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| style="text-align:left" | The effects of "Aura" Abilities are reversed to lower the power of affected moves.
| style="text-align:left" | The effects of "Aura" Abilities are reversed to lower the power of affected moves.
| VI
| VI
| 1
| 0
| 0
| 1
| 0
| 0

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An Ability (Japanese: 特性 ability) is a game mechanic introduced in Generation III that provides a passive effect in battle or in the overworld. Individual Pokémon may have only one Ability at a time. Prior to Generation VI, an Ability could not be changed after a Pokémon was obtained except by Evolution—where the new Ability is determined by the former Ability—and form change. Not every Ability is beneficial; some will hinder the user.


Primal Kyogre activating its Ability, Primordial Sea

Some species of Pokémon have multiple possible Abilities. The most Abilities any species has is three: two normal Abilities and one Hidden Ability. In most wild Pokémon encounters, the Pokémon's Ability will be one of its non-Hidden Abilities (each having an even chance of appearing if the species has two). Hidden Abilities were introduced in Generation V; they are relatively rare and usually require some type of special encounter.

In technical terms, a species' Abilities may be thought of as having separate slots, with an individual Pokémon's non-Hidden slot determined by its personality value. For example, an Eevee—with two non-Hidden Abilities—has Run Away for its first non-Hidden slot, Adaptability for its second, and Anticipation for its Hidden Ability slot. Vaporeon—with only one non-Hidden Ability—can be considered to have Water Absorb for both non-Hidden slots. When a Pokémon evolves, its Ability slot remains the same. This means that a Poochyena with Run Away will evolve into a Mightyena with Intimidate, while a Poochyena with Quick Feet will evolve into a Mightyena with Quick Feet.

Aside from Evolution, there are three ways for Pokémon to change Abilities in a permanent manner. One way is if the Pokémon has different forms with different Abilities. Another way is through the Ability Capsule, which was introduced in Generation VI. The Ability Capsule actually changes a Pokémon's non-Hidden Ability slot, but it will not work if the Pokémon has its Hidden Ability or if the species has only one non-Hidden Ability. Third, transferring a Pokémon from the Venipede family with Quick Feet from Generation V to Generation VI causes its ability to be changed to Speed Boost. Aside from these methods, during battle, Pokémon may also change their Ability through Mega Evolution or Primal Reversion, and certain moves and Abilities can also change a Pokémon's Ability.

When Abilities were introduced in Generation III, some Pokémon only had one possible Ability. A number of these species were given a second Ability in a later generation. If a Pokémon whose species gained an Ability after Generation III is transferred to Generations IV or V, it will initially retain its original Ability; upon evolving, however, its Ability slot will be recalculated and its Ability may change. When a Pokémon is transferred to Generation VI, however, it will be locked into the appropriate slot for its current Ability.

Aside from in-battle effects, some Abilities also have effects outside of battle.

Hidden Abilities

Main article: List of Pokémon with released Hidden Abilities (Generation V)
Main article: List of Pokémon with released Hidden Abilities (Generation VI)

Beginning in Generation V, most Pokémon were given an additional, Hidden Ability (Japanese: 特性 Hidden Ability), which can only be acquired under special circumstances. Such circumstances are listed below.

Abilities and breeding

Before Generation V, the Ability slot that a Pokémon Egg would have when it hatched was left to random chance, resulting in a 50% chance of having either slot. Since Generation V, though, special mechanics have been introduced.

Starting in Black and White, female Pokémon with Hidden Abilities have a 60% chance of passing on the Hidden Ability to their offspring when bred with a male Pokémon from the same Egg Group. In Generation VI, this was extended so that male and genderless Pokémon with a Hidden Ability can also pass it down if they are bred with Ditto. The chance of the offspring having either non-Hidden Ability is 20% each.

Starting in Black 2 and White 2, there is an 80% chance that the Ability slot of the female will be passed to the baby when bred with a male Pokémon from the same Egg Group. Starting in Generation VI, this chance is generically applied to any non-Ditto parent.

