Ancient castle

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Ancient castle
古城 Old castle
Ancient Castle.png
Ancient castle
Region Galar
Debut Reunion at the Ancient Castle!
The ancient castle in ruins after the battle with the Explorers

The ancient castle (Japanese: 古城 old castle) is an anime-exclusive location in the Galar region, located near Hammerlocke.

In Reunion at the Ancient Castle!, Diana's Squawkabilly led Liko, Roy, and Friede to the ancient castle, the entrance of which was hidden and guarded by a Stonjourner. It was here where Diana was living during her time in Galar and where she reunited with her granddaughter, Liko. Soon, Amethio and his teammates invaded the ancient castle after scaring off the Stonjourner.

In Rivals in the Dark of Night!, Hamber, Coral, and Sidian also arrived at the ancient castle. The confrontation ended with Coral's Glalie using Self-Destruct, leaving the castle in ruins.

Pokémon living around the ancient castle

Ancient Castle Klink.png
Ancient Castle Flapple Shiinotic.png
Ancient Castle Flapple Shiinotic.png
Ancient Castle Runerigus Chandelure Golett.png
Ancient Castle Runerigus Chandelure Golett.png
Ancient Castle Runerigus Chandelure Golett.png
Ancient Castle Morgrem.png
Ancient Castle Blipbug.png
Ancient Castle Stonjourner.png
Ancient Castle Applin.png
Ancient Castle Yamask.png
Ancient Castle Doublade.png
Ancient Castle Durant.png

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