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AG168 : Three Jynx and a Baby!
Advanced Generation series
AG170 : Second Time's the Charm!
Talking a Good Game!
AG169   EP443
Enter the Tower Tycoon, Lila!!
First broadcast
Japan March 23, 2006
United States November 25, 2006
English themes
Opening Battle Frontier
Japanese themes
Opening スパート!
Ending GLORY DAY 〜輝くその日〜
Animation Team Ota
Screenplay 米村正二 Shōji Yonemura
Storyboard 日高政光 Masamitsu Hidaka
Assistant director ながはまのりひこ Norihiko Nagahama
Animation director 志村泉 Izumi Shimura
Additional credits

Talking a Good Game! (Japanese: タワータイクーン、リラ登場!! Enter the Tower Tycoon, Lila!!) is the 169th episode of the Advanced Generation series, and the 443rd episode of the Pokémon anime. It was first broadcast in Japan on March 23, 2006 and in the United States on November 25, 2006.

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Running alongside Pikachu, Ash heads towards the Battle Tower for his sixth Symbol. The background includes lush forests and a body of water to the left of our heroes.

Pikachu comes to a stop as a Beedrill starts to attack Ash and Pikachu. As the Beedrill closes in on our hero, Anabel appears to stop Beedrill from attacking them. She explains that the Beedrill is just simply attempting to protect its offspring. Ash introduces himself to Anabel as the water explodes and a Gyarados arrives on the scene. Gyarados begins to attack, but Anabel moves in to calm it. Anabel calms Gyarados as she removes a twig lodged in its back. After she removes the foreign object, Gyarados cries in pleasure and heads off in the opposite direction.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket is spying on Ash as usual, while James and Meowth both notice how Anabel cares for Pokémon. Jessie is quick to remind the team of their true objective to capture Pikachu.

Anabel and Ash sit on the shore with Pikachu making its introduction with Anabel. A net explodes from the distance enveloping Anabel and Pikachu as they are hoisted into the air. Making an unusual early introduction, Team Rocket moves into the usual Rocket theme. With Team Rocket as confident as ever, it appears their plan may actually prove successful. As Team Rocket gains distance between themselves and Ash, he releases Corphish to help him. Corphish uses a BubbleBeam attack, breaking the net and releasing Anabel and Pikachu. Ash then quickly dives into the nearby water swimming towards Pikachu. Team Rocket land their balloon and move in for a ground attack. Jessie releases her Seviper as it lunges forward with a Poison Tail, striking Ash on his back. May, Max and Brock are now visible as they run towards Ash's location. James moves for the next attack, calling upon his Cacnea. As usual, Cacnea grabs onto James ignoring the current battle. Anabel takes advantage of this situation and releases her Alakazam. Cacnea launches an array of Pin Missiles at Ash and Anabel as Alakazam diverts the attack's course with Psychic, letting the pins smash into the surrounding area around Team Rocket as they manage to evade the attack. Alakazam then lifts Ash and Anabel onto the ground with its Psychic power. Team Rocket goes for the second phase of attack as Alakazam begins with a Psybeam attack. The beam makes a direct hit with Cacnea and Seviper as both Pokémon become easily confused and begin attacking each other.

Pikachu finally recovers from Team Rocket's prior attack and follows up with a devastating Thunderbolt attack blasting Team Rocket off like a brilliant star. Anabel thanks Ash for his assistance with Team Rocket and the battle effort.

At Anabel's house, Ash freshens up from the prior battle. May, Max, and Brock finally give their proper introductions to Anabel. Now sitting at a table, our heroes enjoy refreshments prepared by Anabel. She notices Ash's bonding with his Pokémon when he previously shielded Seviper's Poison Tail attack from Pikachu. Ash is quick to interrupt her as he dashes off telling her that he is in search for the Frontier Brain of the Battle Tower. Anabel attempts to inform Ash that she is the Frontier Brain but he manages to ignore the information as he blasts off into the distance, exiting the house.

