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Annie Proctor petting a Cradily

Annie Proctor (Japanese: アンヌ Anne) is a character of the day who appeared in Where's Armaldo?.

The wife of Professor Proctor, Annie helps him out in their laboratory on Wales Island. Together, they resurrected Fossils into Pokémon. Her husband hoped one day to open the island up for people all around the world to see.

However, their attitude changed after an Anorith evolved into an Armaldo and wrought havoc on the island. Luckily, the Professor managed to calm it down and save everything on the island. After the mishap, Annie and her husband agreed that the lab should be kept secret. Both promised that they would continue to raise the Fossil Pokémon on Wales Island in secret.


Looked after

Annie's Armaldo

Annie's Armaldo
Anorith → Armaldo
Armaldo evolved from the Anorith that Professor Proctor extracted from the Claw Fossil. As soon as that happens, Team Rocket come by and grab Armaldo with a net. However, they were unsuccessful in doing so as Armaldo freed itself with Metal Claw and they end up getting blasted off by Armaldo's Water Gun. After Team Rocket's first defeat in the episode, Armaldo goes on a rampage, destroying some of the parts of the lab in the process, and flees outside. Annie, Ash, and his friends do everything in order to win Armaldo's trust, including having to use May's Beautifly and Brock's Forretress to talk to Armaldo as they are both Bug-type. None of those worked. Ash then battles it with his Corphish. During the battle, Professor Proctor notes that Armaldo dislikes the nearby fruit on the island and the only fruit it likes are the ones that it ate back then. Armaldo was able to find the fruit which was located at very tip of Wales Island when it was a peninsula. Armaldo gets caught again by Team Rocket and is trapped in their mecha. Professor Proctor goes to the mecha and tells Armaldo to attack the area that he is pounding on. Armaldo attacks the area with Metal Claw and is freed. After Team Rocket's second defeat in the episode, Armaldo starts to trust Annie and becomes friendlier to her as Professor Proctor rescued Armaldo.

Armaldo's known moves are Metal Claw, Water Gun, Dig and Rock Blast.

Debut Where's Armaldo?
Annie's Lileep
These Lileep were only seen in the lab. They were extracted from a Root Fossil.
Debut Where's Armaldo?
Annie's Cradily
While Max was gathering firewood, he spots a Cradily which startled him and then runs off. Later, Annie finds it and takes it back to the lab.
Debut Where's Armaldo?

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese かかずゆみ Yumi Kakazu
English Suzanne Goldish
European Spanish Emma Jiménez

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