instead, she's amazed at the beauty and mystery of the place. A little suspiciously, the two of you head deeper in. In the middle of the clearing, a Munna suddenly appears! Bel approaches it, amazed, when suddenly two Team Plasma grunts show up and start harassing Munna. Whip out your Poké balls and get ready for a fight!

Team Plasma
Trainer Pokémon
Plasma Grunt
Plasma Grunt
Reward: PokémonDollar.png400
504 Minezumi Lv.10
No item
Plasma Grunt
Plasma Grunt
Reward: PokémonDollar.png400
509 Choroneko Lv.10
No item

After defeating them, a small cutscene plays wherein two Geechisus appear and berate the grunts for harming Pokémon. The two, scared out of their wits, disappear. Suddenly, a Musharna, possibly the parent of the Munna, appears and comforts the child. The Munna becomes Bel's and the Musharna vanishes, leaving behind a strange Poké ball containing the enigmatic Dream Smoke. Makomo grabs this and disappears. Find all of the items and return to Makomo's laboratory.

When you enter, Makomo is so tremendously happy that she finally acquired a perfect Dream Smoke that she decides to reward her savior, namely you with the coolest device ever - the C-Gear. This is a small mini-application that opens in your touchscreen that allows you to connect to someone's (or up to three someones') DS and play in their game. Cool, right? (For more information, see the article or the appendix.) Finally, Shouro will hand over the Pal Pad, which allows you to save Friend Codes.

With Tri Badge, elemental monkey, HM01, Pal Pad, and C-Gear in hand, it's finally time to bid a fond farewell to Sanyou and venture into Route 3.

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