Anime physics

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Anime physics is a fanon term used to describe all the unusual, impossible, and sometimes absurd moments in the anime where real-world physics do not seem to apply. At times, the term can also be used to describe when an attack works differently in the anime than it would in the games. Some common examples are unusual feats of strength and agility, surviving lethal attacks, and hammerspace.

Anime physics are often the fault of one of two things, and often both. The first is that the anime is more focused on telling a story in one or several episodes than getting the details right, so sometimes the writers will twist or bend physics so the episode can unfold the way they want it so. The second is simply oversight, since many times anime physics do not seem unusual unless someone stops to think about how a situation would work in the real world. Usually, deliberate examples are caused more by the first reason, and accidental examples are caused more by the second reason.