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===In battle===
===In battle===
Adaptability increases {{STAB}} from 1.5× to 2×.
Adaptability increases [[Same-type attack bonus|STAB]] from 1.5× to 2×.
===Outside of battle===
===Outside of battle===

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Adaptability {{{jpname}}}
Flavor text
Generation IV
Powers up moves of the same type.
Generation V
Currently unknown
Generation VI
Currently unknown
Generation VII
Currently unknown

Adaptability (Japanese: てきおうりょく Adaptable Power) is an ability introduced in Generation IV. Two Pokémon have this ability, both of them Template:Type2.


In battle

Adaptability increases STAB from 1.5× to 2×.

Outside of battle

Adaptability has no effect outside of battle.

Pokémon with Adaptability

Single ability

No Pokémon have Adaptability as a single Ability.

Dual ability

# Pokémon Type Other ability

Template:Abilityentry2 Template:Abilityentry2

In other languages

  • French: Adaptabilité
  • German: Anpassung
  • Italian: Adattabilità
  • Spanish: Adaptable