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Skyarrow Bridge

Skyarrow Bridge

The Skyarrow Bridge is the longest bridge in Unova, connecting Castelia City to Pinwheel Forest. Pedestrians travel across the elevated walkway, while trucks rumble by on the lower level. As you leave the city, the Castelia skyline appears in the background.

The Salesman, The Runner

Midway across the bridge, a man is trying to sell bottles of Fresh Water for PokémonDollar.png300 apiece. He claims that he will be in trouble if he can't sell them — his reasons suspiciously change with each meeting — but if you accept, he thanks you for your generosity. If not, you'll need to decline his offer twice; he's a persistent salesman!

Farther along, you will encounter a thirsty man running across the bridge. Give him a Fresh Water to slake his thrist, and he dashes off. Repeat the process at the Driftveil Drawbridge, Tubeline Bridge, Village Bridge, Marvelous Bridge, and the Marine Tube in that order, and he will return to the Skyarrow Bridge. Meet up with him here again to receive a dozen bottles of Moomoo Milk in gratitude.

Pinwheel Forest

Pinwheel Forest

Pinwheel Forest is a lush forest where the trees have grown so densely that little sunlight gets in. The road leads to the southeast, where the brighter edge of the forest connects to Nacrene City.


Cross the double bridges to find a trail leading deep into the forest, with Cheren standing nearby. He heard that Team Plasma was seen in the forest, and asks you to help him search.

West side

Pokémon Ranger Hillary gives you a Sitrus Berry when defeated, and there is a Max Repel sitting nearby. A large moss-covered rock sits in the tall grass to the north, and an Ultra Ball can be found in the tall grass to the southwest. Inspect the ground near Youngster Keita to find a second Ultra Ball, and collect the Max Revive from the nearby tree stump. Continue north to find Pokémon Ranger Ralph, who gives out a Lum Berry when defeated. Climb through the fallen logs to face off against Veterans Rosaline and Sinan, then grab the Net Ball to the northeast. Detour to the south to track down a hidden BalmMushroom near Youngster Henley and Lass Helia. Head north through the log to meet Gorm of the Seven Sages. The former villain reminisces about the past for a moment before wandering off. His investigation complete, Cheren thanks you with an Up-Grade. Fight the camouflaged Pokémon Ranger Melita to get another Lum Berry and pick up TM86 (Grass Knot) before leaving the clearing.

East side

Pass through the break in the fence and head south. Check the bare spot to the west to get a Green Shard, and continue east. Youngster Nicholas stands near a fork in the road; take the northern path first to get a Sun Stone and a hidden Bug Gem. Head southeast to find TM22 (SolarBeam), then go west to track down a Rare Candy. Surf across the pond to reach a PP Max. Return to the road and head south. Talk with the Scientist, who asks to see your Habitat List. If you have seen all the local land-dwelling Pokémon, she rewards you with five Nest Balls.


Fight School Kid Millie and follow the fence eastward to get a Full Heal. Head south to meet a Battle Girl, then east to find a Protein on the railroad tracks. Keep going south to find a few big puddles. To the west is Ace Trainer Kelsey; to his north is a Nugget, and to his southeast is an HP Up. Check the largest puddle to find a hidden Max Elixir and go east. Climb the stairway to get a PP Max near Battle Girl Lee, then go north to reach the challenge rock. Have a Fighting Pokémon chip away at it to receive a Stardust once per day. Go down the northern stairway to find a hidden Fighting Gem near the ledge. Head back north to the road and turn east to reach Nacrene City. Step behind the fence to find an Ultra Ball before exploring the city.

Nacrene City

Nacrene CityBW

Formerly the site of abandoned warehouses, Nacrene City began to take shape when young people started renovating the century-old buildings to create art studios. Unique locations include the Nacrene Museum and the home of Loblolly, the furniture artisan.

Café Warehouse

The Café Warehouse stands just east of Pinwheel Forest. The café runs two different specials during the week. Speak to the Waitress on Wednesdays to receive a Soda Pop, and again on Saturdays to get a Lemonade.

Visit Café Warehouse on a Sunday and talk to the Waitress on the lower level, and she will entrust you with the Grubby Hanky. Visit again on Thursday to return it to the customer who lost it. Return on Sunday to tell the Waitress, and she gives you a Fluffy Tail.

