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| {{a|Levitate}}
| {{a|Levitate}}
| {{type|Ground}} moves, {{m|Sky Drop}}, {{m|Spikes}}, and {{m|Toxic Spikes}}
| {{type|Ground}} moves, {{a|Arena Trap}}, {{m|Sky Drop}}, {{m|Spikes}}, and {{m|Toxic Spikes}}

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Ability variations are Abilities that are identical to each other in general, but are slightly different in some ways. Below are the various Ability archetypes and the Abilities that fall into their categories.

Ability archetypes are listed in alphabetical order. Within each archetype table, Abilities are listed by generation. Within each generation, Abilities are listed alphabetically.

In-battle variations

Variations of Air Lock

Negates (but does not eliminate) weather effects
Name Generation
Air Lock III
Cloud Nine III

Variations of Adaptability

Powers up certain moves
Name Moves Generation
Adaptability Moves with same-type attack bonus IV
Iron Fist Punching moves (includes Meteor Mash and Hammer Arm but not Sucker Punch) IV
Reckless Moves with recoil (including crash damage) IV
Technician Moves with base power of 60 or lower IV
Tinted Lens Moves that are not very effective IV
Sheer Force Moves with secondary effects* V

Variations of Arena Trap

Prevents the foe from escaping the battle
Name Foes unaffected Generation
Arena Trap Flying-types, Pokémon with the Ability Levitate, Pokémon affected by Magnet Rise or Telekinesis, and Pokémon holding an Air Balloon III
Magnet Pull Non-Steel-type Pokémon III
Shadow Tag Other Pokémon with Shadow Tag III

Variations of Battle Armor

Prevents being critically hit
Name Generation
Battle Armor III
Shell Armor III

Variations of Blaze

Boosts a certain type in a pinch
Name Type Boosted Generation
Blaze Fire III
Overgrow Grass III
Swarm Bug III
Torrent Water III

Variations of Chlorophyll

Doubles speed in a weather effect
Name Weather effect Generation
Chlorophyll Sun III
Swift Swim Rain III
Sand Rush* Sandstorm V

Variations of Clear Body

Prevents stats from being lowered
Name Stat Generation
Clear Body All stats III
Hyper Cutter Attack III
Keen Eye Accuracy III
White Smoke All stats III
Big Pecks Defense V

Variations of Cute Charm

Contact moves may cause a status effect
Name Status Ailment Generation
Cute Charm Infatuation III
Effect Spore Paralysis, Poison, or Sleep III
Flame Body Burn III
Poison Point Poison III
Static Paralysis III

Variations of Drizzle

Activates a permanent weather effect
Name Weather effect Generation
Drizzle Rain III
Drought Sun III
Sand Stream Sandstorm III
Snow Warning Hail IV

Variations of Dry Skin

Reduces HP by 1/8 each turn in sunshine
Name Additional effect Generation
Dry Skin Increases HP by 1/8 each turn in rain IV
Solar Power Increases Special Attack by 50% in sunshine IV

Variations of Filter

Lowers damage taken by super-effective moves to ⅔ of the usual bonus
Name Type Generation
Filter Super-effective moves IV
Solid Rock Super-effective moves IV

Variations of Flash Fire

Grants immunity to certain moves
Name Moves Generation
Flash Fire Fire-type moves III
Levitate Ground-type moves, Arena Trap, Sky Drop, Spikes, and Toxic Spikes III
Lightningrod Electric-type moves* III
Soundproof Sound-based moves III
Volt Absorb Electric-type moves III
Water Absorb Water-type moves III
Wonder Guard Moves that are not super-effective III
Cacophony* Sound-based moves III*
Motor Drive Electric-type moves IV
Storm Drain Water-type moves* IV
Sap Sipper Grass-type moves V

Variations of Guts

Boosts a stat by 50% when affected with a Status Ailment
Name Stat Boosted Status Ailment Generation
Guts Attack* Any, excluding Freeze III
Marvel Scale Defense Any III
Quick Feet Speed* Any IV
Flare Boost Special Attack Burn V
Toxic Boost Attack Poison V

Variations of Heavy Metal

Alters the Pokémon's weight
Name Alteration Generation
Heavy Metal Doubles V
Light Metal Halves V

Variations of Huge Power

Doubles Attack
Name Generation
Huge Power III
Pure Power III

Variations of Immunity

Prevents a certain status condition from occurring
Name Status Condition Generation
Immunity Poison III
Inner Focus Flinch III
Insomnia Sleep III
Vital Spirit Sleep III
Limber Paralysis III
Magma Armor Frozen III
Own Tempo Confusion III
Oblivious Infatuation III
Water Veil Burn III

Variations of Lightningrod

Raises a certain stat if hit by a certain type
Name Type Stat Generation
Lightningrod* Electric-type moves Sp. Attack III
Motor Drive Electric-type moves Speed IV
Storm Drain* Water-type moves Sp. Attack IV
Justified* Dark-type moves Attack V
Rattled* Dark-, Bug-, or Ghost-type moves Speed V
Sap Sipper Grass-type moves Attack V

Variations of Minus

Boosts Sp. Atk if a partner has Minus or Plus
Name Generation
Minus III
Plus III

Variations of Mold Breaker

Allow moves to strike through opposing Abilities
Name Generation
Mold Breaker IV
Teravolt V
Turboblaze V

Variations of Natural Cure

Heals when switched out
Name Heals Generation
Natural Cure Status condition III
Regenerator HP V

Variations of Rain Dish

Slight HP recovery in weather
Name Weather Effect Generation
Rain Dish Rain III
Dry Skin Rain* IV
Ice Body* Hail IV

Variations of Rough Skin

Inflicts damage on contact
Name Generation
Rough Skin III
Iron Barbs V

Variations of Sand Veil

Raises evasion during certain weather conditions*
Name Weather effect Generation
Sand Veil Sandstorm III
Snow Cloak Hail IV

Variations of Serene Grace

Increases the probability of certain side-effects occurring
Name Effect Generation
Serene Grace Secondary effects III
Super Luck Critical hits IV

Variations of Thick Fat

Lowers damage taken by certain types of moves
Name Type Generation
Thick Fat Ice and Fire-type moves III
Heatproof Fire-type moves* IV

Variations of Volt Absorb

Absorbs moves of a certain type as HP
Name Type Generation
Volt Absorb Electric-type moves III
Water Absorb Water-type moves III

Out of battle variations

Variations of Arena Trap

Affects wild encounter rate
Name Effect Generation
Arena Trap Increases III
Illuminate Increases III
Sand Veil Decreases in Sandstorm III
Stench Decreases III
Sticky Hold Increases while Fishing III
Suction Cups Increases while Fishing III
Swarm Increases III
White Smoke Decreases III
No Guard Increases IV
Quick Feet Decreases IV
Snow Cloak Decreases in Hail IV

Variations of Compoundeyes

Increases the probability of finding certain Pokémon
Name Pokémon Generation
Compoundeyes With Held Items III
Cute Charm Opposite-gendered III
Hustle Higher-leveled III
Magnet Pull Steel-types III
Pressure Higher-leveled III
Static Electric-types III
Synchronize Same Nature III
Vital Spirit Higher-leveled III

Variations of Intimidate

Decreases the probability of finding Pokémon of a lower level
Name Pokémon
Intimidate III
Keen Eye III

Variations of Flame Body

Eggs hatch faster
Name Generation
Flame Body III
Magma Armor III

Variations of Pickup

Finds items after battle
Name Item Generation
Pickup Various III
Honey Gather Honey IV

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