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(Japanese: アンジー Angie) is a Team Plasma member, who seems to lead the grunts.

She appeared in BW112 along with Colress, where she commanded some wild Pokémon to attack Looker, Ash and his friends. After the battle, seeing that the mind-controlled Pokémon were now freed, Colress and Angie along with the Plasma Grunts retreated and destroyed the place with a self-destruct mechanism to get rid of the remaining evidences.



Ash's Pikachu
Main article: Ash's Pikachu

During the battle against the controlled Pokémon, Colress and Angie attached a device to Pikachu's head in order to control him. Although Pikachu was forced to attack his Trainer, Ash was able to encourage Pikachu to fight against the device, causing it to break and thus free Pikachu from their control.

Debut BW112

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 渡辺明乃 Akeno Watanabe

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