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[[File:Meowth's missing scarf.png|thumb|Meowth's missing scarf.]]
* When the episode first aired on [[Kids' WB!]], the title card was incorrectly spelled as '''Choose it or ''Loose'' It.''' The [[Cartoon Network]] airing, as well as the DVD, have corrected this error.
* When the episode first aired on [[Kids' WB!]], the title card was incorrectly spelled as '''Choose it or ''Loose'' It.''' The [[Cartoon Network]] airing, as well as the DVD, have corrected this error.
* In the dub, Brock and Max state that Ash's Glalie should have the advantage against Morrison's Metang, which is incorrect as {{t|Steel}} is super-effective against {{t|Ice}} (in the original, the two correctly state that it's Glalie who has the disadvantage).
* In the dub, Brock and Max state that Ash's Glalie should have the advantage against Morrison's Metang, which is incorrect as {{t|Steel}} is super-effective against {{t|Ice}} (in the original, the two correctly state that it's Glalie who has the disadvantage).
* When [[Ash's Pikachu]] battled Morrison's Steelix he called for Iron Tail "again" but in reality he called it the first time.
* When [[Ash's Pikachu]] battled Morrison's Steelix he called for Iron Tail "again" but in reality he called it the first time.
* When [[Tyson's Meowth]] slices the tree, its scarf is missing.
===Dub edits===
===Dub edits===

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AG129 : A Judgment Brawl
Advanced Generation series
AG131 : At the End of the Fray
Choose It or Lose It!
AG130   EP404
Rival Battle! VS Masamune!
First broadcast
Japan May 26, 2005
United States March 25, 2006
English themes
Opening Unbeatable
Japanese themes
Opening ポケモン シンフォニック メドレー
Ending GLORY DAY 〜輝くその日〜
Animation Team Ota
Screenplay 米村正二 Shōji Yonemura
Storyboard 秦義人 Yoshito Hata
Assistant director 秦義人 Yoshito Hata
Animation directors 志村泉 Izumi Shimura
山下恵 Megumi Yamashita
No additional credits are available at this time.

Choose It or Lose It! (Japanese: ライバル対決!VSマサムネ!! Rival Battle! VS Masamune!) is the 130th episode of the Advanced Generation series, and the 404th episode of the Pokémon anime. It was first broadcast in Japan on May 26, 2005 and in the United States on March 25, 2006.

201 Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details. 201


The second round of the Ever Grande Conference is about to begin but his second round opponent is none other than Morrison. Now on an Ice Field, Ash battles at full power while Morrison is hesitant to fight and has finally become unable to move. As Morrison is delaying in selecting his next Pokémon the referee is ready to disqualify Morrison and announce Ash as the victor. Ash interrupts the coordinator stating that Morrison will still battle. Morrison finally sends out his Growlithe to take on Ash's Corphish. Corphish begins the battle by firing an array of BubbleBeams at Growlithe. Morrison tells Growlithe to evade Corphish's barrage of BubbleBeams in using Agility continuously. Morrison is clearly still hesitating to fight his friend and rival and is now only commanding defensive moves and cannot bring himself to take any offensive action towards Ash. Corphish delivers a devastating Crabhammer to Growlithe, knocking it out. Morrison has now lost two Pokémon in a row to Ash and at this rate will easily lose the match. Morrison confirms to Growlithe that he did an excellent job while Ash questions Morrison with why he won't put up a serious fight. Ash harshly attacks Morrison's honor and confidence and explains that the pitiful battling strategy that Morrison is displaying is disgraceful and that he is just disrespecting his Pokémon by not allowing them to try their best. Morrison seems really upset telling Ash that he doesn't need to be told that and apologizes to Growlithe for his weak actions. Morrison unleashes in a fiery rage stating that he'll show Ash real battling spirit. May, Max, Brock, and Tyson are relieved that Morrison has reclaimed his fighting spirit and honor. Morrison chooses Swampert as his 3rd Pokémon. Corphish delivers a Crabhammer to Swampert while Swampert launches a devastating Focus Punch as the two attacks clash together creating tremendous power. Ash is excited that Morrison is giving him a serious and honorable performance as Morrison states that if you don't put your heart into a battle then it isn't a battle at all. Corphish launches another barrage of BubbleBeam while Swampert releases its Hydro Pump. Both Pokémon seem to be evenly matched. Corphish delivers a "Crabhammer of Courage" while Swampert delivers a "Focus Punch with Spirit". Both attacks hit each Pokémon in the face, knocking them out. Both Swampert and Corphish are announced as unable to battle.

