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AR Markers are pictures that will trigger a Pokémon to get identified and may get registered in the Pokédex.

Pokédex 3D

Each Pokémon has its own marker, which, will appear as silhouettes. This will raise the likelihood of getting these Pokémon via SpotPass. A picture of the AR marker scan can be found on the Pokémon's entry page--it will zoom in when you press it, letting you take a good look at it, but otherwise you'll need to scan it.

By going to the menu screen of the Pokédex, click "AR Viewer" which will trigger a camera. During this state, it is looking for an AR Marker. Once found the AR Marker, the Pokémon it identifies it as may come out. If it does, it will also register in your sticker book--if it is a new Pokémon, it will get registered in the Pokédex.

After getting a good number of stickers when the camera sees the AR Marker, you will unlock something. This may be a scene, window, or something to throw at the Pokémon while viewing them on the AR Viewer.

Scanning the cards for Victini, Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion, Reshiram or Zekrom will add them to the Pokedex right away. Any other Pokemon not in the dex will appear as a silhouette, although the marker itself will be put in the sticker book. Any unknown AR stickers in the book have a higher chance of being chosen as a random daily Pokemon via Spot Pass.

Unlockable Things (via AR Marker)

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30 Stickers: Border
50 Stickers: Music Note (effect: If thrown at Pokémon during AR Viewer, that Pokémon will emit its cry)