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==List of anime Pokémon with moves they can't learn in the games==
==List of anime Pokémon with moves they can't learn in the games==
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| [[File:017.png|link=Pidgeotto (Pokémon)]]
| [[File:017.png|link=Pidgeotto (Pokémon)]]

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In the Pokémon anime, there will often come up a Pokémon that knows a move it cannot learn legally in any of the games. It is unknown whether these are actual mistakes, a writing policy of not having to stick to the games too closely, or merely the Pokémon using an attribute that shares the name of a move in the games.

It should also be noted that occasionally Nintendo will make available Pokémon that can be transferred onto the games with a move that is not normally included in that Pokémon's moveset (a prime example being Pokémon Box Ruby & Sapphire, which gave away four separate Pokémon with moves that were not normally available to that specific Pokémon).

List of anime Pokémon with moves they can't learn in the games

Sprite Name Move Episode Picture
017.png Ash's Pidgeotto Peck 1003EP003
127.png Samurai's Pinsir Tackle 1004EP004
109.png James's Koffing Counter 1006EP006 200px
120.png Misty's Staryu Counter 1007EP007
020.png Ash's Raticate Hi Jump Kick 1015EP015 200px
116.png Misty's Horsea Sludge 1019EP019 200px
001.png Ash's Bulbasaur Whirlwind 1032EP032 200px
005.png Ash's Charmeleon Tail Whip 1044EP044 200px
025.png Ash's Pikachu Bite 1068EP068
037.png Brock's Vulpix Agility 1072EP072
004.png Zippo Tackle 1079EP079
071.png James's Victreebel Tackle 1086EP086
055.png Golduck Barrier 1091EP091
055.png Golduck Psywave 1091EP091
024.png Jessie's Arbok Tackle 1095EP095
006.png Ash's Charizard Tackle 1108EP108
025.png Ash's Pikachu Tackle 1118EP118
182.png Bailey's Bellossom Twister 1122EP122
025.png Ash's Pikachu Leer 1150EP150
155.png Ash's Cyndaquil Agility 1152EP152
164 s.png Ash's Noctowl Gust 1164EP164
202.png Jessie's Wobbuffet Bide 1167EP167
197.png Gary's Umbreon Agility 1171EP171
158.png Ash's Totodile Skull Bash 1216EP216
001.png Ash's Bulbasaur Dig 1225EP225
047.png Parasect Sleep Powder 1227EP227
157.png Jimmy's Typhlosion Fire Spin 1230.5The Legend of Thunder! 200px
219.png Egan's Magcargo Withdraw 1240EP240
246.png Ash's Larvitar Harden 1258EP258
208.png Harrison's Steelix Wrap 1271EP271 200px
299.png Roxanne's Nosepass Hyper Beam 2016AG016
296.png Brawly's Makuhita Slam 2020AG020
385.png Jirachi Teleport 2034.5Jirachi: Wish Maker
371.png Michelle's Bagon Skull Bash 2043AG043
438.png Brock's Bonsly Take Down 2156AG156
396.png Ash's Starly Gust 3002DP002
269.png Jessie's Dustox Stun Spore 3008DP008
414.png Cheryl's Mothim Supersonic 3032DP032
436.png Saturn's Bronzor Teleport 3060DP060
446.png Kylie's Munchlax Giga Impact 3076DP076 200px
376 s.png Metagross Lock-On 3117DP117 200px
477.png Dusknoir Rapid Spin 3122.5Pokémon Mystery Dungeon:
Explorers of Sky - Beyond Time & Darkness
486.png Regigigas Hammer Arm 3129DP129
069.png Bellsprout Absorb 3134DP134
343.png Damos's Baltoy Shock Wave 3135.5Arceus and the Jewel of Life
344.png Damos's Claydol Shock Wave 3135.5Arceus and the Jewel of Life
480.png Uxie Teleport 3151DP151
481.png Mesprit Teleport 3151DP151
482.png Azelf Teleport 3151DP151
401.png Nando's Kricketot Sing 3174DP174 200px

Less blatant examples

Riolu using Aura Sphere
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