List of Abilities

# Name Effect Generation Single Dual Hidden
091 Adaptability Powers up moves of the same type as the Pokémon. IV 2 4 7
184 Aerilate Normal-type moves become Flying-type moves. The power of those moves is boosted a little. VI 2 0 0
106 Aftermath Damages the attacker if it contacts the Pokémon with a finishing hit. IV 0 4 4
076 Air Lock Eliminates the effects of weather. III 1 0 0
148 Analytic Boosts move power when the Pokémon moves last. V 0 0 12
083 Anger Point The Pokémon is angered when it takes a critical hit, and that maxes its Attack stat. IV 0 3 6
107 Anticipation The Pokémon can sense an opposing Pokémon's dangerous moves. IV 1 4 2
071 Arena Trap Prevents opposing Pokémon from fleeing. III 0 3 0
165 Aroma Veil Protects itself and its allies from attacks that limit their move choices. VI 0 0 2
188 Aura Break The effects of "Aura" Abilities are reversed to lower the power of affected moves. VI 0 1 0
123 Bad Dreams Reduces the HP of sleeping opposing Pokémon. IV 1 0 0
217 Battery Powers up ally Pokémon's special moves. VII 1 0 0
004 Battle Armor Hard armor protects the Pokémon from critical hits. III 3 4 2
210 Battle Bond Defeating an opposing Pokémon strengthens the Pokémon's bond with its Trainer, and it becomes Ash-Greninja. Water Shuriken gets more powerful. VII 1 0 0
224 Beast Boost The Pokémon boosts its most proficient stat each time it knocks out a Pokémon. VII 7 0 0
201 Berserk Boosts the Pokémon's Sp. Atk stat when it takes a hit that causes its HP to become half or less. VII 0 1 0
145 Big Pecks Protects the Pokémon from Defense-lowering effects. V 1 7 4
066 Blaze Powers up Fire-type moves when the Pokémon's HP is low. III 21 0 2
171 Bulletproof Protects the Pokémon from some ball and bomb moves. VI 0 3 3
Cacophony Avoids sound-based moves. III 0 0 0
167 Cheek Pouch Restores HP as well when the Pokémon eats a Berry. VI 0 3 0
034 Chlorophyll Boosts the Pokémon's Speed stat in sunshine. III 10 19 6
029 Clear Body Prevents other Pokémon's moves or Abilities from lowering the Pokémon's stats. III 8 2 3
013 Cloud Nine Eliminates the effects of weather. III 0 2 5
016 Color Change The Pokémon's type becomes the type of the move used on it. III 1 0 0
213 Comatose It's always drowsing and will never wake up. It can attack without waking up. VII 1 0 0
172 Competitive Boosts the Sp. Atk stat sharply when a stat is lowered. VI 0 7 1
014 Compound Eyes The Pokémon's compound eyes boost its accuracy. III 2 6 1
126 Contrary Makes stat changes have an opposite effect. V 0 2 7
212 Corrosion The Pokémon can poison the target even if it's a Steel or Poison type. VII 2 0 0
130 Cursed Body May disable a move used on the Pokémon. V 1 3 3
056 Cute Charm Contact with the Pokémon may cause infatuation. III 1 11 2
006 Damp Prevents the use of explosive moves such as Self-Destruct by dampening its surroundings. III 0 8 10
216 Dancer When another Pokémon uses a dance move, it can use a dance move following it regardless of its Speed. VII 1 0 0
186 Dark Aura Powers up each Pokémon's Dark-type moves. VI 1 0 0
219 Dazzling Surprises the opposing Pokémon, making it unable to attack using priority moves. VII 0 1 0
129 Defeatist Halves the Pokémon's Attack and Sp. Atk stats when its HP becomes half or less. V 2 0 0
128 Defiant Boosts the Pokémon's Attack stat sharply when its stats are lowered. V 0 2 11
191 Delta Stream The Pokémon changes the weather to eliminate all of the Flying type's weaknesses. VI 1 0 0
190 Desolate Land The Pokémon changes the weather to nullify Water-type attacks. VI 1 0 0
209 Disguise Once per battle, the shroud that covers the Pokémon can protect it from an attack. VII 1 0 0
088 Download Compares an opposing Pokémon's Defense and Sp. Def stats before raising its own Attack or Sp. Atk stat—whichever will be more effective. IV 1 3 0
002 Drizzle The Pokémon makes it rain when it enters a battle. III 1 1 1
070 Drought Turns the sunlight harsh when the Pokémon enters a battle. III 2 1 2
087 Dry Skin Restores HP in rain or when hit by Water-type moves. Reduces HP in sunshine, and increases the damage received from Fire-type moves. IV 0 6 1
048 Early Bird The Pokémon awakens twice as fast as other Pokémon from sleep. III 0 13 2
027 Effect Spore Contact with the Pokémon may inflict poison, sleep, or paralysis on its attacker. III 2 6 1
226 Electric Surge Turns the ground into Electric Terrain when the Pokémon enters a battle. VII 1 0 0
194 Emergency Exit The Pokémon, sensing danger, switches out when its HP becomes half or less. VII 1 0 0
187 Fairy Aura Powers up each Pokémon's Fairy-type moves. VI 1 0 0
111 Filter Reduces the power of supereffective attacks taken. IV 1 2 0
049 Flame Body Contact with the Pokémon may burn the attacker. III 7 5 4
138 Flare Boost Powers up special attacks when the Pokémon is burned. V 0 0 2
018 Flash Fire Powers up the Pokémon's Fire-type moves if it's hit by one. III 4 10 3
122 Flower Gift Boosts the Attack and Sp. Def stats of itself and allies when it is sunny. IV 1 0 0
166 Flower Veil Ally Grass-type Pokémon are protected from status conditions and the lowering of their stats. VI 3 1 0
218 Fluffy Halves the damage taken from moves that make direct contact, but doubles that of Fire-type moves. VII 0 2 0
059 Forecast The Pokémon transforms with the weather to change its type to Water, Fire, or Ice. III 1 0 0
108 Forewarn When it enters a battle, the Pokémon can tell one of the moves an opposing Pokémon has. IV 0 6 0
132 Friend Guard Reduces damage done to allies. V 0 0 8
119 Frisk When it enters a battle, the Pokémon can check an opposing Pokémon's held item. IV 1 12 8
230 Full Metal Body Prevents other Pokémon's moves or Abilities from lowering the Pokémon's stats. VII 1 0 0
169 Fur Coat Halves the damage from physical moves. VI 1 1 0
177 Gale Wings Gives priority to Flying-type moves when the Pokémon's HP is full. VI 0 0 3
206 Galvanize Normal-type moves become Electric-type moves. The power of those moves is boosted a little. VII 0 0 3
082 Gluttony Makes the Pokémon eat a held Berry when its HP drops to half or less, which is sooner than usual. IV 6 8 9
183 Gooey Contact with the Pokémon lowers the attacker's Speed stat. VI 0 0 3
179 Grass Pelt Boosts the Pokémon's Defense stat in Grassy Terrain. VI 0 0 2
229 Grassy Surge Turns the ground into Grassy Terrain when the Pokémon enters a battle. VII 1 0 0
062 Guts It's so gutsy that having a status condition boosts the Pokémon's Attack stat. III 3 14 4
139 Harvest May create another Berry after one is used. V 0 0 6
131 Healer Sometimes heals an ally's status condition. V 2 2 3
085 Heatproof The heatproof body of the Pokémon halves the damage from Fire-type moves that hit it. IV 0 2 0
134 Heavy Metal Doubles the Pokémon's weight. V 0 0 5
118 Honey Gather The Pokémon may gather Honey after a battle. IV 1 2 1
037 Huge Power Doubles the Pokémon's Attack stat. III 1 3 2
055 Hustle Boosts the Attack stat, but lowers accuracy. III 3 9 8
093 Hydration Heals status conditions if it's raining. IV 2 11 9
