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AG128 : Shocks and Bonds
Pokémon the Series: Ruby and Sapphire
AG130 : Choose It or Lose It!
A Judgment Brawl
AG129   EP403
And... Continue the Battle That Cannot Be Lost!!
First broadcast
Japan May 19, 2005
United States March 18, 2006
English themes
Opening Unbeatable
Japanese themes
Opening ポケモン シンフォニック メドレー
Ending GLORY DAY 〜輝くその日〜
Animation Team Ota
Screenplay 米村正二 Shōji Yonemura
Storyboard 大山和弘 Kazuhiro Ōyama
Assistant director ながはまのりひこ Norihiko Nagahama
Animation director 広岡歳仁 Toshihito Hirooka
No additional credits are available at this time.

A Judgment Brawl (Japanese: そして…負けられない戦いは続く!! And... Continue the Battle That Cannot Be Lost!!) is the 129th episode of Pokémon the Series: Ruby and Sapphire, and the 403rd episode of the Pokémon anime. It was first broadcast in Japan on May 19, 2005 and in the United States on March 18, 2006.

Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details.


The first round of the Victory Tournament finds Ash in a tight spot. He has three Pokémon remaining; Katie, his opponent, has four. Katie's Golduck faces Corphish on a water field and uses its attack to confuse Corphish. Luckily, even confused, Corphish is one tough Pokémon! Its haphazard attacks manage to defeat Golduck. Then it's a tense series of battles as Ash rallies and knocks out all of Katie's Pokémon until only her Walrein remains!

Walrein knocks out Swellow and Corphish with no problem, but Ash's spur of the moment tactics and Groyvle's fighting ability are still a force to be reckoned with. Walrein's Ice Beam has the side effect of freezing over the water, which means it can no longer dive to avoid attacks, and Grovyle takes full advantage of the situation to strike fast and hard. Victory to Ash!

The next round draw is completed, and to their mutual shock, Ash and Morrison will be battling each other. Morrison runs off, stunned by the thought of battling his friend. And where has Team Rocket been all this time? Still working hard to sell snacks at the stadium! Their boss will even take them out for dinner if things keep going well. Will the promise of food actually keep Team Rocket out of trouble?

The next day, Morrison and Ash begin their match. Morrison doesn't have the heart to battle, and his Girafarig is quickly beaten by Corphish. Will he recover in time to make it a good match, or will this experience affect his friendship with Ash?


Ash and Katie continue their Full Battle. However, due to Ash having three of his Pokémon knocked out, the field has been changed from a rock field to a water field. The two competitors choose Pokémon perfect for the water; Ash sends out Corphish, and Katie calls on her Golduck to battle again. Ash orders Corphish to use Crabhammer, and Katie responds by telling Golduck to use Fury Swipes. However, the continuous strikes from both Pokémon matches blow for blow, canceling out. Katie orders Golduck to use Hydro Pump, which Ash counters by telling Corphish to jump and use Crabhammer. Katie does not seem worried, however, and tells Golduck to use Confusion, stopping Corphish in mid-air. Corphish is suspended helplessly by Confusion before being flung across the arena and onto one of the platforms by the attack. Ash calls out to Corphish, who is in a state of confusion from Golduck's attack. Unable to snap himself out of confusion, Corphish falls straight into the arena's water. As the announcer and Golduck wonder where Corphish could be, Katie looks on confidently. Corphish manages to sneak up to Golduck unnoticed before lashing his opponent with a successful Crabhammer to the face, sending it reeling. Katie grits her teeth as Corphish lands safely on one of the arena platforms, before ordering her fallen Golduck to use Fury Swipes again. Golduck does so, leaping towards a dazed Corphish who cannot hear Ash's pleas to dodge. However, just before Golduck can begin its attack, Corphish accidentally clamps onto his opponent’s hands and starts shaking them rigorously. Seeing his chance to gain an advantage, Ash has Corphish fling Golduck aside before propelling it into the stadium wall with a Bubble Beam, taking it out.

Katie recalls Golduck and sends Venomoth back onto the field. Ash, confident from their last win, decides not to switch out. However, Corphish is still confused and uses Bubble Beam without being ordered to. Katie orders Venomoth to dodge and use Supersonic on the already-confused Corphish, to no effect and some ridicule by Ash's friends. Ash recalls Corphish so that he may recover in his Poké Ball. Noting that Venomoth is a Bug type and that Flying types would have an advantage, Ash sends out his Swellow. Katie responds by telling Venomoth to use Stun Spore, though Swellow dodges and uses Peck. Katie tells Venomoth to use Disable to prevent Swellow from using Peck again. Ash confidently replies that it has other Flying-type attacks, and tells Swellow to use Aerial Ace. Swellow loops around mid-air, and dives straight for Venomoth, smashing into the Bug Pokémon and sending it spiraling down towards the arena's water. Katie quickly responds by telling Venomoth to use Confusion. Though Ash has Swellow land a Quick Attack, sending Venomoth straight into the water and out for the count.

