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=====[[Pokémon World Tournament]]=====
=====[[Pokémon World Tournament]]=====
Alder uses three of these Pokémon in [[Single Battle]]s, four in [[Double Battle|Double]] and [[Rotation Battle]]s and all six in [[Triple Battle]]s.
Alder uses three of these Pokémon in [[Pokémon battle|Single Battles]], four in [[Double Battle|Double]] and [[Rotation Battle]]s, and all six in [[Triple Battle]]s.

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アデク Adeku
Black White Alder.png
Artwork from Black and White
Gender Male
Eye color Purple
Hair color Red and orange
Hometown Floccesy Town
Region Unova
Relatives Benga (grandson)
Trainer class Champion BW
Pokémon Trainer B2W2
Generation V
Games Black and White
Black 2 and White 2
Champion of Pokémon League (Unova)
Anime debut Ash and Trip's Third Battle!
English voice actor Scottie Ray
Japanese voice actor Unshō Ishizuka

Alder (Japanese: アデク Adeku) is the Champion of the Unova region's Elite Four in Pokémon Black and White.

In the games

In Pokémon Black and White, Alder appears as the wandering Champion of Unova. The player first meets him on Route 5, where he is seen with Cheren. The two are discussing Cheren's ambitions and goals as a Trainer—at this point, Cheren is aiming to be the Champion of Unova. Alder appears at several points in the game to help the player put a stop to the plans of Team Plasma, making appearances at Relic Castle and N's Castle.

Uniquely for a Champion, Alder cannot be battled the first time the player challenges the Pokémon League. By the time the player is ready to challenge him, Alder has already been defeated by N. The player must then battle N, putting each other's beliefs on the line to determine the future of Unova.

In the past, Alder's starter Pokémon died of illness, and in despair over not being able to save it, he began traveling around aimlessly. Before his partner's death, the two of them madly pursued strength, much like Cheren did. The Pokémon's death changed Alder's outlook on life. The identity of this Pokémon is never mentioned in Black and White, but dialogue in Pokémon Black and White 2 reveals that Alder's late partner was Larvesta/Volcarona.

Ghetsis suggests that Alder may not have actually won the title of Champion, instead being requested by the Pokémon League to take the position. It is said that Alder instructed the Elite Four to look after Unova as he traveled around the region.

In Pokémon Black and White 2, former Opelucid City Gym Leader Iris has become the region's Champion. Alder will again assist the player at various points of the game, and he is based in his hometown Floccesy Town. A woman in the Trainers' School notes that Alder had refused to train her because it is the era of young people. After defeating Iris, the player can return to Floccesy Town and accept Alder's request for a battle. If victorious, the player will be able to battle in the Black TowerB2/White TreehollowW2. Alder's grandson, Benga, is known to train there.

As a former Champion, Alder participates in the Champions Tournament at the Pokémon World Tournament.


Pokémon Black and White

Pokémon Black 2 and White 2

Pokémon World Tournament

Alder uses three of these Pokémon in Single Battles, four in Double and Rotation Battles, and all six in Triple Battles.


Pokémon Black and White

Route 5

"Oh! Why, if it isn't Elesa! Aren't festivals grand? Life should be enjoyed!"
"I heard that remark. You're quite a judgmental young person, are you not? My name is Alder. I'm the Unova Pokémon League's Champion. Pleased to make your acquaintance. For your information, I'm not goofing off. I'm on a voyage. I know every corner of Unova."
"Hm. Traveling with a goal in mind is a commendable thing. And what do you plan to do after becoming the Champion?"
"Hmm. Becoming stronger... Becoming stronger, you say... Is that alone enough of a goal? Hmmm. It's not that I'm trying to say your way of thinking is wrong... In my travels, I've helped many people learn to love Pokémon. I think that's important, too. If you play with those children, you might gain more of an understanding. Will you two have a Pokémon battle with those two? Hey you two. Come here for a moment."
"Nicely done! You didn't win, but that was a good battle. Your Pokémon looked like they were having fun. Young man, if there are people like you who pursue strength, there are also people who are happy just being with Pokémon. There are many different people and many different answers. When it comes to what a Champion should be, you and I may hold differing views, but so be it! Give it some thought."
"It's tremendous that people and Pokémon, each so different, can acknowledge each other and be together!"