052 Hyper Cutter The Pokémon's proud of its powerful pincers. They prevent other Pokémon from lowering its Attack stat. III 0 11 0
115 Ice Body The Pokémon gradually regains HP in a hailstorm. IV 0 10 4
035 Illuminate Raises the likelihood of meeting wild Pokémon by illuminating the surroundings. III 0 8 0
149 Illusion Comes out disguised as the Pokémon in the party's last spot. V 2 0 0
017 Immunity The immune system of the Pokémon prevents it from getting poisoned. III 1 1 1
150 Imposter The Pokémon transforms itself into the Pokémon it's facing. V 0 0 1
151 Infiltrator Passes through the opposing Pokémon's barrier, substitute, and the like and strikes. V 0 7 14
215 Innards Out Damages the attacker landing the finishing hit by the amount equal to its last HP. VII 1 0 0
039 Inner Focus The Pokémon's intensely focused, and that protects the Pokémon from flinching. III 5 17 11
015 Insomnia The Pokémon is suffering from insomnia and cannot fall asleep. III 1 10 3
022 Intimidate The Pokémon intimidates opposing Pokémon upon entering battle, lowering their Attack stat. III 7 19 6
160 Iron Barbs Inflicts damage to the attacker on contact with iron barbs. V 2 1 0
089 Iron Fist Powers up punching moves. IV 0 7 7
154 Justified Being hit by a Dark-type move boosts the Attack stat of the Pokémon, for justice. V 4 0 5
051 Keen Eye Keen eyes prevent other Pokémon from lowering this Pokémon's accuracy. III 3 30 5
103 Klutz The Pokémon can't use any held items. IV 0 8 1
102 Leaf Guard Prevents status conditions in sunny weather. IV 3 9 7
026 Levitate By floating in the air, the Pokémon receives full immunity to all Ground-type moves. III 31 2 0
135 Light Metal Halves the Pokémon's weight. V 0 0 5
031 Lightning Rod The Pokémon draws in all Electric-type moves. Instead of being hit by Electric-type moves, it boosts its Sp. Atk. III 1 11 6
007 Limber Its limber body protects the Pokémon from paralysis. III 1 9 2
064 Liquid Ooze Oozed liquid has strong stench, which damages attackers using any draining move. III 0 4 0
204 Liquid Voice All sound-based moves become Water-type moves. VII 0 0 3
203 Long Reach The Pokémon uses its moves without making contact with the target. VII 0 0 3
156 Magic Bounce Reflects status moves, instead of getting hit by them. V 3 0 3
098 Magic Guard The Pokémon only takes damage from attacks. IV 0 7 3
170 Magician The Pokémon steals the held item of a Pokémon it hits with a move. VI 1 0 4
040 Magma Armor The Pokémon is covered with hot magma, which prevents the Pokémon from becoming frozen. III 0 3 0
042 Magnet Pull Prevents Steel-type Pokémon from escaping using its magnetic force. III 0 8 0
063 Marvel Scale The Pokémon's marvelous scales boost the Defense stat if it has a status condition. III 0 1 2
178 Mega Launcher Powers up aura and pulse moves. VI 3 0 0
196 Merciless The Pokémon's attacks become critical hits if the target is poisoned. VII 0 2 0
058 Minus Boosts the Sp. Atk stat of the Pokémon if an ally with the Plus or Minus Ability is also in battle. III 1 3 2
228 Misty Surge Turns the ground into Misty Terrain when the Pokémon enters a battle. VII 1 0 0
104 Mold Breaker Moves can be used on the target regardless of its Abilities. IV 4 6 8
141 Moody Raises one stat sharply and lowers another every turn. V 0 0 7
078 Motor Drive Boosts its Speed stat if hit by an Electric-type move, instead of taking damage. IV 1 2 1
153 Moxie The Pokémon shows moxie, and that boosts the Attack stat after knocking out any Pokémon. V 0 5 8
136 Multiscale Reduces the amount of damage the Pokémon takes when its HP is full. V 0 0 2
121 Multitype Changes the Pokémon's type to match the Plate or Z-Crystal it holds. IV 1 0 0
152 Mummy Contact with the Pokémon changes the attacker's Ability to Mummy. V 2 0 0
030 Natural Cure All status conditions heal when the Pokémon switches out. III 4 11 1
099 No Guard The Pokémon employs no-guard tactics to ensure incoming and outgoing attacks always land. IV 3 3 4
096 Normalize All the Pokémon's moves become Normal type. The power of those moves is boosted a little. IV 0 2 0
012 Oblivious The Pokémon is oblivious, and that keeps it from being infatuated or falling for taunts. III 0 19 5
142 Overcoat Protects the Pokémon from things like sand, hail, and powder. V 0 5 15
065 Overgrow Powers up Grass-type moves when the Pokémon's HP is low. III 21 0 2
020 Own Tempo This Pokémon has its own tempo, and that prevents it from becoming confused. III 0 17 5
185 Parental Bond Parent and child each attacks. VI 1 0 0
124 Pickpocket Steals an item from an attacker that made direct contact. V 0 0 7
053 Pickup The Pokémon may pick up the item an opposing Pokémon used during a battle. It may pick up items outside of battle, too. III 1 15 2
182 Pixilate Normal-type moves become Fairy-type moves. The power of those moves is boosted a little. VI 2 0 1
057 Plus Boosts the Sp. Atk stat of the Pokémon if an ally with the Plus or Minus Ability is also in battle. III 1 3 4
090 Poison Heal Restores HP if the Pokémon is poisoned, instead of losing HP. IV 0 2 1
038 Poison Point Contact with the Pokémon may poison the attacker. III 0 16 0
143 Poison Touch May poison a target when the Pokémon makes contact. V 0 5 4
211 Power Construct Other Cells gather to aid when its HP becomes half or less. Then the Pokémon changes its form to Complete Forme. VII 0 1 0
223 Power of Alchemy The Pokémon copies the Ability of a defeated ally. VII 0 0 2
158 Prankster Gives priority to a status move. V 4 2 8
046 Pressure By putting pressure on the opposing Pokémon, it raises their PP usage. III 19 2 4
189 Primordial Sea The Pokémon changes the weather to nullify Fire-type attacks. VI 1 0 0
232 Prism Armor Reduces the power of supereffective attacks taken. VII 1 0 0
168 Protean Changes the Pokémon's type to the type of the move it's about to use. VI 0 0 4
227 Psychic Surge Turns the ground into Psychic Terrain when the Pokémon enters a battle. VII 1 0 0
074 Pure Power Using its pure power, the Pokémon doubles its Attack stat. III 2 0 0
214 Queenly Majesty Its majesty pressures the opposing Pokémon, making it unable to attack using priority moves. VII 0 1 0
095 Quick Feet Boosts the Speed stat if the Pokémon has a status condition. IV 0 5 4
044 Rain Dish The Pokémon gradually regains HP in rain. III 0 3 10
155 Rattled Dark-, Ghost-, and Bug-type moves scare the Pokémon and boost its Speed stat. V 0 0 13
222 Receiver The Pokémon copies the Ability of a defeated ally. VII 1 0 0
120 Reckless Powers up moves that have recoil damage. IV 0 3 9
174 Refrigerate Normal-type moves become Ice-type moves. The power of those moves is boosted a little. VI 3 0 0
144 Regenerator Restores a little HP when withdrawn from battle. V 1 3 15
079 Rivalry Becomes competitive and deals more damage to Pokémon of the same gender, but deals less to Pokémon of the opposite gender. IV 0 14 4
225 RKS System Changes the Pokémon's type to match the memory disc it holds. VII 1 0 0
069 Rock Head Protects the Pokémon from recoil damage. III 2 17 2
024 Rough Skin This Pokémon inflicts damage with its rough skin to the attacker on contact. III 2 1 3