Katie recalls Venomoth and sends out her Scizor. In the stands, May questions Katie's choice of another Bug-type going against Swellow, though Max informs her that Scizor is also part Steel-type and has some advantage. Ash begins this match-up by telling Swellow to use Quick Attack. Katie orders Scizor to use Quick Attack as well, and the two Pokémon speed towards each other, trading blows repeatedly in mid-air. They eventually stop and face off. Since Disable has worn off, Ash orders Swellow to use Peck once again, and Katie responds by telling Scizor to use Double Team, creating several Scizor illusions across the various platforms. Katie calls for a Metal Claw, and all of the Double Team clones leap towards Swellow, claws glowing. Ash has Swellow respond with Double Team, creating a line of its own clones to tackle Scizor's. The copies pass through each other, and Ash orders Swellow to use Aerial Ace. The Swellow loop around and speed toward Scizor. Katie has Scizor counter with Hidden Power, destroying the Swellow duplicates. Ash calls for a Quick Attack, and Swellow speeds through Scizor's attack. Katie orders Scizor to counter with Metal Claw, which it does, smashing straight into Swellow's position. However, Swellow used Aerial Ace to instantly vanish and hit Scizor. The force of the attack sends Scizor crashing down onto a stadium platform, and it is unable to battle.

Down to her last Pokémon, Katie falls silent for a few seconds before sending out her Walrein. Ash, excited that victory is close, orders Swellow to use Quick Attack again. However, due to Walrein's sheer girth and body mass, Swellow's direct attack bounces straight off, and a shocked Swellow is sent flying back. Katie commands Walrein to use Ice Beam, forcing Swellow to make an evasive dodge to avoid it, though the tip of its wing gets frozen as a result. As Ash orders a Peck attack, Katie counters by telling Walrein to go underwater, causing Swellow's attack to miss. Ash grits his teeth and Katie confidently orders the submerged Walrein to use Ice Beam. The attack lands a direct hit, forcing Swellow to crash onto the floor outside of the arena, knocked out.

Katie and Walrein confidently look on as the announcer comments that Ash has two Pokémon remaining. Ash, limited in choice, sends out an exhausted yet no longer confused Corphish. Katie orders Walrein to use Body Slam while Ash calls for Bubble Beam. Bubble Beam pelts Walrein's underside as it slams down upon Corphish, causing a huge wave. When the water clears, Corphish is pinned under Walrein's huge mass and knocked out.

Ash has no option but to send out his Grovyle, which the announcer notes is Ash's last Pokémon. Grovyle emerges from its Poké Ball onto one of the stadium platforms, pulls out its twig, and eyes the competition. Katie starts the final match-up by ordering Walrein to use Ice Beam. Following orders, Grovyle leaps over Ice Beam, which instead freezes some of the water field solid. Katie orders Walrein to dodge by diving underwater and Grovyle lands on Walrein's platform, unable to make Leaf Blade connect. While Grovyle looks around for its opponent, Katie orders Walrein to use Ice Beam. Walrein quickly emerges from the water and fires Ice Beam, landing a direct hit. Grovyle smirks and gets back up, shooting a look at Walrein before it dives underwater once again. Walrein repeatedly emerges in various areas of the pool while Ash looks on in frustration. Suddenly, he notices the frozen water around the platform and develops a plan. He tells Grovyle to use Leaf Blade on the water, causing a shock wave that forces Walrein out of the water. Katie calls for another Ice Beam attack, which Ash tells Grovyle to dodge. Ice Beam freezes over the pool, removing Walrein's underwater advantage, and taking Katie by surprise.

Ash orders Grovyle to use Quick Attack, the force of which sends Walrein flying into the arena wall and kicks up a cloud of dust. Ash shouts encouragement to Grovyle as it smoothly lands. Katie does not seem worried, as she tells Walrein to use Mimic. Several beams of bright, pink light burst out from the dust clouds before Walrein flies across the field using its Mimicked Quick Attack. Unable to react quickly enough, Walrein hits Grovyle head-on and sends it flying. Grovyle manages to stop itself before staring down its opponent, who has just revealed its latest trick. From the stands, Morrison wonders what Mimic does, and Max explains that it allows Walrein to copy one of Grovyle's moves, in this case, Quick Attack. Ash orders Grovyle to use Leaf Blade, sending Walrein flying back before it manages to regain its balance and use Body Slam on Katie's command. Ash counters by telling Grovyle to dodge and use Bullet Seed. Grovyle leaps into the air and fires off a volley of seeds upon a defenseless Walrein. Katie, frustrated, tells Walrein to use Ice Beam again, but Grovyle dodges it. Ash orders it to use Quick Attack, which it uses to avoid Ice Beam and strike Walrein. Katie watches on as Grovyle lands several powerful blows against Walrein. While Ash's friends happily look on, Katie decides to finish things and orders Walrein to use its Mimicked Quick Attack. Walrein speeds toward Grovyle, who Ash tells to run toward Walrein. As everyone wonders what Ash is thinking, the two Pokémon rush at each other. At the last moment, Ash orders Grovyle to dodge underneath Walrein and use Leaf Blade. Grovyle powerfully slices its blade straight up Walrein's body, sending it skyward and back to the ground. The announcer proclaims that Walrein is unable to battle and that Ash is the winner. Not being a sore loser, Katie approaches Ash to thank him for the great battle and the two Trainers shake hands. Morrison and Tyson also perform well in their respective matches, advancing to the next stage—The Final 16.

