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AG028 : Seeing is Believing
Advanced Generation series
AG030 : A Meditite Fight!
Ready, Willing, and Sableye
AG029   EP303
The Startling Yamirami!
First broadcast
Japan June 12, 2003
United States May 1, 2004
English themes
Opening I Wanna Be A Hero
Japanese themes
Opening アドバンス・アドベンチャー
Ending ポルカ・オ・ドルカ
Animation Team Ota
Screenplay 園田英樹 Hideki Sonoda
Storyboard 藤本義孝 Yoshitaka Fujimoto
Assistant director ながはまのりひこ Norihiko Nagahama
Animation director 向山祐治 Yūji Mukōyama
Additional credits

Ready, Willing, and Sableye (Japanese: ヤミラミでドッキリ! The Startling Yamirami!) is the 29th episode of the Advanced Generation series and the 303rd episode of the Pokémon anime. It was first broadcast in Japan on June 12, 2003 and in the United States on May 1, 2004.

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The episode starts with Brock preparing sandwiches for the group. Ash asks Brock what kind of sandwiches he is making, and Template:AnfMay replies cheerfully the delicious kind. The others’ Pokémon are all out of their Poké Balls, anticipating the lunch. Brock tells them all to calm down, and to give him one more second for the meal to be done. Brock looks down and notices Corphish, and asks how it would feel if it would help him with the salad. Corphish responds happily, jumping onto the table. Brock instructs Corphish to start by cutting the vegetables. Corphish grabs the white root-like vegetable in its pincer, and rapidly flings out its other pincer at the root. The slices of the root are perfectly cut. The others watch in awe at Corphish’s skill.

Corphish throws the bulbs into the air, again flings out its pincer and the bulbs are finely powdered. Ash remarks that Corphish is really good at slicing, and Corphish scuttles over to the sandwiches. Alarmed, May alerts Corphish not to slice the sandwiches, Brock stating that they are already cut up. Ash tells Corphish that it is enough, but Corphish flings out a pincer and the sandwiches are crumbled. Brock nervously tells the group to dig in.

Ash spoons out a portion of the crumbled sandwich, stating, awkwardly, that it is different this way. Equally awkwardly, the others chew their food. May states that she can say it is the first time she has ever eaten her sandwich with a spoon. Ash addresses Corphish sternly, claiming that it is all its fault and that he hopes that Corphish at least feels bad about it. Corphish snaps its pincers and appears happy regardless. Max concludes that from the looks of that happy expression the answer is a big no. Ash closes his eyes in exasperation and says that he has to do something about Corphish’s attitude fast, and Corphish remains happy in expression.

Team Rocket appears, approaching an abandoned mine. Jessie asks James where they are and to check the map. James brings out the map, and states that according to the map they are looking at an old gold mine. Jessie inquires James on its being a gold mine, but James clarifies that apparently it has been many years since it has given any gold. Meowth remarks that at some point, it must have been a mountain of treasure. Jessie thinks about this, fantasizing about a dream house made of nothing but gold bricks. Jessie laughs in a satisfied manner, but James looks at her and reminds her that the mine has not given any gold for a long time.

Irritated, Jessie brings up the possibility of an untapped vein begging to be tapped, further remarking that the thrill of the hunt brings the sweet smell of success. Meowth comments that he thinks he’s picking up the happy smell too. James steadfastly states that he is not. Jessie elaborates in saying that if they give the gold to the boss, they will receive a big promotion. James is now excited on the concept, Jessie further cheering that all their debts are history and Meowth even adding that they will have a base for every day of the week. Wobbuffet pops out of its Poké Ball and seems to agree. Jessie then asserts that they will dig their way to fame and fortune even if they must do it with their bare hands.

Team Rocket, walking through the abandoned mine, finds a trolley on a track. Jessie states that the old trolley looks like it still has some life in it. James agrees, and Meowth says that they will put the old tub to work with Wobbuffet again concurring. Team Rocket, inside the trolley, is now nervous. James offers that maybe they should leave the creepy cave. Meowth concurs, stating that is indeed creepy and haunted. Jessie, aggravated, tells Meowth to cool it, knowing how the stuff scares James. Wobbuffet pipes in, and in an irritated manner, Jessie asks who asked its opinion. In the darkness in front of them, two shining, eyelike points of light are seen. Jessie asks what is it, and James admits that now he is scared. The two points of light brighten and a toothed grin is revealed. Team Rocket is now thoroughly frightened, James hastily slamming the brake with the sharp stop chucking Meowth out of the trolley. The eyes drift closer, Jessie screaming that it is a ghost and James for his mommy to help him. Hastily James places the mechanism into reverse, causing the trolley to move backwards. Meowth claims, in a sarcastic manner, that they now believe him as they move on without him. The apparition leaps down from the ceiling to stand in front of Meowth, and Meowth looks at it. Meowth screams, erratically attempting to run away before tripping and apparently fainting. The apparition, a Sableye, walks over to him. Curiously, Sableye pokes Meowth twice before scratching its head in befuddlement.