050 Run Away Enables a sure getaway from wild Pokémon. III 0 16 8
159 Sand Force Boosts the power of Rock-, Ground-, and Steel-type moves in a sandstorm. V 3 2 13
146 Sand Rush Boosts the Pokémon's Speed stat in a sandstorm. V 0 5 2
045 Sand Stream The Pokémon summons a sandstorm when it enters a battle. III 4 1 0
008 Sand Veil Boosts the Pokémon's evasion in a sandstorm. III 7 8 9
157 Sap Sipper Boosts the Attack stat if hit by a Grass-type move, instead of taking damage. V 2 7 8
208 Schooling When it has a lot of HP, the Pokémon forms a powerful school. It stops schooling when its HP is low. VII 1 0 0
113 Scrappy The Pokémon can hit Ghost-type Pokémon with Normal- and Fighting-type moves. IV 1 2 8
032 Serene Grace Boosts the likelihood of additional effects occurring when attacking. III 3 7 2
231 Shadow Shield Reduces the amount of damage the Pokémon takes while its HP is full. VII 1 0 0
023 Shadow Tag This Pokémon steps on the opposing Pokémon's shadow to prevent it from escaping. III 3 0 3
061 Shed Skin The Pokémon may heal its own status conditions by shedding its skin. III 11 5 0
125 Sheer Force Removes additional effects to increase the power of moves when attacking. V 2 6 18
075 Shell Armor A hard shell protects the Pokémon from critical hits. III 3 13 7
019 Shield Dust This Pokémon's dust blocks the additional effects of attacks taken. III 4 5 0
197 Shields Down When its HP becomes half or less, the Pokémon's shell breaks and it becomes aggressive. VII 1 0 0
086 Simple The stat changes the Pokémon receives are doubled. IV 0 3 2
092 Skill Link Maximizes the number of times multi-strike moves hit. IV 1 5 4
112 Slow Start For five turns, the Pokémon's Attack and Speed stats are halved. IV 1 0 0
202 Slush Rush Boosts the Pokémon's Speed stat in a hailstorm. VII 0 2 2
097 Sniper Powers up moves if they become critical hits when attacking. IV 0 9 5
081 Snow Cloak Boosts evasion in a hailstorm. IV 6 7 1
117 Snow Warning The Pokémon summons a hailstorm when it enters a battle. IV 2 1 4
094 Solar Power Boosts the Sp. Atk stat in sunny weather, but HP decreases every turn. IV 1 3 5
116 Solid Rock Reduces the power of supereffective attacks taken. IV 0 4 0
220 Soul-Heart Boosts its Sp. Atk stat every time a Pokémon faints. VII 1 0 0
043 Soundproof Soundproofing of the Pokémon itself gives full immunity to all sound-based moves. III 3 7 5
003 Speed Boost Its Speed stat is boosted every turn. III 2 2 8
198 Stakeout Doubles the damage dealt to the target's replacement if the target switches out. VII 0 2 0
100 Stall The Pokémon moves after all other Pokémon do. IV 0 1 0
192 Stamina Boosts the Defense stat when hit by an attack. VII 0 2 0
176 Stance Change The Pokémon changes its form to Blade Forme when it uses an attack move, and changes to Shield Forme when it uses King's Shield. VI 1 0 0
009 Static The Pokémon is charged with static electricity, so contact with it may cause paralysis. III 9 5 1
080 Steadfast The Pokémon's determination boosts the Speed stat each time the Pokémon flinches. IV 2 3 7
200 Steelworker Powers up Steel-type moves. VII 1 0 0
001 Stench By releasing stench when attacking, this Pokémon may cause the target to flinch. III 0 6 1
060 Sticky Hold Items held by the Pokémon are stuck fast and cannot be removed by other Pokémon. III 0 8 0
114 Storm Drain Draws in all Water-type moves. Instead of being hit by Water-type moves, it boosts its Sp. Atk. IV 0 4 3
173 Strong Jaw The Pokémon's strong jaw boosts the power of its biting moves. VI 3 3 0
005 Sturdy It cannot be knocked out with one hit. One-hit KO moves cannot knock it out, either. III 6 28 7
021 Suction Cups This Pokémon uses suction cups to stay in one spot to negate all moves and items that force switching out. III 2 3 0
105 Super Luck The Pokémon is so lucky that the critical-hit ratios of its moves are boosted. IV 0 6 3
207 Surge Surfer Doubles the Pokémon's Speed stat on Electric Terrain. VII 1 0 0
068 Swarm Powers up Bug-type moves when the Pokémon's HP is low. III 5 16 4
175 Sweet Veil Prevents itself and ally Pokémon from falling asleep. VI 2 0 5
033 Swift Swim Boosts the Pokémon's Speed stat in rain. III 8 21 10
180 Symbiosis The Pokémon passes its item to an ally that has used up an item. VI 0 0 4
028 Synchronize The attacker will receive the same status condition if it inflicts a burn, poison, or paralysis to the Pokémon. III 3 12 0
077 Tangled Feet Raises evasion if the Pokémon is confused. IV 0 5 2
221 Tangling Hair Contact with the Pokémon lowers the attacker's Speed stat. VII 0 2 0
101 Technician Powers up the Pokémon's weaker moves. IV 2 11 5
140 Telepathy Anticipates an ally's attack and dodges it. V 0 3 18
164 Teravolt Moves can be used on the target regardless of its Abilities. V 2 0 0
047 Thick Fat The Pokémon is protected by a layer of thick fat, which halves the damage taken from Fire- and Ice-type moves. III 1 16 7
110 Tinted Lens The Pokémon can use "not very effective" moves to deal regular damage. IV 0 4 5
067 Torrent Powers up Water-type moves when the Pokémon's HP is low. III 21 0 2
181 Tough Claws Powers up moves that make direct contact. VI 3 2 0
137 Toxic Boost Powers up physical attacks when the Pokémon is poisoned. V 0 0 1
036 Trace When it enters a battle, the Pokémon copies an opposing Pokémon's Ability. III 1 5 0
205 Triage Gives priority to a healing move. VII 0 1 0
054 Truant The Pokémon can't use a move the following turn if it uses one. III 2 0 1
163 Turboblaze Moves can be used on the target regardless of its Abilities. V 2 0 0
109 Unaware When attacking, the Pokémon ignores the target Pokémon's stat changes. IV 1 4 4
084 Unburden Boosts the Speed stat if the Pokémon's held item is used or lost. IV 0 5 7
127 Unnerve Unnerves opposing Pokémon and makes them unable to eat Berries. V 0 4 16
162 Victory Star Boosts the accuracy of its allies and itself. V 1 0 0
072 Vital Spirit The Pokémon is full of vitality, and that prevents it from falling asleep. III 1 6 7
010 Volt Absorb Restores HP if hit by an Electric-type move, instead of taking damage. III 2 2 2
011 Water Absorb Restores HP if hit by a Water-type move, instead of taking damage. III 2 12 9
199 Water Bubble Lowers the power of Fire-type moves done to the Pokémon and prevents the Pokémon from getting a burn. VII 2 0 0
195 Water Compaction Boosts the Pokémon's Defense stat sharply when hit by a Water-type move. VII 2 0 0
041 Water Veil The Pokémon is covered with a water veil, which prevents the Pokémon from getting a burn. III 0 4 7
133 Weak Armor Physical attacks to the Pokémon lower its Defense stat but sharply raise its Speed stat. V 0 3 15
073 White Smoke The Pokémon is protected by its white smoke, which prevents other Pokémon from lowering its stats. III 0 1 1
193 Wimp Out The Pokémon cowardly switches out when its HP becomes half or less. VII 1 0 0
025 Wonder Guard Its mysterious power only lets supereffective moves hit the Pokémon. III 1 0 0
147 Wonder Skin Makes status moves more likely to miss. V 0 1 4
161 Zen Mode Changes the Pokémon's shape when HP is half or less. V 0 0 1

