Almia Castle

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Almia Castle アルミアのおしろ
Almia Castle
Almia Castle
Connecting locations
North None
South Ice Lake
West None
East None
Location of Almia Castle in Almia

Almia Castle (Japanese: アルミアのおしろ Almia Castle) is a location in Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia. It is only accessible through the Ice Lake to the south; the player must successfully capture an Empoleon and traverse the lake to gain access. The player is ordered to the castle to research the Tears of Princes. Upon arrival, the player encounters Team Dim Sun, who are trying to steal the Blue Gem, which is guarded by Lucario. To get to Lucario, the ranger must capture two Riolu. The castle has a place in Almian mythology. As described in folktales, this was where the King of Almia lived, along with his son in blue, after the red and yellow sons were banished to Volcano Cave and Hippowdon Temple respectively. In the quest Mischievous Sneasel, the player may capture a Sneasel. Once it is captured, it joins the Partner Farm.


Pokémon Poké Assist Field
026 Raichu Recharge PA.png Recharge Recharge 4
037 Vulpix Fire PA.png Fire burn 1
038 Ninetales Fire PA.png Fire burn 4
040 Wigglytuff Normal PA.png Normal tackle 2
093 Haunter Ghost PA.png Ghost Psy Power 2
110 Weezing Poison PA.png Poison tackle 2
123 Scyther Bug PA.png Bug cut 3
124 Jynx Psychic PA.png Psychic teleport -
134 Vaporeon Water PA.png Water soak 3
147 Dratini Dragon PA.png Dragon tackle 1
148 Dragonair * Dragon PA.png Dragon Crush 3
215 Sneasel * Dark PA.png Dark no
361 Snorunt Ice PA.png Ice Crush 1
362 Glalie Ice PA.png Ice Crush 3
365 Walrein Ice PA.png Ice Crush 3
378 Regice * Ice PA.png Ice No
429 Mismagius Ghost PA.png Ghost Psy Power 3
447 Riolu Fighting PA.png Fighting Crush 1
448 Lucario * Fighting PA.png Fighting No
461 Weavile Dark PA.png Dark Cut 4
478 Froslass * Ice PA.png Ice Crush 4
483 Dialga * Dragon PA.png Dragon no


There is one quest playable in Almia Castle:

SoA Quest icon.png
Mischievous Sneasel
SoA Quest icon.png
Almia Castle
Mrs. Winter
215mssoa.png New Partner Pokémon
A Sneasel is causing much mischief
on the second floor of Almia Castle.
It's a nuisance. Please do something
about this mischievous Sneasel.

396mssoa.png 417mssoa.png 446mssoa.png Capture disc2.png ManaphyEggmssoa.png 447mssoa.png 491mssoa.png
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