As Morrison has lost three Pokémon the battle goes into intermission. While Morrison is left with only three Pokémon Ash still has five to battle with. Max congratulates Ash telling him to keep doing his best. Ash confirms to Max that he can leave it to him. Morrison enters wanting to apologize to Ash for his prior actions while Ash is surprised that Morrison is apologizing. Morrison explodes saying that even he has times like this. Morrison continues on that up until now, he has always thought it'd be great to have fun battles as losing is painful but it'd be fine as long as he had fun with the Pokémon. When Morrison actually won his first round he started wanting to win the next one too! Ash agrees that winning a tournament battle is far different from winning a normal battle. Morrison explains that when he realized that Ash was his second round opponent he didn't know what to do. When Ash yelled at him but there in the battle it made Morrison realize that fighting with all you have is what a real friend would do! Ash confirms Morrison's statement by saying that they should finish the second round at full power. Both Trainers accept a handshake confirming to one another that they won't lose and regardless of what happens, they'll still be friends afterward.

The second half of the round starts as the announcer states that this round will be on a Grass Field. Ash chooses Pikachu as his second Pokémon as Morrison then releases Steelix making it his fourth Pokémon choice. Steelix releases a spew of DragonBreath while Pikachu dodges and uses Quick Attack. Steelix delivers a devastating Iron Tail to Pikachu, which strikes for a direct hit. Morrison seems to be at the advantage in this battle since Pikachu is Electric-type while Steelix is Ground-type. Steelix digs deep into the ground and comes above smashing Pikachu into the air. Ash tells Pikachu to not give up and respond with Iron Tail. Steelix performs Dig again dodging Pikachu's Iron Tail and smashing Pikachu from underground into the air again. Pikachu delivers a Quick Attack to Steelix which is a direct hit while Morrison shouts to Steelix to not give up and perform an "Iron Tail with Spirit" while Pikachu is commanded to unleash an "Iron Tail of Courage". The two Iron Tails clash creating an array of colors and sparks. Pikachu is blasted towards the ground and announced as unable to battle leaving Ash with four available Pokémon and Morrison with three.

The scene changes as James, Jessie, and Meowth can now be seen walking down a pair of steps announcing that they are selling Rice Crackers, Caramel, Boxed Lunches, Juice, and Bubblegum. One fan asks for a cracker while another asks for ice cream. Team Rocket seems to be now flooded with orders from various guests in the crowd as they scramble to complete all the orders of the hungry customers. Both Jessie and James are ecstatic as they vow to work as hard as they can as they can obtain an all-you-can eat buffet.

Ash releases Torkoal as his third Pokémon choice, with the Fire-type a perfect match for Steelix. Morrison seems to be confident as he notes that he nor Steelix care about Ash's Pokémon Types. Steelix unleashes a barrage of DragonBreath while Torkoal uses Iron Defense to guard against Steelix's incoming attack. Torkoal performs Overheat while Steelix unleashes a second round of DragonBreath as both abilities clash together! The first shot of Overheat intensifies overcoming Steelix's attack and connecting for a direct hit. Torkoal unleashes a spew of Flamethrower while Steelix performs its acclaimed DragonBreath. Both abilities clash again but it results in a draw. Creating a huge cloud of smoke and dust, Steelix digs deep underground appearing to have vanished. Torkoal does into an defensive state going into Iron Defense while a second later Steelix's Dig attack strikes! Steelix launches a colorful array of DragonBreath which scorches Torkoal and scores for a direct hit. Torkoal is announced as unable to battle and Steelix is announced as the victor. This leaves Ash and Morrison tied with three usable Pokémon in the second round.