In other games

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series

Main article: Mystery Dungeon game mechanics#Abilities

Abilities available in the core series games are also available in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series. Some Abilities differ from their counterparts in the core series (e.g. Intimidate reduces the opposing Pokémon's Attack by 20%).

Pokémon Conquest

Main article: List of Abilities in Pokémon Conquest

While most Pokémon species in Pokémon Conquest have access to three Abilities (similar to the main series, Hidden Abilities included), many of these Abilities are different from the main series due to differences in the battle system. For example, Abilities like Cute Charm and Rivalry do not exist in Pokémon Conquest (due to the game's lack of a gender mechanic), while other Abilities utilize mechanics unique to Pokémon Conquest battles (like "Sprint", which increases the user's movement Range).

Like the main series, an individual Pokémon's Ability is dictated by its current species (i.e. evolutionary form) and may change during evolution.

In the anime

Abilities have been shown in the anime, but are usually only used in battles; however, sometimes they have an effect on the plot, such as Ash's Infernape's Blaze. Abilities sometimes work differently in the anime than they would in the games, such as Mold Breaker, which in the anime cancels out more Abilities than it would in the games.

In the Original series

The only Ability that was seen in the original series was Color Change, being used by Madison and Alexa's Kecleon in The Kecleon Caper. It was later used by Harrison's Kecleon in Playing With Fire!.

In the Advanced Generation series

The first Ability to be seen other than Color Change was Rough Skin, first seen in Sharpedo Attack!. It was used by a wild Sharpedo.

In Now That's Flower Power! a Kecleon used Color Change.

In A Poké-BLOCK Party!, a Whismur used its Soundproof Ability to stay awake and listen to Jigglypuff's song.

Colonel Hansen's Shedinja used Wonder Guard in The Princess and the Togepi.

Two Abilities were seen in Balance of Power, being used by Ash's Pikachu and Grovyle, using Static and Overgrow respectively.

Bart's Castform used Forecast in Unfair Weather Friends, turning into its Sunny and Rainy Form.

In The Garden of Eatin', Marcel's Vigoroth used Vital Spirit.

Both Drizzle and Drought were seen in Gaining Groudon and The Scuffle of Legends respectively.

In It's Still Rocket Roll to Me!, Liza's Lunatone used Levitate.

In Eight Ain't Enough, Juan's Luvdisc used Swift Swim.

In Showdown At Linoone, a Linoone has the Ability Pickup and takes items to its private stash, including May's Poké Balls.

