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Nimbasa City

Nimbasa City

Nimbasa City is a city of leisure, with facilities like the Battle Subway, Pokémon Musical, and even an amusement park. Two sports arenas, Big Stadium and Small Court, are also located here.

Pair up against the Subway Bosses

When you enter the city, Subway Bosses Ingo and Emmet are standing outside of Gear Station. Talk to the Pokémon Trainer in front of them to team up against the conductors. Male players will team up with Rosa, while female players will team up with Nate. Your partner's Pokémon changes depending on which starter Pokémon you chose; Dewott if you chose Snivy, Servine if you chose Tepig, or Pignite if you chose Oshawott.

Afterwards, the Subway Bosses return to the Subway, and your partner thanks you with a Vs. Recorder. This item lets you record a video of a battle in the Subway, or a Link Battle with a friend.

Gear Station

File:Battle Subway Map.png
Map of the various railway lines

From Gear Station, you can board any one of the eight railway lines. The seven others lead to their respective challenges, but the Brown Line is different. Rather than have you battle another group of Trainers, this line is the only way to reach Anville Town far to the northwest.

The Battle Subway

In Battle Subway, you can get on a real winning streak. A challenger earns Battle Points for every seven Trainers he or she defeats. These points can be redeemed at the Exchange Service Corner for items like Vitamins or TMs.

Big Stadium and Small Court

Big Stadium and Small Court are the major sports venues of the Unova region. The stadium hosts baseball, soccer, and football games, while the court hosts tennis and basketball games. The players double as Trainers and can be battled daily, unless a game is in progress. The number of Trainers and the levels of their Pokémon increase as you earn more badges. Keep yourself fighting fit by visiting every day.

Musical Theater

The Musical Theater on the north side of the city is where the Pokémon Musical is held. When you step inside, the owner gives you a Prop Case so you can participate. To the right, a girl near the PC will give you TM49 (Echoed Voice).

Amusement Park

The amusement park is located on the east side of the city. South of the entrance is the Dropped Item, a lost Xtransceiver. The owner soon calls, and the two of you gradually become friends. Male players will meet Yancy, while female players will meet Curtis. Eventually, you will be able to trade Pokémon.

Shining Roller Coaster

Two years ago, the Nimbasa Gym was located in this building. There are still Ladies and Rich Boys looking to battle here. Proceed by pressing switches to change the coaster's path. Talk to the woman at the back of the building to get a Parlyz Heal to help you challenge the new Gym.

Rondez-View Ferris Wheel

There is a Pokémon Trainer in front of the Ferris wheel. The Trainer varies depending on the season and the player's gender. After defeating the Trainer, you can ride the Ferris wheel together.

Nimbasa Gym

Nimbasa City Pokémon Gym
Leader: Elesa

The Shining Beauty

Elesa has moved the Electric-type-specialist Nimbasa Gym to a new building east of the Ferris wheel. The supermodel has designed her Gym with a large runway through the center. A new section is lit up as you approach each Gym Trainer, until you reach Elesa singing on the stage. Her Pokémon frequently use Volt Switch to shuffle in and out of battle. Flaaffy and Zebstrika are vulnerable to Ground-type attacks, while Emolga fears Rock-type moves. Pokémon from the desert, like Sandile or Sandshrew, are immune to electrical attacks and should have little trouble here.

Nimbasa Gym
The Bolt Badge

After the battle, Elesa awards you the Bolt Badge, which ensures that all Pokémon up to level 50 will obey you. She also gives you TM72 (Volt Switch) as a prize.

Hugh and Team Plasma face off

Hugh is arguing with four Plasma Grunts outside Big Stadium. He is clearly angry with them, and the Grunts are also itching for a fight.

Trainer Pokémon
Team Plasma Grunt
Team Plasma Grunt
Reward: PokémonDollar.png1080
568 Trubbish Lv.27
No item
Team Plasma Grunt
Team Plasma Grunt
Reward: PokémonDollar.png1080
505 Watchog Lv.27
No item

Before running off, they brag about searching for a power source for their secret weapon. Afterwards, Hugh tells you that Team Plasma stole his little sister's Purrloin five years ago. He restores your Pokémon's health before chasing after Team Plasma.

Anville Town

The only way to reach Anville Town in Unova's far northwest is by taking the Brown Line from Nimbasa's Gear Station. A large turntable for changing a train's direction sits in the center of town. On weekends, the town is bustling with tourists that visit to watch the trains come and go. Some tourists may even trade items with you.

The Missing Pansage

Talk to the girl on the platform to learn that her Pansage has gotten lost somewhere in Nimbasa City. Luckily, it has been found by a Depot Agent, who is waiting outside the Musical Theater. Talk to him about the girl, then tell her where Pansage turned up. As thanks for finding it, she gives you a BrightPowder. She also remarks that a green-haired man told her that Pansage wants to be a railroad conductor.

Funfest Mission

When you trade an item with the Backpacker, a new Funfest Mission is added. The mission is either named Exciting TradingB2 or Exhilirating TradingW2.

Lost & Found

A Depot Agent in the southeast house will give you a lost Rare Candy the first time you talk to him. After seven consecutive battles on the Battle Subway, he will give out a number of Vitamins, Full Restores, Revives, or Elixirs for each set of seven victories at the Battle Subway that day, capping at ten per day.

The turntable

Anville Town is known for its connection with locomotives. Every day, a different train engine can be found on the turntable, most of them a part of the Battle Subway. A Worker on the bridge will explain a bit about each one.

Route 16

Route 16 is a short route that connects Nimbasa City and Marvelous Bridge. The elevator to the bridge is out-of-order, so you cannot travel any further eastward yet. On the north side of the route, a small grove of trees leads to Lostlorn Forest. When you are finished here, cross westward through the city to reach Route 5.

Bridge Gate

No one can cross the bridge yet, but you can still visit the Bridge Gate. Talk to the Roughneck near the vending machine, and he gives you an extra Fresh Water that the machine dispensed to him.

Lostlorn Forest

Two years ago, Lostlorn Forest was a grove thick with trees. But this was only an illusion created by a Zoroark, and the real forest looked like it does now.

Battle with the Pokémon Breeder

Like Irene on Route 4, Pokémon Breeder Galen will rebattle you with the same team whenever you revisit the forest.

The Rangers' Reward

The two Pokémon Rangers here, Serenity and Forrest, each give you a different Berry when you defeat them. Serenity, hiding in the tall grass, rewards you with a Pecha Berry. To the northeast, Forrest rewards you with a Cheri Berry.

A Rare TM

Talk to the odd Backpacker in the northwest part of the forest. He tells you about Zoroark's visit two years ago, and gives you TM95 (Snarl) before running off.

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