In a fury of might and strength Ash chooses Grovyle as his fourth Pokémon. Steelix unleashes its Iron Tail at the beginning of the battle but Grovyle quickly dodges it. This is where stamina and agility meet each other in a battle of might and fury. Grovyle unleashes a load of bullet seeds towards Steelix but burrows into the ground once again in retreat. Just as Steelix comes from underground Grovyle dodges Steelix's dig attack but responds with DragonBreath. Grovyle using Leaf Blade goes directly into the DragonBreath shielding itself from Steelix's attack, dispersing it and then delivers a finishing blow to Steelix.

Morrison states that he won't lose in a battle of speed and releases Gligar as his fifth Pokémon choice. Grovyle performs Quick Attack but Gligar swiftly dodges it and performs Steel Wing. Grovyle just barely dodges Gligar's onslaught of attacks hiding in the deep grass on the field. Grovyle reveals itself from the grass jumping up into the air and unleashing a barrage of Bullet Seed at Gligar which is very effective. Grovyle once again retreats back into the grass while Gligar replies with trimming the grass and reducing Grovyle's hiding space with Steel Wing! Grovyle jumps onto Gligar to perform Leaf Blade but is shaken off by Gligar. Freefalling through the sky, Grovyle is unable to move leaving a perfect position for Gligar to unleash Guillotine. Grovyle attempts to defend itself with Bullet Seed but proves to be ineffective as Guillotine makes contact forcing Grovyle to the ground. Grovyle is announced as unable to battle leaving both Ash and Morrison with two usable Pokémon.

Ash releases Swellow as his fifth Pokémon choice in this second round challenge. Gligar attempts to quickly end it with Guillotine but Swellow responds with a defensive Double Team. Gligar goes for the fake illusion while Swellow responds with a barrage of Pecks. Gligar dodges and tries to deliver an Iron Tail while Swellow evades with Quick Attack. Gligar unleashes Hidden Power which is a direct hit forcing Swellow uncontrollably towards the ground. Swellow just barely recovers and unleashes Aerial Ace while Gligar launches its total body at Swellow with Steel Wing. Both Pokémon collide in mid-air creating a giant plume of smoke and dust as their abilities are tied in power. Ash commands Swellow to perform an "Aerial Ace of Courage" while Morrison tells Gligar to unleash a "Steel Wing with Spirit". Another violent collision happens as this is a battle of wills! "Aerial Ace with all the courage" and "Steel Wing with True Spirit" are two attacks shouted from both Trainers, Ash and Morrison. The same abilities make a third collision creating the question on peoples minds of which Pokémon will be victorious. More smoke and dust is created as both Swellow and Gligar can be seen falling through the cloud towards the ground. Both Swellow and Gligar are announced as unable to battle. This leaves both Ash and Morrison with only one usable Pokémon making this a unbelievable match.

The announcer questions asking what will each Trainer's final Pokémon be? Ash chooses Glalie while Morrison releases Metang. May is surprised that Morrison released Metang while Max states that Ash is at an overwhelming disadvantage! Glalie performs Headbutt while Metang unleashes Take Down. Both Pokémon smash right into each other but this time Glalie takes the bigger hit. Glalie responds with Ice Beam while Metang performs Confusion forcing Ice Beam right back towards Glalie. Metang unleashes Take Down which scores for a direct hit. Glalie unleashes another stream of Ice Beam but is yet returned again towards the source from Metang's Confusion. Glalie responds to the incoming Ice Beam with Icy Wind which reflects the Ice Beam once again back towards Metang. The reflected Ice Beam hits for a direct hit forming an icy aura around Metang. May is surprised by Ash's great idea while Glalie responds with Headbutt making a clean hit. Metang releases an intense Meteor Mash which scores for a direct hit! "Headbutt with all your courage" and "Meteor Mash with true spirit" are two phrases yelled out by opposing Trainers, Morrison and Ash. The match will be decided with this final clash of titans and claim who will move on to the third round of the Hoenn Tournament. Glalie uses its rotation to change direction and get a clear hit. Metang is announced as unable to battle and Glalie as the victor. Ash will now advance to the third round of the Hoenn Tournament. With a magnificent effort, Ash has beaten Morrison to move into the best 8!