In At the End of the Fray, Tyson's Hariyama used Thick Fat.

In Rough, Tough Jigglypuff, Lisa Mitchum's Jigglypuff used Cute Charm Her father's Loudred used Soundproof to stop Jigglypuff's Sing from working.

Angela's Kecleon used Color Change in From Cradle to Save, as well as Brock's Bonsly using Rock Head.

In Pinch Healing!, a wild Wooper used Water Absorb.

In Once More With Reeling!, May's Blaziken used its Blaze Ability while Ash's Sceptile used Overgrow during their Contest Battle in the Terracotta Contest.

In the Diamond & Pearl series

Abilities proved important in the battles Paul and Ash had with Roark. During Paul's battle in Shapes of Things to Come!, his Elekid uses Static to paralyze Roark's Onix and Cranidos although the latter shakes it off with Mold Breaker. Paul also deliberately allows his Chimchar to take extra damage so that it can activate Blaze. After Ash's first match with Roark ends in defeat, Brock briefly lends him Sudowoodo in Wild in the Streets! because its Ability Rock Head makes it similar to Roark's Pokémon Onix, who also had the Ability. During Ash's rematch in O'er the Rampardos We Watched!, Pikachu also activates Static against Roark's newly evolved Rampardos and it is similarly ineffective.

In A Secret Sphere of Influence!, Officer Jenny's Stunky used Stench.

Gardenia's Cherubi caught Ash by surprise during their first battle in The Grass Menagerie! when it was able to move very quickly with Chlorophyll.

In Tag! We're It...!, Ash and Paul found themselves at a disadvantage during their first Tag Battle in the Hearthome City Tag Battle Competition because the Rhydon used by one of their opponents possessed Lightning Rod, rendering Pikachu's Electric-type attacks useless.

In Glory Blaze! Ash, Dawn and Brock found Paul and his other Pokémon evidently abusing his Chimchar, repeatedly attacking it until it eventually collapsed from exhaustion. When confronted, Paul explained that Chimchar actually wanted the brutal training regimen; when they first met, Chimchar was being attacked by wild Zangoose and when pushed to the limit it activated Blaze and defeated all of the Zangoose with Flame Wheel. This incredible power was what drove Paul to capture Chimchar in the first place and the two have been trying to replicate the experience ever since with no success.

Swift Swim was an important part of Ash's Buizel going toe to toe with Maylene's Lucario in A Triple Fighting Chance!

Blaze returned in Chim - Charred! when Ash's Chimchar became enraged during a battle with Paul's Ursaring. It took considerable effort for Ash to return Chimchar to normal after it defeated Ursaring, causing Paul to leave the battle a draw. Paul told Ash that they would only battle again when and if Ash and Chimchar learned to control Blaze.

In Battling the Generation Gap!, Lila's Delcatty activated his Cute Charm Ability while battling Dawn's Ambipom in the final round of the Celestic Contest.

Brock's Croagunk first used his Anticipation Ability in Losing Its Lustrous!. He often used it to find Team Rocket and chase them off on his own.

Two Darkrai have used Bad Dreams. One used it in The Rise of Darkrai and another in Sleepless in Pre-Battle!.

In A Shield with a Twist!, Fantina's Gengar used Levitate.

In Dealing with Defensive Types!, Byron's Bronzor used its Heatproof Ability to minimize damage from Ash's Chimchar's Flamethrower.

In Another One Gabites the Dust!, Jessie's Yanmega activated its Speed Boost Ability while performing in the Chocovine Contest.

In Pursuing a Lofty Goal!, Paul's Honchkrow used its Ability Super Luck.

In Sliding Into Seventh!, Jeremiah's Skuntank was known to have Stench as it Ability but the Ability activated off-screen.

In Evolving Strategies!, Paul's Magmortar used its Flame Body Ability to burn Ash's Pikachu. Paul's Ursaring also used its Guts Ability when Ash's Pikachu's Static activated.

An Arceus used Multitype in Arceus and the Jewel of Life.

In Challenging a Towering Figure!, Palmer's Rhyperior used Solid Rock.

A wild Trapinch used its Arena Trap Ability in A Rivalry to Gible On!.

A wild Heatran used Flash Fire in Pokémon Ranger: Heatran Rescue!.

Volkner's Electivire used its Motor Drive Ability in The Eighth Wonder of the Sinnoh World! against Ash in their Gym battle. It was later used by Paul's Electivire in Battling a Thaw in Relations!.

In Casting a Paul on Barry!, Barry's Empoleon activated its Torrent Ability while battling Paul's Electivire in the third round of the Lily of the Valley Conference.

Paul's Aggron used its Rock Head Ability in Familiarity Breeds Strategy! to avoid damage from its Double-Edge attack. In the next episode Paul's Froslass and Ninjask used Snow Cloak and Speed Boost respectively.

Illusion was seen twice in Zoroark: Master of Illusions, being seen by a Zoroark and Zorua.

In the Best Wishes series

A Hidden Ability was first seen in Saving Darmanitan From the Bell! by a Darmanitan using Zen Mode.

In A Rival Battle for Club Champ!, Trip's Tranquill used Super Luck to easily defeat Ash's Oshawott and Tepig. Trip's Frillish later used Cursed Body.

In Here Comes the Trubbish Squad!, a wild Trubbish used its Ability Stench.

In A Night in the Nacrene City Museum!, Lenora's Watchog used its Illuminate Ability to reveal any hidden things in the museum to appear.

Sewaddle was revealed to have Swarm in A Connoisseur's Revenge! but he wasn't shown activating it. Cilan's Dwebble was shown using its Sturdy Ability in the same episode.

A wild Venipede used its Poison Point Ability to poison Ash in A Venipede Stampede!.

In Gotta Catch A Roggenrola!, Iris pointed out that Roggenrola had the Ability Sturdy, implying that Roggenrola would receive less damage than a Pokémon normally would.

Luke's Zorua often used Illusion to help Luke in making his movies. It was first seen in Movie Time! Zorua in "The Legend of the Pokémon Knight"!.