Jessie and James, now outside of the mine in the trolley, poke their heads out. James states that the mine was haunted, and Meowth was right, Wobbuffet enthusiastically concurring with him. Jessie asks James where Meowth is, and James responds fearfully that the awful ghost has probably kidnapped Meowth. Jessie remarks to leave it to Meowth to mess up a plan. James replies that now they must go back in to get him. Ash’s voice is heard, and Jessie and James turn toward the group. Seeing that they are approaching, Jessie, James and Wobbuffet clamber out of the trolley, with Wobbuffet comically falling before scampering after them.

May asks Max that he heard the place used to be a real gold mine. Max replies that he is pretty sure, but the Pokénav does not have any information on it at all. Brock states that it looks to him that the mine has been abandoned for a really long time. Ash replies that the factor is why it could not be more perfect. Brock asks Ash what he means by that. Ash walks over to a control switch and presses a red button. The lights in the mine switch on and Max remarks that the lights are still working. Ash explains to the others that it is in awesome place to test their courage. May states her uncertainty about the idea, and Brock states that he is not sure they should be messing around like that. Ash explains that it is part of training, and that he thinks it is important to put a good scare into Corphish. May asks what good that would do, and Ash explains that after a good scare Corphish would likely settle down. Brock skeptically says that is his big plan, and equally skeptically, Max comments that they shall all be amazed if it actually works. Ash assures them that it will indeed work, and explains how they shall do it by means of secretively whispering it to them. Cheerfully, May remarks that she thinks Ash’s plan will actually work, and asks Max if he is coming too. Max comments that May is always the first one to buy into such "crazy plans".

Jessie and James, hiding behind a stack of crates, overhear the group’s plan. Jessie comments by stating the quaint idea of using an ancient mine filled with goblins as a place to test one’s mettle. James agrees, but reminds Jessie that there really are ghosts in there. James further adds that although they may be twerps, he thinks they should warn them. Jessie states that just a boo out of the awful ghost will make the group fly out of there just in time for them to grab Pikachu. Wobbuffet enthusiastically and loudly concurs, and quickly Jessie and James nervously attempt to cover its mouth.

May and Max enter the mine in a trolley. Max asks May that, with them inside the cave and everything, what they should do. May explains all they have to do then is dress up as ghosts and scare Corphish. May bends over and procures a white sheet, presenting it to Max. Max skeptically asks May if she is kidding him.

Meowth awakes in a room of some sort with Sableye standing over him. Meowth, frightened, frantically states that he shall do what they do say before he recognizes the apparition, asking if it is a Sableye. Sableye explains the situation to Meowth, and Meowth translates that Sableye says it likes to scare humans and does not mean any harm. Sableye affirms Meowth’s comments and brings out a rock, crunching part of it with its sharp teeth. Meowth admits that he has not eaten all day, and Sableye offers the rock to Meowth. Meowth attempts to bite into the rock, but painfully realizes its hardness and accuses the laughing Sableye of feeding him rocks. Noting Sableye’s laughter, Meowth demands that Sableye get over it and that it was not that funny.

Sableye again speaks to Meowth, and Meowth reiterates this as Sableye wanting Meowth to stick around as it does not have much company. Sableye affirms this, and Meowth asks what the place is. Sableye answers Meowth’s question, gesturing around the room, and Meowth repeats that it is the control room from back when the mine was still in operation. Meowth spots May and Max in the trolley on one of the computer’s monitors, and angrily states that there are a couple of the twerps out there. Sableye makes a comment, and Meowth reiterates that Sableye thinks that they would be easy to scare. Sableye continues excitedly, and, and in an exasperated expression, Meowth asks Sableye that they never get tired of doing practical jokes. Sableye speaks further, and Meowth repeats their offer of him going with Sableye to help it scare the twerps for good. Sableye nods, affirming this, and Meowth turns aside, thinking about the offer. Meowth thinks that if he can get the joker to help him get all the treasure before Jessie and James do, he shall receive the big promotion first. Meowth turns back to Sableye, telling it that it has itself a deal and that they shall scare them.

