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broadcast_us=January 13, 2007 |
broadcast_us=January 13, 2007 |
en_series= |
en_series= |
en_op= |
en_op=[[Battle Frontier (dub)|Battle Frontier]] |
ja_op=[[Spurt!|スパート!]] |
ja_op=[[Spurt!|スパート!]] |
ja_ed=[[I won't lose! ~Haruka's theme~|私、負けない! ~ハルカのテーマ~]] |
ja_ed=[[I won't lose! ~Haruka's theme~|私、負けない! ~ハルカのテーマ~]] |

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Duels of the Jungle
Attack! The Stray Manyula!!
First broadcast
Japan July 27, 2006
United States January 13, 2007
English themes
Opening Battle Frontier
Japanese themes
Opening スパート!
Ending 私、負けない! ~ハルカのテーマ~
Animation Team Iguchi
Screenplay 十川誠志 Masashi Sogo
Storyboard 秦義人 Yoshito Hata
Assistant director 渡辺正彦 Masahiko Watanabe
Animation director 志村泉 Izumi Shimura
No additional credits are available at this time.
  • Screenshots on Filb.de
  • As with AG183, 山下恵 Megumi Yamashita was credited as 総作監補佐 general animation assistant director

Duels of the Jungle (Japanese: 襲撃!はぐれマニューラ!! Attack! The Stray Manyula!!) is episode 184 of Advanced Generation. It was first broadcast in Japan on July 27, 2006.

201 Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details. 201


During their travels to the Battle Pyramid, Ash & co come across an injured Weavile. Attempting to heal it, Weavile attacks and easily defeats Ash's Aipom and dissapears. After consulting with a local, Ash & co find out that the Weavile was attacked by a member of it's group over a Sneasel. Ash & co decide to find Weavile and help it defeat it's adversary. Can it do this?

Major events






* No official credit was given for this character.



  • In one scene, one of the Weavile's ear feathers is blue instead of red.

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