In The Club Battle Hearts of Fury: Emolga Versus Sawk!, Iris's Emolga used Static to help it win a battle against Stephan's Sawk.

In Enter Elesa, Electrifying Gym Leader!, Bianca's father's Red Flash Darmanitan used Zen Mode.

Three Darmanitan used Zen Mode in A Maractus Musical!.

In Scraggy and the Demanding Gothita!, a wild Garbodor used Stench.

In A Call for Brotherly Love!, Chili's Pansear used its Gluttony Ability.

In Battling the King of the Mines!, Ash's Boldore used its Sturdy Ability to stop a Horn Drill from working.

In The Clubsplosion Begins!, Edmund's Seismitoad used Swift Swim against Stephan's Sawk, but ended up losing.

In Goodbye, Junior Cup - Hello Adventure!, Alder's Bouffalant used Sap Sipper to defeat Trip's Serperior.

In The Road to Humilau!, Marlon's Jellicent used Cursed Body.

Swarm wasn't seen until Strong Strategy Steals the Show! during Leavanny's battle with Stephan's Sawk.

In The Island of Illusions!, a Zoroark used Illusion.

In The Journalist from Another Region! an unknown trainer's Slaking was shown to have Truant as its Ability.

In Survival of the Striaton Gym!, Morana's Abomasnow used its Snow Warning Ability. Cilan's Pansage was confirmed to have Gluttony as his Ability in the same episode.

In the XY series

Clemont's Chespin used its Ability Overgrow in An Appetite for Battle! battling against a Delphox.

In Mega Evolution Special I, Siebold's Mega Blastoise was shown to have Mega Launcher.

Both Dark Aura and Fairy Aura were seen in Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction.

Ramos's Jumpluff and Weepinbell were both shown to have Chlorophyll as their Ability in The Green, Green Grass Types of Home!.

Ash's Goodra used its Ability Hydration in Ash's Gym battle against Clemont in The Moment of Lumiose Truth!.

Ash's Fletchinder used its Flame Body Ability in A Not-So-Flying Start! to help hatch an Egg that his Hawlucha found.

Olympia's two Meowstic were seen using their respective Abilities in All Eyes on the Future!, with the male Meowstic having its Hidden Ability Prankster and the female one having Keen Eye.

Two Abilities were seen in Mega Evolution Special IV, both in battle against Alain's Charizard. A Mega Venusaur used Thick Fat to half the damage it took from a Flamethrower. Malva's Houndoom later used Flash Fire to absorb another Flamethrower.

Sawyer's Clawitzer was shown to have Mega Launcher as its Ability during its battle against Ash in A Full-Strength Battle Surprise!.

Wulfric's Abomasnow was shown to have Snow Warning as its Ability during its Gym battle against Ash in All Hail the Ice Battlefield!. His Avalugg was later shown to have Ice Body in the same episode.

In the Lumiose Conference, many Pokémon were seen activating their Abilities during battles. In A League of His Own!, Trevor's Mega Charizard Y was shown to have Drought as its Ability. In the following episode, the effects of three different Abilities were shown during the battle between Tierno and Sawyer; Tierno's Ludicolo was shown activating Swift Swim while Sawyer's Mega Sceptile and Aegislash were revealed to have Lightning Rod and Stance Change as their Abilities, respectively. In Analysis Versus Passion!, Sawyer's Slaking was shown to have Truant as its Ability. In Finals Not for the Faint-Hearted!, Alain's Tyranitar was shown activating Sand Stream.

In the Sun & Moon series

Sophocles's Togedemaru used her Ability Lightning Rod in The Guardian's Challenge!, absorbing Ash's Pikachu's Thunderbolt to increase her Zing Zap.

In the TCG

Abilities under the name of Abilities did not appear in the Trading Card Game until the Black & White expansion kicking off Generation V. However, this was merely a renaming of the longstanding Pokémon Powers. Pokémon Powers were very similar to Abilities, but were introduced much earlier, appearing in the very first Base Set during Generation I. In fact, some Abilities from the games originally appeared as Pokémon Powers.

With the introduction of the Expedition Base Set, Pokémon Powers were split into two groups: Poké-Powers and Poké-Bodies. Poké-Powers are special effects that the player must trigger or announce using. A Poké-Body's effect is a passive Ability that is always in effect. When Pokémon Powers became Abilities, these distinctions were done away with.

In the manga

In the Be the Best! Pokémon B+W manga

Pokémon Ranger's Zebstrika activating Lightningrod in Be the Best! Pokémon B+W

Monta's Roggenrola activated Sturdy in The Key to Triple Battles.

A Pokémon Ranger's Zebstrika and Monta's Excadrill activated Lightningrod and Sand Force in The Battle for More Friends!.

Dol's Bouffalant activated Sap Sipper in Challenge the Battle Subway!.

Monta's Watchog activated Illuminate in Let's Master Pokémon Capturing!.

Monta's Victini was unable to activate Victory Star in The Birth of the Best Pokémon Trainer! since the Serperior Cheren borrowed used Gastro Acid.

In the movie adaptations

Darkrai activated Bad Dreams in The Rise of Darkrai.

Xerneas activated Fairy Aura in Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction.

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

Ruby & Sapphire chapter

Brawly's Makuhita activating Thick Fat in Pokémon Adventures

Parallel to their introduction in Generation III of the video games, Abilities were first introduced in the Ruby & Sapphire chapter of Pokémon Adventures.

During Sapphire's battle with Roxanne in Blowing Past Nosepass I, Roxanne's Nosepass proved superior to Rono. Worried that Rono would be defeated, Sapphire attempted to switch Rono out for Chic but was unable to. Roxanne explained that because her Nosepass has Magnet Pull, Steel-type Pokémon cannot switch out.

Ruby's first encounter with Abilities arrived in Stick This in Your Craw, Crawdaunt II when he and Mr. Briney were attacked by a wild Crawdaunt. Peeko tried to defeat it with Quick Attack, but the Crawdaunt's Shell Armor prevented it from doing much damage at all. After Mr. Briney fell unconscious, Ruby had Kiki use Double-Edge and infatuate Crawdaunt with its Ability Cute Charm.