Ash walks along the trolley track, wondering in May and Max are ready to go. Ash sends out Corphish, who belligerently raises its pincers. Ash assures Corphish that it is not battling this time, and Corphish appears to be disappointed. Ash explains that today they will be testing Corphish’s courage, and that it is time to check out what Corphish is made of by exploring the creepy cave. Corphish appears skeptical, and Ash accuses it of making fun of him. Ash warns that Corphish better watch its attitude, and that it has been said there are ghosts down there. A wailing sound is heard, and Ash says that it sounds like there is one now. Corphish appears frightened, erratically moving its pincers in a frantic manner. May and Max are revealed to be hiding behind the trolley with the sheets of white cloth around them, and Ash asks Corphish what it is going to do. May asks Max if he is ready to have some fun, and Max responds that that it is not like has a choice in the matter.

Max, on May’s shoulders, drapes the cloth over himself and May, obscuring them under the covering. May walks out of the hiding spot behind the trolley, making a ghostly wailing sound, and Max unenthusiastically exclaims under the cloth that he is a ghost. Corphish, frantic, waves and clamps its pincers in fright, and Max unenthusiastically adds that he is scary. Ash states to himself that the plan is working. Unexpectedly, however, the entire plan goes wrong when Corphish panics and launches itself at the apparent "ghost", knocking away the cloth and revealing May and Max while Ash and Pikachu look on. May, staggering from the impact, promptly trips, causing her and Max to topple into the trolley.

Furious that it has been tricked, Corphish, clamping its pincers, rushes towards the trolley. Ash blurts out in vain for Corphish to stop, still claiming that they were just "testing its courage". Ignoring him, Corphish rams into the trolley, sending it, and May and Max with it, flying down the tracks and further into the mine. Corphish then storms off in anger, moving into a corridor on the right. Ash orders Corphish to stop and to come back, as its going the wrong way, but still it ignores him.

Further inside the mine, in the trolley, Max sarcastically asks May if it their experience was a "real blast". May, apparently regretting that she acted before she thought, nervously states that she did not know that Corphish would attack them. The two hear a sound, and Sableye, with its eyes glowing, appears on the rim of the trolley. May and Max are frightened and scream as Sableye reveals its teeth. Max eventually realizes what the perceived ghost is, and assures May that it is not a ghost but only a Sableye. Sableye leaps upward, hanging onto the ceiling. May brings out her Pokédex and checks the entry about Sableye. Sableye laughs and Max exclaims that the Sableye scared them nearly to death and they think it is funny. May adds that they were thinking they saw a ghost and Sableye was there laughing. May exclaims that she will show it, and sends out Torchic. May commands for Torchic to teach Sableye a lesson with Ember. Sableye dodges the attack on the ceiling and leaps down, using Lick on Torchic. The saliva confuses Torchic and May is distraught as Torchic dizzily wavers. May returns Torchic back into its Poké Ball, and Sableye continues to laugh as Meowth approaches. Meowth comments to Sableye that its scaring was slick, and that he is starting to take a real liking to them.

May accusingly asks Meowth what he is doing in the cave. Meowth responds that it nothing that is any of her beeswax, but reveals a device with a button from behind his back and states that he is there is push the button. A net falls from the ceiling and entangles May, Max, and the trolley in its confines. May and Max struggling in vain against the net, demand for Meowth to get them out of there, but Sableye and Meowth laugh. Meowth, responding to Sableye’s comment, admits that Sableye is right and that it is fun.

Outside the mine, Brock asks if Corphish discovers that the ghost were actually May and Max; Ash disappointed that his plan failed, unenthusiastically confirms this. As Corphish waves its pincers around angrily, Brock comments that Ash's plan to test Corphish’s courage failed, which Ash affirms, saying that instead of being brave, the plan only angered it. Ash then asks where May and Max are, to which Brock responds by stating that he thinks they haven't come out of the mine yet. Ash turns to the mine’s entrance in befuddlement, stating that they should have beaten him by a long shot. Brock, stating his hopes that the siblings are alright, says that they better go inside and look for them. Ash and Pikachu agree.

Meowth laughs as he views Ash, Brock, Corphish and Pikachu entering the mine on the computer monitor. Meowth comments to Sableye that it is their next victim, and he further asks Sableye if it is ready to give them the scare of their lives. Sableye says something to Meowth, and Meowth affirms their request, stating that himself and Sableye are the best of friends and that they will have some more fun scaring some more people. Sableye nods, and Meowth states that the matter is settled before walking off with Sableye behind him to scare the planned victims. In a net hung from the ceiling, May curiously says that Meowth and Sableye are best friends. Max comments that he bets Meowth is just tricking Sableye into helping. May concurs with Max, and Max continues to stating that he feels like they should help the Sableye.

