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* [[Marcellus]]
* [[Marcellus]]
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* {{jo|Mary}}
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* [[Olesia]]
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* [[Kimmy Shoney]]

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Amy Birnbaum (born 14 April, 1975) was a voice actress for the English-language dub of the Pokémon anime.
Amy Birnbaum

Pokémon roles

Birnbaum began voicing characters for Pokémon around the first season. She mostly played characters of the day, and other additional characters, notably Molly Hale in the third movie, until season six, when she was cast as Max. She voiced the character until the end of season eight when 4Kids Entertainment stopped producing the English-language version of the series. Birnbaum's replacement as Max was Kayzie Rogers. Since then, Birnbaum has not returned to voice any characters on the show.





Other non-Pokémon roles

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