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==In other languages==
==In other languages==
* Chinese: '''{{tt|胖丁的歌、爸爸的歌!|Jigglypuff's Song, Papa's Song!}}'''
* French: '''{{tt|Joyeux anniversaire!|Happy birthday!}}'''
* French: '''{{tt|Joyeux anniversaire!|Happy birthday!}}'''
* German: '''{{tt|WER hat hier WEN ausgesucht?|WHO has chosen WHO?}}'''
* German: '''{{tt|WER hat hier WEN ausgesucht?|WHO has chosen WHO?}}'''

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AG137 : Hooked on Onix
Advanced Generation series
AG139 : On Cloud Arcanine
Rough, Tough Jigglypuff
AG138   EP412
Purin's Song, Papa's Song!
First broadcast
Japan August 11, 2005
United States May 13, 2006
English themes
Opening Unbeatable
Japanese themes
Opening バトルフロンティア
Ending ポケモンかぞえうた
Animation Team Ota
Screenplay 冨岡淳広 Atsuhiro Tomioka
Storyboard 秦義人 Yoshito Hata
Assistant director 渡辺正彦 Masahiko Watanabe
Animation director 志村泉 Izumi Shimura
No additional credits are available at this time.

Rough, Tough Jigglypuff (Japanese: プリンの歌、パパの歌! Purin's Song, Papa's Song!) is the 138th episode of the Advanced Generation series, and the 412th episode of the Pokémon anime. It was first broadcast in Japan on August 11, 2005 and in the United States on May 13, 2006.

201 Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details. 201


Template:Incomplete synopsis While traveling towards the Battle Arena, Ash and friends get caught in a trap made by a man named Mitch Mitchum. Mitch is trying to capture a Jigglypuff to give to his daughter for her birthday. Ash and the others try to help capture it but it is super strong, smarter, and tricky which makes it that much more difficult...

Major events







Dub edits

Pokémon Trainer's Choice

  • Question: Trainers, which of these Pokémon does not evolve?
  • Choices: Ralts, Ursaring, Machop
  • Answer: OK, trainers! If you chose Ursaring, you were right!

In other languages

  • Chinese: 胖丁的歌、爸爸的歌!
  • French: Joyeux anniversaire!
  • German: WER hat hier WEN ausgesucht?
  • Italian: Un Jigglypuff imprendibile
  • Latin American Spanish: Rough, Tough Jigglypuff
  • Iberian Spanish: Pesado, duro, Jigglypuff

AG137 : Hooked on Onix
Advanced Generation series
AG139 : On Cloud Arcanine
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