Nacrene Museum

Having visited the Cave of Being on Route 20, you can encounter Uxie outside the Nacrene Museum on the north side of town. Stand in the center of the circular walkway to detect the creature, which appears at level 65.

Enter the museum and the assistant director, Hawes, will greet you. As he shows you around, Lenora, the director and former Gym Leader, hurries over. She asks which fossil you prefer — the Cover Fossil or the Plume Fossil — and hands it over. When restored at the front desk, these turn back into Tirtouga or Archen, respectively. Any fossils obtained in Twist Mountain can be restored here as well. Exhibits include a meteorite believed to have a connection with a space virus and a replica of the Dark StoneB2 / Light StoneW2.

Move Tutor

The local Move Tutor lives in one of the buildings to the south of the Café Warehouse. He is obsessed with Green Shards, and will teach a variety of moves for the right number of Shards.

Move Type Category Shards
Gastro Acid Poison Status 6
Worry Seed Grass Status 6
After You Normal Status 8
Helping Hand Normal Status 8
Magic Room Psychic Status 8
Spite Ghost Status 8
Wonder Room Psychic Status 8
Outrage Dragon Physical 10
Move Type Category Shards
Recycle Normal Status 10
Stealth Rock Rock Status 10
Trick Psychic Status 10
Endeavor Normal Physical 12
Skill Swap Psychic Status 12
Sleep Talk Normal Status 12
Snatch Dark Status 12

Loblolly's Studio

Loblolly's studio is located in the southeast part of the city. She designs the Décor items that can be placed in your home in the Dream World. Use Game Sync after choosing Décor to have new items added to the Dream Catalogue.

Get a Pokémon Egg

Talk to the Pokémon Breeder in the east gate when you have space in your party to receive a Pokémon Egg. This Egg was found at the Pokémon Day Care on Route 3, and will eventually hatch into a Happiny. It cannot be found in the wild, so don't miss it!

Route 3

Route 3

Route 3 is a long and winding road that connects Nacrene City to Striaton City. Wellspring Cave is located to the northwest, while the Pokémon Day Care can be found to the northeast.

Grab the Quick Ball near School Kid Marsha and follow the path to the bridge. There is a Hidden Grotto on the north side of the pond, and a Calcium, a Full Restore, and a hidden Ultra Ball can be found on the west side. The trail on the south side of the pond leads to Fisherman Bruce and a Zinc. Follow the path eastward to a patch of dark grass; a Big Nugget and a second Hidden Grotto can be found here. Further north, the path splits at a T-intersection; the School Kid here will give you five Dive Balls for completing the local Habitat List. Grab the Ultra Ball from the tall grass, head west to find a hidden Nugget on the ledge, and enter Wellspring Cave.

Wellspring Cave

Wellspring Cave

Wellspring Cave is a small cave on the west side of Route 3. Rainwater that has soaked into the ground wells up to form large pools of water. Surf is required to reach the lower level, where the low light requires the use of Flash, as well.


Climb up onto the rock platform to fight Hiker Zaiem and get the Max Repel from the ledge. Surf to the west side to pick up the Escape Rope near Battle Girl Maggie. Follow the path southeastward to reach the stairs to the basement.


Head northeast to battle Black Belt Thomas, then cross the nearest pool of water to get a Max Revive from the ledge to the southeast. Go back north past Battle Girl Xiao to reach an intersection. Go left to collect TM47 (Low Sweep), then go right. Head south at the next turn to find a hidden Carbos, then go down the nearby stairway to get a Protector. Continue north past Black Belt Edward and cross the water to fight Veteran Shaun. Inspect the path to the east to find another Max Revive, then climb the stairway to get TM52 (Focus Blast). Check the ground to the west of Veteran Shaun to find a hidden Ultra Ball.


Go east from the T-intersection to reach the grounds of a preschool. Step inside and talk to the woman in charge to have her heal your Pokémon. A Pansage, Pansear, and Panpour are playing with the children; according to a little girl, they were a gift from the former Striaton Gym Leaders. Pick up the Rare Candy in the back then head outside to the playground, where another Rare Candy can be found in the sandbox.