After their shifts, Team Rocket enjoys green tea and rice with their new boss. Pleased with their work, he says that he'll take them to an all-you-can-eat barbecue if they work hard again tomorrow. The trio are in disbelief at the kind gesture. After the boss leaves, Jessie says that they could capture Pikachu tomorrow too, which they all celebrate, including Wobbuffet.

Also chowing down are Ash and his friends who are enjoying some delicious pizza. The group happily talks about the tournament. Morrison is proud of how far he has gotten in his first tournament as a Pokémon Trainer. Before the conversation can go any further, Max's PokéNav alerts him to the next battle match-ups being announced. Ash, excited, suggests that they go find out who they'll be facing in the next few battles, and Morrison agrees. However, once they see the results, the group is shocked to find Ash and Morrison pitted against each other. Morrison is particularly stunned as he falls completely silent. Ash turns to Morrison and tries to cheer him up, but the shock is too much. He walks out of the Pokémon Center visibly downtrodden.

Ash exits the Center and goes to Morrison's tree hammock, but there is no response, so he continues searching. Elsewhere, Morrison is training Metang, telling it that they have to train to be able to overcome Ash's Pokémon. He orders Metang to use Take Down on a nearby tree, but quickly tells it to stop when he imagines Ash's face in it. Metang turns around, confused at Morrison's actions. Morrison falls to the ground, confused and upset. Ash appears, greeting Morrison happily. Morrison, however, is still frustrated at the battle match-up and runs off with Metang, unable to face Ash. Just as Morrison leaves, Brock, May and Max appear. Ash is confused by Morrison's behavior and Brock explains that being paired up in a battle against a friend can be tough for anyone.

The next day, the Full Battle between Ash and Morrison begins. The stadium flame makes for the perfect backdrop as the field of choice this time around is the ice field. Morrison grits his teeth as he looks at Ash. May, Max, Brock, and Tyson spectate in silence. Ash starts the battle off by sending out Corphish. Morrison responds, halfheartedly calling out Girafarig. The referee declares the battle started, and Ash orders Corphish to use Vice Grip. Morrison, with his confidence shaken, tells Girafarig to use Light Screen, which proves ineffective against a physical attack like Vice Grip. Corphish crashes through the Light Screen and clamps onto Girafarig's head with a Vice Grip. Girafarig manages to shake Corphish off, sending the Ruffian Pokémon sliding back. Morrison hesitantly orders it to use Tackle. Corphish slides straight into a curved upright icicle, allowing him to scuttle away from the attack. Girafarig, unable to stop in time, gets injured as it rams into the icicle. Ash orders Corphish to attack again, but Girafarig slips and falls on the icy floor, causing Corphish to miss. Ash quickly has Corphish clamp onto one of the smaller icicles, allowing him to loop around and attack Girafarig once again. Morrison desperately orders Girafarig to use Iron Tail, though Corphish manages to dodge before attacking with Crabhammer, knocking Girafarig out. Morrison gasps at his fallen Pokémon, before silently calling it back. Instead of sending out his next Pokémon, Morrison stands there, petrified by indecision. The referee urges Morrison to call out his next Pokémon, but Morrison cannot concentrate. The announcer remarks that unless Morrison sends out a Pokémon soon, it will count as a forfeit and Ash will win the battle.

Major events

For a list of all major events in the anime, please see the history page.


Pokémon debuts




Pokémon Trainer's Choice

Pokémon Trainer's Choice: Nosepass



Walrein's scoreboard error
  • When Swellow dodges Venomoth's Stun Spore, the attack appears to be coming from Swellow's side instead of Venomoth's.
  • Walrein's picture on the scoreboard shows its head as blue instead of white.
  • Max notes that Ash and Grovyle are using the "hit and away" tactic, but in the previous episode, it was called the "hit and run" tactic.
  • Before Grovyle dodges Walrein's Body Slam, Ash commands him to duck instead of dodge.
  • In a reversal of a dub error from Saved by the Beldum!, a Machoke is referred to as a Machamp and has the voice of one.
  • Tyson's picture is not shown when the second round matchups are revealed.
  • In the Brazilian dub, Tyson mistakenly refers to Grovyle as a Ground type.
    • Also in the Brazilian dub, Metang is misspelled "Mateng", and Golduck is misspelled as "Goldluck", with the latter being a repeat from the previous episode.
  • On the Australian DigiPack DVD release of season 8, the recap at the start of this episode mistakenly uses the recap of From Brags to Riches.

Dub edits

Pokémon Trainer's Choice

  • Question: Trainers, which of these Pokémon is not a Ground type?
  • Choices: Groudon, Nosepass, Phanpy
  • Answer: OK, Trainers! If you chose Nosepass, you were right!

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AG128 : Shocks and Bonds
Pokémon the Series: Ruby and Sapphire
AG130 : Choose It or Lose It!
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