Ash successfully arrives at the Battle Tower and quickly informs the assistant that he wishes to challenge the Frontier Brain. As Ash is guided onto the battlefield, the assistant introduces the Salon Maiden, Anabel. When the doors finally open, Ash is astonished that Anabel is actually the Frontier Brain of the Battle Tower. The announcer initiates the battle as a three-on-three. Anabel calls upon her Alakazam as Ash releases Corphish.

Corphish begins the battle with a Crabhammer but is enveloped by Alakazam's psychic power and is thrust backwards. While Corphish is suspended in the air, Corphish launches a barrage of bubbles towards Alakazam. Alakazam shields against this attack with a Psybeam. Both Anabel and Alakazam are in sync as she has the ability to command attacks to Alakazam without having to verbally launch the attack. As a thick plume of smoke covers the battlefield, Alakazam lunges toward Corphish and strikes with a Focus Punch.

Corphish is thrown backwards by the devastating attack. Ash realizes that he will have to combat Anabel without knowing her intent or strategy. Corphish goes for a Crabhammer attack but the attack is easily avoided and counterattacked with another Focus Punch. Alakazam takes advantage of the battle and ascends into the air and strikes with a final Psybeam. The attack makes a direct hit as Corphish is announced as unable to battle.

A solitary Poké Ball rotates from Ash's hand as his Tauros is released from its captive ball. Tauros begins the attack, stampeding towards Alakazam's position. Alakazam is quick to interrupt the attack with its power, following up with a Focus Punch. A devastating Psybeam launches towards Tauros hitting it directly and announced as unable to battle. Ash makes his last and final move of desperation as his long lasting companion steps onto the battlefield. Pikachu goes on the attack with a Thunderbolt which makes for a direct hit on Alakazam.

Scott arrives on the scene with Max, May, and Brock greeting him. Scott takes a seat as he begins to examine and explain Anabel's battle strategy. Alakazam disperses Pikachu's electrical attack as Pikachu responds with an Iron Tail. The two forces clash as Alakazam's Focus Punch and Pikachu's Iron Tail go hand in hand. While the two forces clash, Pikachu goes for another Thunderbolt attack but is once more counterattacked with Alakazam's Psybeam, making for direct damage. Pikachu moves into a Volt Tackle, but moved in the incorrect direction. Pikachu moves for a direct collision course with one of the tower's walls as Ash moves to shield Pikachu from the collision. Pikachu once more goes for a Thunderbolt attack as Alakazam moves in again for an additional Psybeam attack. The Psybeam and Thunderbolt clash, as Alakazam and Pikachu increase the output. The two long range attacks continue to collide but Pikachu's attack manages to overcome the Psybeam making contact with Alakazam. The two forces explode as Alakazam is thrown backwards and is announced as unable to battle. Anabel congratulates Ash on his short victory as she then calls upon her Metagross.

As Pikachu moves in with another Thunderbolt attack, Metagross also harnesses its telekinetic powers to direct the attack back towards Pikachu. Pikachu launches forward with a Quick Attack and makes contact with Metagross. Metagross successfully defends against Pikachu's attack. Pikachu continues with a Volt Tackle as Metagross launches a devastating Hyper Beam attack making direct contact with Pikachu and it is announced unable to battle.

Major events

For a list of all major events in the anime, please see the timeline of events.







  • This is the first time Ash loses against a Frontier Brain.
  • Stock animal noises are used for Gyarados.


Lip error
  • When there was a close-up shot of the Gyarados that Anabel was talking to, the Gyarados had pink lips.
  • If one looks closely, one can see Ash sending out his Tauros in a regular Poké Ball, despite being caught in a Safari Ball.
  • In the Japanese version, at the end, the narrator says 六つ目のバッジ sixth Badge, which is incorrect - these are Frontier Symbols.
  • When Ash and Team Rocket battles, James says to Cacnea to use Pin Missiles, not Pin Missile.
  • When Corphish uses Crabhammer the first time, it doesn't shine as it usually would.

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AG168 : Three Jynx and a Baby!
Advanced Generation series
AG170 : Second Time's the Charm!
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