Twist Mountain

"That was a fine Pokémon battle! I'm happy to see that you are both growing as Trainers!"
"Oh, honestly, Cheren. Just accept the compliment without stinging remark. I've asked you this before, but what do you plan to do after becoming strong?"
"Hmmm... You remind me of Marshal. Of course, having something you want to become is important. But what is even more important is what you do with your newfound power. Anyway, take this! Here--you, too. If you use the move Surf, you can travel over water. I shall see you again, young Trainers. Don't forget about the needs of the Pokémon at your side!"

Dragonspiral Tower

"Yes! Yes, there are!"
"No time for chitchat! Those violent flashes of lightning that shot from the tower...B/That fearsome column of fire that shot from the tower...W That Pokémon has the power to destroy the world! If it's on Team Plasma's side, and Team Plasma tells everyone to release their Pokémon... No matter whether it comes from fear or admiration... The world can't help but change. It will become a world where we are separated from Pokémon..."
"If I remember the myth, Zekrom's powerful electricityB/Reshiram's fiery breathW, along with the other Pokémon, devastated ancient Unova in an instant. Even knowing that, N is still wanting to awaken the other?!"
"Miss, you are a very kind person. Still, I don't know if other Pokémon will be able to stand up to it. Because, no matter what, it is a legendary being... I don't like the idea of taking orders from N, but searching for the dragon--the stone--might not be a bad plan. We certainly can't let Team Plasma reawaken both of them! Since I've traveled all over Unova, I have an idea of where it might be. Let's head to the Relic Castle. <Player>, everyone, I'm going!"

Relic Castle

"You two. Come here... Come to my side."
"Release them, you say? Do the Pokémon who live with their Trainers actually want that? Is the liberation you talk about really just stealing Pokémon from people?"
"I won't lose! I'll fight for all Trainers who love their Pokémon, and for all Pokémon who believe in their Trainers!"
"So you stayed behind to just tell me that? Just to make a fool of me?"
"Hmmm... It seems my only choice is to return to the Pokémon League and battle N. But it bothers me to do exactly what Ghetsis wants... More importantly, what should we do about the Light StoneB/Dark StoneW? Yes...that's a good idea. It's hard to breathe in here!"

Desert Resort

"What could that guy called N possibly want? Could he be trying to prove he is right by winning the battle of the two dragons?"
"I could hear Professor Juniper's voice from clear over here! Seems like something big is happening. I wonder what is waiting at the museum in Nacrene City. I'll go on ahead!"

Nacrene City

"Wait a moment, <player>!"
"If you take this Light StoneB/Dark StoneW, that means you'll be the one to battle N if anything happens to me. Are you really OK with that?"
Yes: "I understand. You are determined to take on this duty. Then, here it is. Prepare yourself. Be strong."
No: "So, you're just going to allow N to fulfill his plans for a new world? A world where Pokémon and Trainers are separated?"
No:: "I understand. You are determined to take on this duty. Then, here it is. Prepare yourself. Be strong."
Yes: "Still, I must ask you... Sincerely, I must ask you... Take this stone. Just in case it's needed!"
No: "Still, I must ask you... Sincerely, I must ask you... Take this stone. Just in case it's needed!"
Yes: "I am deeply sorry. I wish I didn't have to burden you. This world of ours, where Pokémon and people live together... Please... If anything happens to me, protect it!"
"Ah-hah. We've got those two. <Player>!"
"Go to Opelucid City. The Gym Leader of that city uses Dragon-type Pokémon. The Gym Leader could know something. I'll go ahead and wait for you there! Until then!"

