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{{FApkmn|378|Regice|[[Buried Relic]] (25F)}}
{{FApkmn|378|Regice|[[Buried Relic]] (25F)}}
{{FApkmn/f|379|Registeel|[[Buried Relic]] (35F)}}
{{FApkmn/f|379|Registeel|[[Buried Relic]] (35F)}}
* This is the only friend area to consist of both Legendary Pokémon and non-legendary Pokémon.
{{Friend Areas}}
{{Friend Areas}}

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Ancient Relic こだいいせき
Ancient Ruins
Ancient Relic.png
Predominant type: None
Capacity: 6
Method to obtain: Buy for 8,000 Poké
Friend Area

Ancient Relic (Japanese: こだいいせき Ancient Ruins) is a Friend Area in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team that can be bought for 8,000 Poké from Wigglytuff in Pokémon Square. It is in the Relic area, and has a capacity of six Pokémon, including the legendary golems from Generation III.



It appears to be the ruins of a temple. There are strange pools of purple liquid on the lower levels, and hieroglyphics covering sections of the walls. There is a large Poké Ball etched into the back wall.

In-game data

The remains of a long-forgotten civilization. Prehistoric Pokémon are said to have lived here in ancient times.


Pokémon Location
142 Aerodactyl Sky Tower (21F-25F)
Sky Tower Summit (1F-8F)
Pitfall Valley (15F-25F)
Joyous Tower (90F-99F)
343 Baltoy Mt. Steel (1F-4F)
Wish Cave (11F-14F)
Desert Region (12F-20F)
Southern Cavern (12F-22F)
344 Claydol Evolve Baltoy
377 Regirock Buried Relic (15F)
378 Regice Buried Relic (25F)
379 Registeel Buried Relic (35F)

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