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アリシア Alicia
Alicia and Alice.png
Alicia with her granddaughter Alice
Gender Female
Eye color Blue
Hair color Blonde
Hometown Alamos Town
Region Sinnoh
Relatives Alice (granddaughter)
Anime debut The Rise of Darkrai
English voice actor Kayzie Rogers
Japanese voice actor Chiharu Suzuka (old)
Mamiko Noto (young)
Alicia as a child

Alicia (Japanese: アリシア Alicia) is a character who appeared in flashbacks in The Rise of Darkrai.


She is Alice's grandmother, and she helped Darkrai when it was injured. She was the first human being to show it any kindness. Darkrai believes that Alice is Alicia and that is why it was so protective of her.

Alicia taught Alice the song "Oración" meaning "Prayer," which has the ability to calm any Pokémon. There was also a special song disc that could be played on the Space-Time tower's chimes. It was in turn used to stop Dialga and Palkia's fighting.

A sculpture of Alicia created by Godey is in the middle of the Space-Time towers. She is playing her song while many Pokémon sit around her and listen.

It is not known if she's still alive or not, seeing as how she's not around during the events of the movie, and her only appearances are in Alice's flashbacks.

In other languages

Language Name Origin
Chinese (Taiwan) 艾莉西亞 Àilì​xī​yǎ Transliteration of her Japanese name.

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