Opelucid City

"Hello, <player>. This way."
"Ghetsis... What a liar. Desperately trying to con everyone with his speech."
"Let's go, <player>!"
"It's been a while, Iris and Drayden."
"Briefly, my request is this. Tell us about the legendary Dragon-type Pokémon!"
"Yes! That Trainer called N apparently told <player> here to search for the other Dragon-type Pokémon!"
"That's right, Iris. The ones who make Pokémon battle are the Trainers... And it's so the Trainers and the Pokémon can get to know each other better.""
"I'm going to the Pokémon League. No, I guess in this case I should say I'm "returning" to the Pokémon League! Of course, I'll defeat N! I'll teach him about the beauty of this world, where Pokémon and Trainers live together in harmony! Also, <player>, I'll await your arrival. Once you've obtained the Opelucid Badge, come to the League! The Opelucid Gym Leader is tough. Take care!"
"Farewell. I'm counting on you, Drayden and Iris!"

N's Castle

"I beg you! Separating people from Pokémon... Do anything but that!"
"You did well to get this far."
"Er... I have to congratulate you."
"I... I lost. I should have been able to demonstrate the bond between me and my Pokémon. That would have shown that brat the worthlessness of his outrageous dreams. So, his convictions were the real thing... Be careful. The ones who change the world are always the ones who pursued their dreams. <Player>, I ask this of you. Even if Pokémon and people are separated, nothing good will come of it. Please let him know that!"
  • After defeating N
"You fool! That's a ridiculous idea!"
  • After defeating Ghetsis
"Now, N... Do you still think Pokémon and people should be separated?"
"You're right. He's truly pitiful."
"N... I'm sure you have much to think about. I know you were not pursuing idealsB/the truthW because of Ghetsis's manipulation, but because your heart was truly inspired. That is why you were able to meet the legendary Pokémon!"
"Is that so? What you and the legendary Pokémon are going to do from now on... That's important, wouldn't you say?"
"N, even if we don't understand each other, that's not a reason to reject each other. There are two sides to any argument. Is there one point of view that has all the answers? Give it some thought."

Celestial Tower

"My old partner is resting here in the Celestial Tower. It was the first Pokémon I received when I became a Trainer. I come here to ring the bell and comfort its spirit."
"It was a strong Pokémon. It was courageous, noble, and kind... Together, we madly pursued strength... Without even knowing the meaning of strength."
"But, in the same way that all stories have a beginning and an end, all lives have an end, as well... It was then that I understood that strength isn't something that remains unchanged forever. However, the joy one feels in being with Pokémon--that is the real thing. In order to spread the word, I left the Pokémon League and kept traveling... That's right! Traveling is wonderful. I've met many different Pokémon, many different Trainers, and now I've met all of you. There are many more Trainers and Pokémon to encounter in the world! <Player>! Go out and meet as many of them as you can!"
"Well, <player>, I'll be waiting for you at the Pokémon League!"

Initial Champion battle

  • Before battle
"I am grateful for what you did about N. I don't know what he's thinking now, but I'm sure he realizes that different people and Pokémon have their own paths to follow. Say now, how about a match with the strongest Trainer in the Unova region?"
  • During battle (the first non-KO HP loss)
"If that is the move you chose after serious consideration, that's fine!"
  • After sending out last Pokémon
"Woooo! Your inexhaustible fighting spirit! Impressive!"
  • During battle (less than half HP)
"Am I being overpowered?! This is nothing! I will overpower you!"
  • When defeated
"After the battle, a fresh wind blew through my heart... Use the battle with me as a stepping stone and move forward!"
  • After being defeated
"Well done! You certainly are an unmatched talent! Come with me!"


