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====Gives away====
====Gives away====
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|move2=Tail Whip|move2type=Normal|move2cat=Status
==In the manga==
==In the manga==

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ショウロ Shōro
Amanita Adventures.png
Amanita in Pokémon Adventures
Gender Female
Hometown Striaton City
Region Unova
Relatives Fennel (sister)
Generation V
Games Black and White, Black 2 and White 2

Amanita (Japanese: ショウロ Shōro) is the storage system creator of the Unova region, who lives in Striaton City. She was introduced in Generation V, an expert in computing, creating a Pokémon Storage System, succeeding Bebe's storage system.

In the games

Amanita was introduced in Generation V as the Pokémon Storage System creator living in Striaton City in the Unova region. It was she who developed Unova's storage system based on the previous designs of Bill, Lanette and Bebe.

In Black and White, the player first meets her in Striaton City where she gives the player a Box which can be accessed in the player's PC. She also tells the player about a new feature called the Battle Box which can be used to store the player's Pokémon for battle.

She has the player start out with 8 Boxes capable of holding 240 Pokémon. When all 8 Boxes have at least one Pokémon in them, the storage capacity will be increased to 16 Boxes, holding 480 Pokémon. When all 16 of those Boxes have at least one Pokémon in them, the capacity will be increased again to a maximum of 24 Boxes, holding 720 Pokémon.

In Black 2 and White 2, Amanita is found in Castelia City, along with Fennel. They are located on the third floor inside the building across the street from the Gym. After the player has entered the Hall of Fame, Amanita will give the player an Eevee she received from a friend in the Kanto region.


Gives away

Spr 5b2 133.png
Held item:
None.png None None.png
Eevee Lv.10
Normal Physical
Tail Whip
Normal Status
Normal Status
Normal Status

In the manga

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

Amanita appears in Battle in the Dreamyead as the assistant of Fennel. She shows Black her research project, dreams. Later, she accompanies him along with White to the Dreamyard to find his Munna, Musha, that was stolen by Team Plasma.


Amanita's Watchog
This Watchog was used by Team Plasma to steal Black's Munna, Musha. Eventually, Black manages to retrieve Musha and uses him to defeat the Watchog. Later, it was adopted by Amanita and Fennel.

None of Watchog's moves are known.

Debut Battle at the Dreamyard


Language Name Origin
Japanese ショウロ Shōro 松露 Shōro, False-truffle (Rhizopogon rubescens).
English Amanita From the genus Amanita.
French Boletta From the genus Boletus.
German Rubina Possibly from Rhizopogon rubescens or Amanita rubescens.
Italian Mico From μύκης mýkēs, Greek for mushroom.
Spanish Trufa From trufa, truffle.
Korean 솔이 Sol'i From 송로 (松露) songlo, truffle.

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