The crowd cheers as Tyson is seen commanding Sceptile to fire SolarBeam. Rhydon takes an direct hit making SolarBeam super effective. Rhydon is announced as unable to battle making Sceptile the victor. With a flawless performance Tyson moves on to the best 8!

Morrison is viewing the brilliant flame of the Hoenn Tournament as he shouts out in disappointment that he lost to Ash but realizes that it can't be helped. Ash tells Morrison that he was really fired up during their battle while May states that it was a really great battle. Morrison then wishes Ash the best of luck in his next round but also confirms that the next time they meet, he won't lose! Ash responds back stating that he won't lose either. Tyson says they should all call it a day and rest their Pokémon. The two agree and are seen blazing towards the rest area. May, Max, and Brock are relieved that Morrison and Ash are back to their old selves.

A giant buffet can be seen containing of appetizers, the main course, and desserts are seen shouting out in glory and eating very fast. After James, Jessie, and Meowth have finished their meal the owner states that if they work a littler harder they can watch the store next time. They are overcome with joy with the idea of a temporary promotion to be store managers.

The next round is decided as a clash of titans between Ash and Tyson. Tyson confirms that he thought it would come to this eventually and to have a battle with no regrets. Ash states that he'll fight with his full power as May and Max wish him luck.

Both James and Jessie have fallen asleep after their big meal while Meowth is admiring the tournament pairings for round three. Meowth seems to be plotting some sort of plan towards being in charge of the store.

Tyson lectures his Pokémon to put their heart into the battle as they confirm back with various replies. Tyson tells his Pokémon that Ash is a strong opponent but they have trained hard and can't afford to lose. Tyson starts to prepare his team for tomorrow with some special training.

Meowth of Jessie and James starts to call Tyson's Meowth towards the bushes where he is hiding. Meowth of Jessie and James goes on to state that they say a strong Pokémon can tell when another one is strong and that he will give Tyson's Meowth some good advice. He goes on to state to stay away from Ash's Pikachu as he pretends to be cute but has unbelievable power! Pikachu has not only destroyed the mecha they built one after another, but he has also sent them flying through the air! Tyson's Meowth goes on to confirm that he will not lose to anyone and goes on to display his strength and power. Meowth is surprised at this display and wonders how he could be so confident. Two branches fall down from atop as Meowth quietly walks away. A tree then begins to fall as Tyson's Meowth's cut becomes visible.

Morrison and Ash are resting outside while Morrison questions Ash telling him that he has a big match tomorrow and should sleep inside. Ash states that he feels more relaxed sleeping outside while Morrison notices that Ash is unusually nervous. Ash is nervous because he will be facing Tyson tomorrow which is a powerful foe. Morrison says that they shouldn't worry over it and go to sleep and tells Ash to not lose. Ash confirms that he will not fall to Tyson in the third match.

The tournament flame can be seen flaming brightly and beautifully as the third match is about to begin. "The first match will be Ash from Pallet Town versus Tyson from Mauville City!" - Announcer. The first half of the battle will be fought on a grass battlefield. Ash chooses Glalie as his first Pokémon while Tyson's releases Sceptile. The match is quickly started as Glalie unleashes an array of Ice Beam while Sceptile releases SolarBeam. Both abilities clash creating a magnificent aura of light from within the stadium.

At last, Tyson and Ash must battle to advance to the Final 4.

Major events

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Pokémon Trainer's Choice

Pokémon Trainer's Choice: Feebas



File:Meowth's missing scarf.png
Meowth's missing scarf.
  • When the episode first aired on Kids' WB!, the title card was incorrectly spelled as Choose it or Loose It. The Cartoon Network airing, as well as the DVD, have corrected this error.
  • In the dub, Brock and Max state that Ash's Glalie should have the advantage against Morrison's Metang, which is incorrect as Steel is super-effective against Ice (in the original, the two correctly state that it's Glalie who has the disadvantage).
  • When Ash's Pikachu battled Morrison's Steelix he called for Iron Tail "again" but in reality he called it the first time.
  • When Tyson's Meowth slices the tree, its scarf is missing.

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Pokémon Trainer's Choice

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AG129 : A Judgment Brawl
Advanced Generation series
AG131 : At the End of the Fray
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