Sapphire later struggled against a potent counter Ability when she faced Brawly in Mashing Makuhita. After Rono was quickly defeated by Brawly's Makuhita, Chic used Flamethrower against Makuhita, but it had little effect due to its Thick Fat.

While on their way to Slateport City, Ruby and Sapphire were attacked by Courtney and Tabitha at the Abandoned Ship during Adding It Up with Plusle & Minun II. They escaped with the help of a wild Plusle and Minun after Ruby realized that their complimentary Abilities Plus and Minus greatly amplified their power when they fought together.

After Wattson is captured by the New Mauville generator, Sapphire devised a double battle strategy using his Electrike in Plugging Past Electrike II. While Electrike did not have the moves to defeat the generator itself, and the wild Donphan that Wattson and the Trick Master had originally intended to capture would be quickly eradicated by its powerful attacks, Electrike's Ability Lightning Rod would allow it to redirect the bolt away from Donphan, buying Donphan enough time to destroy the generator with Rollout.

Archie's Walrein activated Thick Fat during battle with Maxie's Camerupt in Walrein and Camerupt.

Norman's Spinda was revealed to have Own Tempo as its Ability in Rayquaza Redemption I but Skill Swapped it with his Slaking's Truant.

FireRed & LeafGreen chapter

Red's Aero activated Rock Head while using Take Down in Double Dealing with Deoxys. In the same chapter, Blue's Rhydon activated Lightning Rod.

Red's Poli activated Damp in Put Your Beast Foot Forward. It was Skill Swapped by Organism No. 2 in Storming the Forretress.

Blue's Alakazam copied Chuchu's Static with Role Play in Secrets from Sneasel.

Emerald chapter

The Battle Factory's Golem was revealed to have Rock Head in Pinsir Me, I Must Be Dreaming.

Emerald's borrowed Phanpy had Pickup in A Dust-Up With Dusclops.

Diamond & Pearl chapter

Diamond's Lax had Pickup in Stagestruck Starly.

A wild Hippowdon had Sand Stream in Bombastic Bibarel & Heroic Hippopotas.

Cyrus's Magnezone had Magnet Pull in Problematic Probopass and Mad Magnezone II.

Diamond's Kit was revealed to have Own Tempo as its Ability in Well Met, Weepinbell but couldn't activate it since Sebastian's Weepinbell cancelled it out with Gastro Acid.

Platinum chapter

Platinum's Lopunny used her Cute Charm Ability in Getting the Drop on Gallade II to help her defeat a Gallade.

A Tyranitar belonging to the Battle Factory had Sand Stream in Outlasting Ledian.

Diamond's Rotom was confirmed to have Levitate in Unplugging Rotom (Heat, Wash, Mow, Fan, Frost).

HeartGold & SoulSilver chapter

In All About Arceus IV, Arceus activated Multitype.

Black & White chapter

Brycen's Vanillish had Ice Body in The Cold Hard Truth.

Brycen's Beartic activated Snow Cloak in A Cold Reception.

Black's Costa activated Solid Rock in One Way or Another but Iris's Haxorus negated it with Mold Breaker.

X & Y chapter

X's Garma activated his Shadow Tag Ability as a Mega Gengar in Changing Gengar.

In Pyroar Breathes, X's Manectric, Élec, used his Lightning Rod Ability to drain Lysandre's machine's energy.

In the Pokémon Battle Frontier manga

Enta's Vulpix activated Flash Fire in Enta Arrives at the Battle Frontier!.

Enta's Feebas activated Swift Swim in Introducing the Frontier Brains!.

When Enta battled Lucy's Seviper with Zangoose in The Predestined Battle!, Zangoose activated Immunity to prevent itself from being poisoned.

In the Pocket Monsters BW: The Heroes of Fire and Thunder manga

Togari's Watchog activated Keen Eye in FAT1.

In the Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl manga

Electivire was shown to activate Motor Drive in Ash's imagination in PDP07 if Pikachu used Volt Tackle on it.

In the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Adventure manga

Saturn's Rhyperior activated Lightningrod to redirect Hareta's Luxio Electric-type moves to it.

Hareta's Riolu has Steadfast which activated after flinching from B-2's Drapion.

Hareta's Piplup has Torrent, which powered up its Water-type moves.

Hareta's Luxio activated Intimidate in A Novel Test!! on Candice's Regirock and Regice but Regirock's Clear Body prevented Intimidate from working. Regice and Registeel were revealed to have Clear Body in the same chapter but weren't shown activating it.

Hareta's Regigigas has Slow Start, which proved to be a disadvantage for Hareta.

Koya's Absol's Super Luck nearly defeated Hareta's Empoleon but a comeback with Empoleon's Surf would have given Hareta the win but the battle was interrupted by Mitsumi's Glaceon's Ice Beam.

Koya's Mamoswine activated Snow Cloak during a hailstorm.

In the Pocket Monsters Platinum: Aim to Be Battle King!! manga

In PBK1, Shin's Bronzong had Heatproof to minimize the damage taken from Yū Shirogane's Infernape's Fire-type moves but Infernape's Blaze powered them back up.

's Scizor received Heatran's Flash Fire Ability after Bronzong Skill Swapped them in PBK4. Yū's Bronzong had Levitate in that same chapter.

Yū's Regigigas had Slow Start in PBK7.

In the Pokémon Pocket Monsters manga

Norman's Slakoth activated Truant in I Won't Let You Lead.

Zorua and Zoroark activated Illusion in PMHGSS20.

In the Pokémon - The Legend of the Dragon King manga

Taichi's Ampharos had the Ability, Static.


  • The unused Ability Cacophony was included in the coding for third-generation games as Ability #076 (Air Lock was #077). From the fourth generation, Cacophony was removed and Air Lock was renumbered as #076, with the new Abilities positioned from #077 onward.
  • Generation III introduced the most Abilities, with 76. Generation VI introduced the least, with 27.

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