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Anthony (Japanese: アノキ Anoki) is a character of the day of the Pokémon anime who appeared in The Punchy Pokémon.

In the episode, he was training his Hitmonchan to compete in the P1 Grand Prix. He was so determined to train and win, that he was neglecting his family. His daughter, Rebecca, convinced Ash and Brock to compete in the P1 Grand Prix to defeat him.

Ash entered using his Primeape. Anthony noticed early on that the ape Pokémon was very strong. Anthony ended up losing in the semi-finals to Team Rocket and the Hitmonlee they had stolen from Giant, another competitor. Eventually, Ash defeated Hitmonlee in the finals and won the P1 Grand Prix. Anthony offered to train Primeape for Ash, and Ash agreed. Neither Anthony nor Primeape have been seen since that episode.


This is a listing of Anthony's known Pokémon:

Anthony's Hitmonchan
Anthony's Hitmonchan was first seen training. When Ash and his friends saw it, they thought it was a wild Pokémon, making Ash wanting to catch it. He taught Pikachu a boxing move called the Rocket Punch, though it didn't have much of an effect and it lost when Anthony gave it instructions. Hitmonchan defeated a Machamp before being defeated by Giant's Hitmonlee under Jessie's ownership when its foot got stuck in glue Meowth put on the stage.

Hitmonchan's known moves are Agility and Comet Punch.

Debut The Punchy Pokémon
Voice actors
English Michael Haigney


Ash's Primeape
Main article: Ash's Primeape

This Primeape belongs to Ash Ketchum. When it won the P1 Grand Prix, it was left with Anthony to become a true P1 Champion.

Debut Primeape Goes Bananas

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 立木文彦 Fumihiko Tachiki
English Maddie Blaustein
Brazilian Portuguese Emerson Caperbat
European Spanish Miguel Ayones


  • The backstory of him neglecting his family so he could train could be seen as a parallel to Chuck in Generation II. They also are both Template:Type2 specialists and have loved ones that want them home.
  • Anthony shares the same voice actors with Lt. Surge both in English and Japanese.

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