Alamos Town

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Alamos Town (Japanese: アラモスタウン Alamos Town) is an anime-exclusive town in Sinnoh that was featured in the movie The Rise of Darkrai. The town's centerpiece is the Space-Time Tower. The town also had a Contest, which Dawn participated in. It was nearly destroyed while Dialga and Palkia were fighting. It is the home of Darkrai.

Location in Sinnoh

Alamos Town appears to be located northwest of Oreburgh City and Northeast of Jubilife City. The main part of the city is on top of a large mesa in the middle of a lake. There is a bridge connecting the mesa to the mainland.

According to maps of Sinnoh, the area around Alamos Town is heavily wooded with many hills and plateaus. According to a recent map of the anime, it is located near the Ravaged Path.


  • The Darkrai handed out at the Toys "R" Us distribution, as well as the ones distributed in Europe, had the OT "ALAMOS", a reference to the tenth movie's location, Alamos Town.
  • Alamos Town is the third movie-made city based off a real city outside Japan.


Alamos Town is based on Barcelona, Spain.

The Space-Time Tower located in Alamos Town is based on the Sagrada Família church in Barcelona. It also seems that the designer of the Space-Time Tower,Gody,and main character Tonio,is based on the creator of the cathedral, Antoni Gaudí.

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