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[[File:AG130 Title Error.png|thumb|The incorrect title.]]
[[File:AG130 error.png|thumb|Meowth's missing scarf.]]
[[File:AG130 error.png|thumb|Meowth's missing scarf.]]
* When the episode first aired on [[Kids' WB!]], the title card was incorrectly spelled as '''Choose it or ''Loose'' It.''' The [[Cartoon Network]] airing, as well as the DVD, have corrected this error.
* When the episode first aired on [[Kids' WB!]], the title card was incorrectly spelled as '''Choose it or ''Loose'' It.''' The [[Cartoon Network]] airing, as well as the DVD, have corrected this error.

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AG129 : A Judgment Brawl
Advanced Generation series
AG131 : At the End of the Fray
Choose It or Lose It!
AG130   EP404
Rival Battle! VS Masamune!
First broadcast
Japan May 26, 2005
United States March 25, 2006
English themes
Opening Unbeatable
Japanese themes
Opening ポケモン シンフォニック メドレー
Ending GLORY DAY 〜輝くその日〜
Animation Team Ota
Screenplay 米村正二 Shōji Yonemura
Storyboard 秦義人 Yoshito Hata
Assistant director 秦義人 Yoshito Hata
Animation directors 志村泉 Izumi Shimura
山下恵 Megumi Yamashita
No additional credits are available at this time.

Choose It or Lose It! (Japanese: ライバル対決!VSマサムネ!! Rival Battle! VS Masamune!) is the 130th episode of the Advanced Generation series, and the 404th episode of the Pokémon anime. It was first broadcast in Japan on May 26, 2005 and in the United States on March 25, 2006.

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The second round of the Ever Grande Conference is about to begin, but Ash's second round opponent is none other than Morrison. Now on an Ice Field, he battles at full power whereas Morrison is hesitant to fight and has become unable to move. While Morrison delays selecting his next Pokémon, the referee is ready to disqualify him and announce Ash as the victor. Ash interrupts the referee, stating that Morrison can still battle. Morrison hastily sends out his Growlithe to take on Ash's Corphish. Corphish begins the battle by firing an array of BubbleBeams at Growlithe. Morrison tells Growlithe to evade Corphish's barrage of BubbleBeams by using Agility continuously. Morrison is clearly still hesitating to fight his friend and rival, only calling for defensive moves, unable to bring himself to take any offensive action towards Ash. Corphish delivers a devastating Crabhammer to Growlithe, knocking it out. Morrison has now lost two Pokémon in a row to Ash and will soon lose the match at this rate. Morrison confirms to Growlithe that he did an excellent job, but Ash sternly asks Morrison why he won't put up a serious fight. Ash harshly attacks Morrison's honor, telling him that he might as well quit now if he won't battle like he means it. Morrison retorts by telling Ash that he doesn't need to be told that and apologizes to Growlithe for his weak actions. Morrison yells "I'm baaaaaack!" loudly and states that he'll show Ash real battling spirit. May, Max, Brock, and Tyson are relieved that Morrison has reclaimed his fighting spirit. Morrison chooses Swampert as his third Pokémon. Corphish delivers a Crabhammer to Swampert while Swampert launches a devastating Focus Punch. The two attacks clash with tremendous power. Ash is excited that Morrison is giving him a serious and honorable performance as Morrison states that if you don't put your heart into a battle then it isn't a battle at all. Corphish launches another barrage of BubbleBeam while Swampert releases its Hydro Pump. Both Pokémon seem to be evenly matched. Corphish and Swampert use Crabhammer and Focus Punch, respectively, but each Pokémon's attack hits the other in the face, knocking them both out.

Since Morrison has lost three Pokémon, the battle goes into intermission. Morrison has three remaining Pokémon while Ash still has five. Max congratulates Ash, telling him to keep doing his best. Ash confirms to Max that he can leave it to him. Morrison enters the room to apologize to Ash for his prior actions, who is surprised at the gesture. Morrison furiously tells Ash that he can still apologize when necessary. Morrison says he wasn't always like this. Once he started winning often, the joy of victory proved irresistible. Ash agrees, saying that winning a tournament battle is very different from winning a normal battle. Morrison explains that when he realized that Ash was his second round opponent, he didn't know what to do. When Ash yelled at him during the battle, it made him realize that fighting with all you have is what a real friend would do. Ash confirms Morrison's statement by saying that they should finish the second round at full power. The Trainers shake hands and confirm to one another that they won't lose. Regardless of what happens, they'll still be friends afterward.