  • Before battle
"I've really been looking forward to deciding who's the strongest Pokémon Trainer in the Unova region! Kiai!"
  • During battle (the first non-KO HP loss)
"If that is the move you chose after serious consideration, that's fine!"
  • After sending out last Pokémon
"Woooo! Your inexhaustible fighting spirit! Impressive!"
  • During battle (less than half HP)
"Am I being overpowered?! This is nothing! I will overpower you!"
  • When defeated
"After the battle, a fresh wind blew through my heart... Use the battle with me as a stepping stone and move forward!"
  • After being defeated
"Well done! You certainly are an unmatched talent! Come with me!"

Pokémon Black 2 and White 2

Route 19

"You there! Trainer!"
"My name is Alder! I'm a Trainer with a keen interest in the world. One of my goals is to tell people about how wonderful it is to walk towards the future together with Pokémon."
"And you are? ... ... Hmph! So you're <Player> from Aspertia City!"
"Your <lead Pokémon> is a fine-looking Pokémon! But you're not exactly a seasoned Trainer yet... Indeed! I'll train you a little! Follow me!"

Floccesy Town

"Oh, that's right! <Player>, are your Pokémon well? Your Pokémon are always doing their best for you, the Trainer, so you must always be kind to them! My house is just a little farther! Stop by the Pokémon Center first if you'd like!"
  • Past the clock tower
"Hey, this way! Shall we start training?"
"By the way... why are you holding two Town Maps? ... Oh ho! It's your friend's Town Map, isn't it?"
"Your friend is the one with the <rival's starter>, isn't he? It just so happens, he was training his Pokémon on Route 20... Well, if that's the case, you should go give him the Town Map first!"
"Just follow this road. It goes to Route 20!"

Floccesy Town - After becoming the Champion

  • Before battle
"Oh! You've come! Could I spar with you, the strongest trainer in the Unova region?"
Yes: "Oh! My heart jumps for joy! Well then, prepare yourself for battle! Kiai!"
No: "Hrm... Well, I shall wait here then."
  • During battle (the first non-KO HP loss)
"If that is the move you chose after serious consideration, that's fine!"
  • After sending out last Pokémon
"Woooo! Your inexhaustible fighting spirit! Impressive!"
  • During battle (less than half HP)
"Am I being overpowered?! This is nothing! I will overpower you!"
  • When defeated
"After the battle, a fresh wind blew through my heart..."
  • After being defeated
"That's the Champion for you!"
"Why, if it isn't Benga! Are you serious, boy?"
"His/Her name is <player's name>! He/She's the strongest Trainer in the Unova region."
"How about it, Benga? Do you want to spar, perhaps?"
"He's a lively one, even for MY grandson! I'll explain what he was talking about. He challenged a place called the Black TowerB2/White TreehollowW2, which appeared in Black CityB2/White ForestW2. You'll find out what kind of place it is if you go there. An ordinary Trainer, however, can't make it to where he is. So that's the story! If you'd like, you should take the challenge as well."
Pokémon World Tournament
  • Before battle (first round)
"I show everyone how wonderful it is to move forward together with Pokémon. Competing like this is probably the best way to show everyone!"
  • Before battle (second round)
"I've really been looking forward to deciding who's the strongest Pokémon Trainer in this tournament! Kiai!"
  • Before battle (final round)
"I feel fired up when I see another Trainer, and I imagine which one of us is stronger. When I actually face that Trainer, the excitement builds to fever pitch!"
  • When defeated
Well done! You certainly are an unmatched talent!"
  • If the player is defeated
"That was an extraordinary effort from both you and your Pokémon!"
  • After being defeated
"Well done! The ones who change the world are always the ones who pursued their dreams. That's right! They're just like you."
  • After winning
"When things don't go as you thought, silently continue to train. If you do, someday both you and your Pokémon will be able to battle in the way you envisioned."
  • In the lobby, after the tournament
"Well done! That was an impressive battle. The spirit of my first partner, Larvesta - no, Volcarona - lives on in my current partners, too! I want to add your strength to their experience as well!"


