Aeos Island

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Aeos Island エオス島
Aeos Island
UNITE Aeos Island.png
Aeos Island
Introduction Pokémon UNITE
Professor Professor Phorus
Starter Pokémon None
Regional Villains None
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Generation VIII
Games Pokémon UNITE
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Aeos Island (Japanese: エオス島 Aeos Island) is the main setting of Pokémon UNITE. It is described as a mythical island located on the far, unexplored frontiers of the ocean.

A powerful energy known as Aeos energy permeates the island. Trainers can harness this energy to strengthen their Pokémon and provide them enhanced abilities to compete in Unite Battles, as well as produce holographic clothing known as Holowear from this energy.


Image Stage Details
UNITE Remoat Stadium.png Remoat Stadium Duration: 10 Minutes
Players: 5 VS 5
Five goal zones per team
Used in Standard Battle and Ranked Battle
UNITE Auroma Park.png Auroma Park Duration: 5 Minutes
Players: 3 VS 3
Two shared goal zones
Used in Quick Battle
UNITE Shivre City.png Shivre City Duration: 5 Minutes
Players: 4 VS 4
One goal zone each
Used in Quick Battle
UNITE Mer Stadium.png Mer Stadium Duration: 5 Minutes
Players: 4 VS 4
Three goal zones per team
Used in Quick Battle
UNITE Theia Sky Ruins.png Theia Sky Ruins Duration: 10 Minutes
Players: 5 VS 5
Five goal zones per team
Used in Standard Battle and Ranked Battle


Language Name Origin
Japanese エオス島 Aeos Island From Eos (Greek goddess of dawn)
English Aeos Island From aeon and Eos
German Aeos-Insel From its English name
Spanish Æos From its English name
French Île d'Æos From its English name
Italian Heos From Ἕως Héōs (Eos in Attic Greek)
Korean 에오스섬 Eos Seom Transcription of its Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 億奧斯島 / 亿奥斯岛 Yìàosī Dǎo From 億 / 亿 yì / yīk (hundred million) and 艾奧斯 / 艾奥斯 Ài'àosī / Ngaaih'ousī (Eos)
Chinese (Cantonese) 億奧斯島 Yīk'ousī Dóu
Brazilian Portuguese Ilha de Aeos From its English name

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