The second half of the round starts as the announcer states that this round will be on a Grass Field. Ash chooses Pikachu as his second Pokémon as Morrison then releases Steelix making it his fourth Pokémon choice. Steelix releases a spew of DragonBreath while Pikachu dodges and uses Quick Attack. Steelix delivers a devastating Iron Tail to Pikachu, which strikes for a direct hit. Morrison seems to be at the advantage in this battle since Pikachu is Electric-type while Steelix is Ground-type. Steelix digs deep into the ground and comes above smashing Pikachu into the air. Ash tells Pikachu to not give up and respond with Iron Tail. Steelix performs Dig again, dodging Pikachu's Iron Tail and smashing it from underground into the air again. Pikachu lands a direct hit with Quick Attack, but Morrison shouts to Steelix to not give up. Both Pokémon are commanded to use Iron Tail. The two attacks clash, sending off blue energy in streaks. Pikachu is blasted toward the ground and declared unable to battle, leaving Ash with four available Pokémon and Morrison with three.

Meanwhile, James, Jessie, and Meowth can now be seen walking down a pair of steps, advertising their refreshments. Nearby fans eagerly ask for hot dogs, sodas, and ice cream. Team Rocket is excited to be fully occupied by the audience's orders, ever closer to earning an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Ash releases Torkoal as his third Pokémon choice, with the Fire-type a good match for Steelix. Morrison seems to be confident, saying that their type advantage won't work. Steelix uses DragonBreath, which Torkoal protects itself from with Iron Defense. Torkoal performs Overheat while Steelix unleashes a second round of DragonBreath, both attacks meeting in the middle. Overheat proves more powerful, landing a direct hit on Steelix. Torkoal unleashes Flamethrower while Steelix uses DragonBreath. This time, the result is an explosive draw. Using the resulting cloud of smoke as cover, Steelix escapes underground. Torkoal guards itself against Steelix's Dig by using Iron Defense. Steelix immediately uses DragonBreath, hitting and knocking out Torkoal. This leaves Ash and Morrison tied with three usable Pokémon left each.

Ash chooses Grovyle as his fourth Pokémon. Steelix unleashes its Iron Tail at the beginning of the battle, but Grovyle quickly dodges it, impressing Morrison with its Speed. Grovyle fires Bullet Seed at Steelix, who burrows into the ground once again in retreat. Grovyle dodges Steelix's Dig attack, but is now faced with DragonBreath. Ash tells Grovyle to use Leaf Blade and go directly into the DragonBreath. Leaf Blade shields Grovyle as it makes its way to land the attack, knocking out Steelix.

Morrison matches Grovyle's speed by calling out Gligar as his fifth Pokémon. Grovyle uses Quick Attack but Gligar swiftly dodges it and performs Steel Wing. Grovyle barely dodges Gligar's onslaught of attacks by hiding in the deep grass on the field. Grovyle jumps into the air and uses Bullet Seed, striking Gligar. Grovyle once again retreats back into the grass and Gligar pursues with Steel Wing. Ash tells Grovyle to leap onto Gligar to perform Leaf Blade, but Morrison tells Gligar to shake it off. Freefalling through the sky, Grovyle tries to use Bullet Seed once more, to no avail. It is helpless to defend itself from Gligar's Guillotine. Gligar's pincer grips Grovyle's neck and slams its opponent into the ground. The one-hit-knockout move is successful and Grovyle is declared unable to battle, leaving both Ash and Morrison with two usable Pokémon.

Ash releases Swellow as his fifth Pokémon. Gligar attempts to quickly end it with Guillotine but Swellow responds with a defensive Double Team. Gligar goes for the fake illusion while Swellow tries Peck. Gligar dodges and tries to deliver an Iron Tail, but Swellow evades with Quick Attack. Gligar's Hidden Power lands a direct hit, sending Swellow plummeting toward the ground. Swellow barely recovers by using Aerial Ace, which Gligar matches with Steel Wing. Both Pokémon collide in mid-air, creating a large cloud of dust. Ash commands Swellow to repeat Aerial Ace while Morrison tells Gligar to use Steel Wing again. Another violent collision occurs. Both Trainers call for the same attacks, resulting in a third collision and a huge explosion, sending both Swellow and Gligar falling to the ground, unable to battle. This leaves both Ash and Morrison with only one usable Pokémon left each.