Spr BW Alder.png Spr B2W2 Alder.png Alder OD.png VSAlder.png
Alder's sprite from
Black and White
Alder's sprite from
Black 2 and White 2
Alder's overworld sprite from
Generation V
Alder's VS sprite from
Generation V

In the anime

Alder in the anime

Alder made his debut in Ash and Trip's Third Battle! during a flashback of Trip's childhood. He was battling a Trainer in the middle of town with his Bouffalant as Trip spectated in awe. After the battle, the Champion approached the child and allowed him to pet and feed Bouffalant. He asked Trip what his goal was, which he replied was to be Champion. Impressed, Alder inspired Trip to train hard when he got older, and that he would be waiting to challenge Trip someday. Trip sealed the promise with a confident handshake.

He appeared in Ash Versus the Champion! on Route 5. Ash and Trip met him and wanted both to battle with him. There, he referred to them as Ashton (Japanese: サンタロ Santaro) and Tristan (Japanese: シュータロ Shootaro), respectively. He wished to battle both of them in a two-on-one battle, but Trip refused to battle alongside Ash, so Alder settled for battling them one at a time. Trip allowed Ash to go first thinking being quickly defeated by the Champion would do him good. During the battle, Alder just stood calm and let his Bouffalant take multiple attacks from Ash's Pikachu. Ash and his friends then realized that Alder was actually sleeping while standing up. Trip woke Alder, while Bouffalant expressed its embarrassment and disappointment in its Trainer. After explaining why he was asleep, Alder commanded Bouffalant to use Head Charge, but Bouffalant was still angry with Alder and slow to respond. In order to persuade Bouffalant to quit wasting time and attack, Alder slapped its rump, sending it charging. Bouffalant stampeded towards Pikachu, but stopped quickly and made a U-turn and attacked Alder instead. Afterwards, much to Trip's disappointment, and despite his Bouffalant still being fit to battle, Alder conceded defeat to Ash and decided he was finished battling for the day. Trip then questioned Alder about the advice he was given as a small child. Alder seemed to be confused by this, and then contradicted the original advice he gave Trip by stating that becoming the strongest was not the most important part of battling. Trip then left in anger, telling Ash he would continue on the path he believes in.

Later, Alder stopped a Gigalith that was on a rampage with his bare hands, removed a nail from its foot that had been causing it pain and fed it some minerals, making it so thankful that it even saved Officer Jenny from being crushed under a falling monument.

Alder also seems to have a crush on girls such as Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny, much like Brock, and has been seen flirting with them, to the point that Officer Jenny threatened to arrest him.

He appeared in a flashback in Climbing the Tower of Success!.

Alder appeared again in Jostling for the Junior Cup!, as one of the hosts of the Pokémon World Tournament Junior Cup alongside Freddy O'Martian. This episode also shows him flirting with Cynthia. The winner of the tournament would be given the opportunity to have a battle with him. As Trip won the tournament in Ash, Iris and Trip: Then There Were Three! by defeating Ash, he got the right the battle Alder. In their battle, Trip's Serperior was shown to be strong, but once Bouffalant's Ability was activated, it knocked him out. Then, after talking to Trip and petting his Serperior he was shown along with Cynthia, Caitlin and Freddy O'Martian talking to the competitors and saying their goodbyes.


Alder's Bouffalant
Alder's Bouffalant was shown in a battle during Trip's childhood. Bouffalant was shown battling a Herdier where it easily won using Head Charge. After the battle Alder gave some Pokémon food to Trip and let Trip feed Bouffalant.

Bouffalant appeared again in Ash Versus the Champion!, where Alder sent it to battle with Ash's Pikachu. However, it was given no commands as Pikachu hit it with all of his attacks, one after another, and finally it frustratingly turned to Alder, who was shown to have fallen asleep. Due to this, when Alder told Bouffalant to attack, it attacked him instead of Pikachu. Alder then offered it an apple as an apology. Later Alder sent Bouffalant out to face the rampaging Gigalith, but then decided to handle the situation himself.

It appeared in a fantasy in Climbing the Tower of Success!.