Pokémon Day Care

The Pokémon Day Care is located just east of the preschool. The facility specializes in raising Pokémon for busy Trainers. The level of a Pokémon left here will rise over time, and it may even learn a new move as well. If two Pokémon are left here, sometimes a Pokémon Egg may be found!

Striaton City

Striaton City

The west side of Striaton City is made up of a large garden with a fountain, where a school of Stunfisk gather to dance on summer nights. The Trainers' School and a few apartment buildings stand on the east side, and the former Gym is now the Striaton Restaurant.

Trainers' School

Talk to the School Kid near the west wall to take a short quiz about status conditions. If you answer both of his questions correctly, he will give you a Persim Berry.

On the other side of the classroom, an Ace Trainer is trying to figure out how a Ground attack could hit a Pokémon with the Levitate Ability. Give him some advice, and he will ask you to battle.

Trainer Pokémon
Ace Trainer Dusty
Ace Trainer Dusty
Reward: PokémonDollar.png3840
479 Rotom
Normal Rotom
No item
110 Weezing Lv.64
No item
094 Gengar Lv.64
No item
604 Eelektross Lv.64
No item

Pokémon Center

Talk to the woman near the front desk to learn about the Gracidea flower. If you have a Shaymin in your party but don't yet have the flower, she will give you one on the spot.

At the Poké Mart counter, the TM Department offers both TM04 (Calm Mind) and TM08 (Bulk Up) for PokémonDollar.png80,000 apiece.

Striaton Restaurant

Battle with the Brothers

The Gym Leaders Cilan, Chili, and Cress have retired, and recently turned their Gym into a restaurant. Talk to one of the three brothers, and he will team up with you in a Multi Battle against the other two. This can be done once per day.

The Guessing Game

Talk to the woman on the stage to participate in the show. If you correctly guess which Pokémon is holding the Big Mushroom, you win the item! Pansage, Pansear, or Panpour can appear in the show; the one that appears changes each time you play.

Funfest Mission

Enter the apartment building south of the Trainers' School, and talk to the girl on the first floor. The Funfest Mission Rock-Paper-Scissors Competition! will be added.

Hints of a Legend

Visit the apartment building south of the Pokémon Center to learn that people have recently been feeling a mysterious Pokémon's presence in the Dreamyard, a small wooded location east of the city.

The Dreamyard

The Dreamyard

The Dreamyard occupies the grounds of an abandoned factory that eventually collapsed. The area is now used as a playground for children and Pokémon.

Upon entering the grounds, the mysterious Pokémon appears! LatiosB2 / LatiasW2 growls at you before quickly flying off to the east. Enter the gate to see it zip off to the west. Go back and Cut down the tree to enter the remains of the old factory, and it buzzes by again. Head west for a Rare Candy, then grab TM85 (Dream Eater) at the foot of the stairway. Atop the stairway, it passes by for a fourth time. Go southwest to reach an Ultra Ball, where the dragon stops to examine you for a moment. Finally, follow the walkway to its easternmost point, where the legendary Pokémon attacks! Use a Dark-type Pokémon to avoid their only offensive move, but take care not to knock it out with a powered-up Dark move. Psycho Shift lets it bounce any status ailment back to its attacker, so be prepared.

Spr 5b 381.png
  Dragon     Psychic  
Held item:
None.png None None.png
Latios Lv.68
Psycho Shift
Psychic Status
Dragon Dance
Dragon Status
Psychic Special
Heal Pulse
Psychic Status
Spr 5b 380.png
  Dragon     Psychic  
Held item:
None.png None None.png
Latias Lv.68
Psycho Shift
Psychic Status
Normal Status
Psychic Special
Heal Pulse
Psychic Status

Once it is captured, be sure to collect the dropped Soul Dew, which raises either dragon's Special stats by 50%. Go down the stairway and turn east for a Moon Stone, and head down to the basement.

Visit the east side to get an HP Up and continue south. Grab the Dawn Stone in the southwest corner, then climb the stairs in the southeast.

To the northwest is School Kid William and a PP Up, hidden near the furnace. Fight Youngster Keita as you head west, and collect the Reaper Cloth near School Kid Rita. Move the boulder into place and go down the stairway.

Go north to get an Iron, and check the northeast grass patch to find the last item, a Psychic Gem. Return to Striaton and head south to Route 2.

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