The announcer asks what will each Trainer's final Pokémon be. Ash chooses Glalie while Morrison releases Metang. May is surprised at the match-up while Max and Brock state that Morrison has the advantage. Glalie performs Headbutt, which Metang matches with Take Down. The Pokémon collide, but Glalie takes the brunt of the damage. Glalie responds with Ice Beam, Metang's Confusion forces Ice Beam right back towards Glalie. Metang follows up with Take Down. Ash tells Glalie to use Ice Beam again to everyone's surprise. Confusion sends it back, but Glalie is told to use Icy Wind, reflecting Ice Beam back again, landing a direct hit on Metang and encrusting it in ice. Glalie follows up with a successful Headbutt, sending ice shards all around. Metang releases an intense Meteor Mash and scores a direct hit. Morrison tells Metang to finish with Meteor Mash while Ash tells Glalie to use a spinning Headbutt. At the last moment, Glalie ducks under and strike Metang's underside. The referee judges Metang unable to battle and declares Ash the victor. Having won the battle, Ash will now advance to the Top 8 of the Hoenn Tournament.

The crowd cheers as Tyson is seen commanding Sceptile to fire a super-effective SolarBeam on a Rhydon, knocking it out. having won his battle as well, Tyson advances to the Top 8.

Morrison, viewing the stadium from the outside, shouts out in disappointment at his loss. Feeling better, he realizes that it can't be helped. Ash tells Morrison that their battle was one of the greatest ever and Morrison and May agree. Morrison asks Ash if he's ready for his next battle and if they could battle again someday, to Ash's confirmation. He also says that he'll beat Morrison again, beginning another competitive argument. Tyson calms the situation by notifying them that it's time to eat dinner. The two agree and have a race to the Pokémon Center. May, Max, and Brock are relieved that Morrison and Ash are back to their old selves.

At Team Rocket's promised buffet, various appetizers, main courses, and desserts and are shown. After James, Jessie, and Meowth have finished their meal, the owner says that he must go on a business trip soon and will leave the three in charge of management. The Team is nearly offended in disbelief at this news and are happy with working honest jobs.

The very next round pits Ash versus Tyson. Tyson figures that it would come to this eventually and asks for a battle with no regrets. Ash and Tyson agree that they should fight their battle with everything they've got. May and Max wish him luck, and Brock does the same for Tyson.

Both James and Jessie have fallen asleep after their big meal, but Meowth is out walking and sees a large sign showing the Top 8 pairings. He realizes that Tyson's Meowth will probably be going up against Ash's Pikachu.

Outside, at night, Tyson lectures his Pokémon to put their heart into the battle as they confirm back with various replies. He tells his Pokémon that Ash is a strong opponent, but they have trained hard and can't afford to lose. He starts to prepare his team for tomorrow with some special training.

Meanwhile, Meowth observes Tyson's training and calls Tyson's Meowth towards the bushes where he is hiding. Meowth offers advice on defeating Pikachu, which Tyson's Meowth reluctantly listens to. He warns that it may be cute, but its Electric attacks have destroyed many of Team Rocket's inventions and sent them blasting off again and again. Tyson's Meowth is not concerned and proceeds to display its power by slicing through some tree branches and walking away. Meowth is surprised and insulted by this shrugging off. A nearby tree then begins to fall, startling Meowth as it crushes him.

Morrison and Ash are resting outside in their tree hammocks. Morrison tells Ash that he has a big match tomorrow and figures he's sleeping outside due to nervousness. Ash says that he feels more relaxed sleeping outside. Morrison says good night and confirms to Ash that he will win tomorrow.

The tournament flame can be seen flaming brightly and beautifully as the third match is about to begin. The announcer wonders which Pokémon the Trainers will use as the battle begins. The first half of the battle will be fought on a grass battlefield. Ash chooses Glalie as his first Pokémon while Tyson releases Sceptile. Glalie uses Ice Beam and Sceptile counters with Solarbeam, creating an explosion of light that reaches high into the sky.

At last, Tyson and Ash must battle to advance to the Final 4.

Major events

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Pokémon Trainer's Choice

Pokémon Trainer's Choice: Feebas



The incorrect title.
Meowth's missing scarf.
  • When the episode first aired on Kids' WB!, the title card was incorrectly spelled as Choose it or Loose It. The Cartoon Network airing, as well as the DVD, have corrected this error.
  • Ash tells Pikachu to "use Iron Tail again" on Steelix, but it had not ever used it before in this battle.
  • In the dub, Brock and Max state that Ash's Glalie should have the advantage against Morrison's Metang, which is incorrect as Steel is super-effective against Ice (In the original, the two correctly state that it's Glalie who has the disadvantage).
  • When Tyson's Meowth slices the tree, its scarf is missing.

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Pokémon Trainer's Choice

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AG129 : A Judgment Brawl
Advanced Generation series
AG131 : At the End of the Fray
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