In Ash, Iris and Trip: Then There Were Three!, Bouffalant appeared again in a battle against Trip's Serperior, and continuing that battle in Goodbye, Junior Cup - Hello Adventure!, it was revealed to have the Ability Sap Sipper, rendering Serperior's SolarBeam useless. Although Bouffalant was sent flying by Serperior's Dragon Tail, it recovered quickly and defeated its opponent with Head Charge.

Bouffalant's only known move is Head Charge and its Ability is Sap Sipper.

Debut Ash and Trip's Third Battle!
Voice actors
Japanese Kenta Miyake
English Bill Rogers

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 石塚運昇 Unshō Ishizuka
English Scottie Ray
Czech Ladislav Cigánek
Danish Michael Hasselflug
German Gerhard Jilka
Spanish Latin America Andrés García
Spain Miguel Zúñiga

In the manga

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

Alder in Pokémon Adventures

Alder first appears in Pokémon Adventures along with the Elite Four when Black expresses his desire to defeat them. Sometime later, he is seen riding his Bouffalant on the water in an unknown location. Later, he arrives at his destination, Nimbasa City, and finds Marshal there waiting for him. They go to the Battle Subway for an event and begin battling each other. Despite Marshal seemingly gaining the upper hand, Alder manages to defeat him. Afterward, Alder decides to have fun with some Pokémon, showing how he can connect with them regardless of their beauty or strength.

Later, Alder confronted N, who had gained control of Zekrom to realize his ideal world of Pokémon and humans being separated. Though he managed to defeat N's first two Pokémon, Alder is defeated, all without N needing to use Zekrom. After his defeat, Alder disappeared, and left the Pokémon League to be handled by the Elite Four. Team Plasma uses N's victory over Alder to justify their goal, which only increased the amount of released Pokémon and lowered the number of Pokémon League spectators.


Alder's Bouffalant
Bouffalant is Alder's first known Pokémon. It was first seen carrying its Trainer over the water to take him to Nimbasa City. Later, it sparred with Alder while having some fun. It also was used to battle N's Darmanitan and Archeops where it managed to defeat the former before being defeated later on.

Bouffalant's known moves are Head Charge and Megahorn.

Debut Gigi's Choice
Alder's Accelgor
Accelgor is Alder's second known Pokémon. It was used to battle Marshal at the Battle Subway and defeated his Mienshao. Later, it fought N near Icirrus but was defeated by the combined power of Zorua's Illusions and Gigi.

Accelgor's known moves are Double Team and Acid Spray.

Debut Unraveling Mysteries
Alder's Escavalier
Escavalier is Alder's third known Pokémon. It was used to battle N along with Bouffalant where it managed to defeat his Darmanitan before being defeated later on.

Escavalier's only known move is Twineedle.

Debut Black & White chapter
Alder's Vanilluxe
Vanilluxe is Alder's fourth known Pokémon. It was used to battle N near Icirrus but was defeated.

None of Vanilluxe's moves are known.

Debut Black & White chapter

In the Pocket Monsters BW manga

File:Alder Pocket Monsters BW.png
Alder in Pocket Monsters BW

Alder has appeared in the Pocket Monsters BW manga.

In the Pocket Monsters BW: The Heroes of Fire and Thunder manga

Alder in Pocket Monsters BW: The Heroes of Fire and Thunder

Alder appears in the Pocket Monsters BW: The Heroes of Fire and Thunder manga as a man with multiple personalities who describes himself as a burning man. He is first shown in shadow at the Pokémon League destroyed by Zekrom, as N declares that he is next, having defeated all the Elite 4. On a news broadcast some time later about N's conquest of Unova, he is reported missing. Calling himself an old man passing by, he throws Shin into a Trubbish dump to ask him to look for a very important thing with a (Japanese: ア) written on it that he has lost.

He declares that Shin cannot beat N and then abandons Shin to watch him battle from a nearby rooftop. While Shin is battling, he randomly finds a Hyper Potion with a written on it hidden in his Emboar's tail, which Alder claims is his present to Shin. After the battle ends, Shin asks who he is, and he reveals he is Champion of Unova, that he has known who Shin is all along, and that Shin should have the legendary Pokémon, Reshiram.

He leads Shin to the Relic Castle in the Desert Resort where he says the Light Stone lies, inside showing him ancient drawings depicting the Hero and his Original Pokémon, and the war between the two brothers. Upon reaching the Light Stone, he attacks Shin with his Volcarona and claims it for himself, saying that he left the Elite Four behind as decoys to take Reshiram for himself, so that he alone will be able to stay in Unova once N cleanses it of people.

Challenging Shin that if he can lay a single finger on the Light Stone he will give it to him, he begins a harsh battle against Shin with his flawless Volcarona. After defeating Shin and trapping him in a cage of fire, he says that Alder is weak for keeping Reshiram all to himself, and breaks through Volcarona's fire cage to grab the Light Stone.

Alder's personality reverts to normal and he says that it was all a trial suggested by N to get the Light Stone to accept him as a hero, and as Shin flies away on Reshiram, Alder suggests that once everything is over they should battle again, claiming that he won't lose again, as he bids farewell to the Hero of Fire.


Alder's Volcarona
Volcarona is Alder's only known Pokémon. It was used to battle Shin at the Relic Castle, defeating and then being defeated by Shin's Emboar. Alder claims it to be flawless with its perfect attacks and perfect defense, and each of its six wings can separately release and manipulate its own flame to create a cage of fire.

Volcarona's known moves are Flamethrower, Quiver Dance and Fire Spin.

Debut Get the Legendary Pokémon!


  • In the Japanese version of Pokémon Black and White, Alder speaks in old-fashioned Japanese.
  • Alder is the only regional Champion that is first battled after the main storyline is completed while Champion. This is due to Team Plasma's activities, preventing the battle the player would have with Alder after beating the Elite Four.
  • While he does not state that he specializes in any specific type, three of his six Pokémon are Bug-type in the teams he uses outside of the Pokémon World Tournament.
  • Alder is the only regional Champion who is revealed to be Champion before the player challenges him in the Pokémon League.
  • Alder is the only Champion to not use any Pokémon outside of the generation he was introduced in.
  • In the Pokémon World Tournament, Alder uses one Pokémon representing each of the Unova Elite Four. He has a Chandelure for Shauntal, a Krookodile for Grimsley, a Reuniclus for Caitlin, and a Conkeldurr for Marshal.
  • According to Pokémon Dream magazine, Alder was originally going to have a more "Christ-like" design.
  • Alder shares his battle theme with three other characters—Ingo, Emmet and Benga—more than any other Champion.


Language Name Origin
Japanese アデク Adeku From アデク adeku, Syzygium buxifolium.
English Alder Possibly from alder moth, which makes a reference to his Volcarona. May also be from alder, whose leaves are consumed by numerous species of butterflies and moths. The name origin of alder and its Latin name Alnus are also from the Proto-Indo-European root el- (red, brown). Red alder is also one of the largest species of the Alnus genus. Also from the word "alderman", a person elected by other councilors, which Alder was (he was assigned as Champion).
French Goyah Possibly from ゴーヤー goya, a name for the bitter melon.
German Lauro Likely from Laurus. May also be a reference to the laurel wreath.
Italian Nardo Possibly from Nardostachys (spikenard).
Spanish Mirto From mirto, Myrtus (myrtle). In ancient Greece, myrtle crowns were given to champions who accomplished a deed without violence, such as Olympic champions. The Syzygium buxifolium is also from the same family as the myrtle plant (Myrtaceae).
Korean 노간주
No Ganju
Possibly from 노 (老 no), aged or experienced, and 노간주나무 Noganjunamu (Temple Juniper).
Chinese (Mandarin) 阿戴克
Ā Dàikè
Transliteration of his Japanese name.

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