Corphish angrily scuttles alongside Ash and Brock. Ash asks Corphish how long it is going to stay mad, and that while it is bust grumbling it might want to remember that it partly its fault that May and Max became lost. Angrily, Corphish raises its pincers in the air as it speaks rapidly. Brock states awkwardly that he is not sure that it needed to point that out. Suddenly the group spots the trolley ahead on the track. Ash states that he bet that is May and Max, and the trolley moves towards them. Corphish appears frightened of the approaching trolley, and as it slowly comes to a stop Ash and Brock investigate its contents. Ash states with some disappointment that it is just an empty one as Sableye lowers itself from the ceiling and brings out its tongue to lick Ash’s neck. Ash is startled, and asks Pikachu if it was him. Pikachu shakes his head. Ash is surprised, and asks if it was not Pikachu, then who did it.

The group hears a voice, and in a frightened manner attempt to locate its source. Ash asks if anyone heard that, and Brock comments to Ash that he has the weirdest feeling someone is watching them. Sableye lowers itself from the ceiling near Brock and licks his neck. Brock is startled, and looks behind him in an attempt to find whatever licked him. Ash asks Brock what is the matter, and Brock explains that he just felt something touch his neck. Ash says that he felt that too, his expression becoming more determined. Behind Corphish, Meowth, in a black garment and veil, slaps Corphish with a fan. Corphish turns around, but does not find anyone. Ash asks what Brock thinks is in there with them, and Corphish erratically waves its pincers and exclaims repeatedly. Ash asks Corphish what is wrong, and Corphish gives Ash a stern expression before tackling him. Ash defensively asks Corphish what that was for, and Corphish snaps its pincers angrily. Pikachu jumps in front of Ash to defend him, but Corphish slams Pikachu aside. Brock exclaims for Corphish to knock it off.

May and Max observe the scene from a computer monitor in the control room as Ash asks Corphish what is the matter with them. Max states that it looks like the point in which they all start fighting each other, but that he does not know what they can do. May says she knows and brings out Torchic. Torchic, upon materializing, is still frightened. Max states that it looks like Torchic has not recovered what the last battle they went through. May gently asks Torchic to use Ember to burn through the net. Torchic launches Ember and the net falls, roughly releasing May and Max. May thanks Torchic, and tells that it can go inside its Poké Ball and rest again, recalling it. Max reminds May that they should hurry and go help, and May concurs in stating that they warn Ash and Brock.

Pikachu launches electricity at Corphish, but Corphish easily dodges the attack by jumping. Corphish launches BubbleBeam at Pikachu, but Pikachu jumps over it. They confront each other, with Pikachu’s cheeks sparking. Ash commands both Pikachu and Corphish to stop. Meowth jumps on the rim of the trolley, wielding a launcher which he fires at Corphish and Pikachu. The projectile expands to form a net, entangling Corphish and Pikachu. Ash concernedly watches Corphish and Pikachu, but hearing a laugh, turns to identify it. Meowth rips off his black garment and veil and exclaims that they have caught themselves a fairy square. Brock identifies the Pokémon with Meowth as a Sableye, and tells Ash that he bets those two were the ones sneaking up on them back there. Ash asks what a Sableye is hanging around with Meowth for, on which Meowth laughs. Meowth states that he and Sableye are best friends, to which Sableye concurs. May exclaims from far away that Meowth is a liar, and May, along with Max, is revealed to be approaching on a trolley.

May warns Sableye to not believe anything Meowth says. Ash happily states that it is May and Max and Brock adds that they are all right. May continues in warning Sableye, claimed that Meowth is only trying to trick it and that she promises. Max adds that Meowth is only using it to capture Pikachu and the other Pokémon. Sableye turns to Meowth, and Meowth quickly attempts to defend himself, saying that it is not true and he only wanting to hang out with them to have some fun playing. Sableye looks doubtful, and May elaborates that Sableye should not trust Meowth, no matter what, and Max adds the information the Meowth is a member of Team Rocket. Sableye, befuddled, holds its head in its hands as Meowth exclaims that he is not the liar, but they are and that they are trying to trick it, further demanding Sableye take care of them promptly. Jessie’s voice is heard, and Meowth, Sableye, Ash, and Brock turn to identify the voice’s owner, Ash asking who it is.

Jessie starts the motto, James saying his parts as they come closer inside a trolley. Jessie and James continue the motto but stop, saying that they will cut the rest. James compliments Meowth, saying way to go and all by his lonesome he is blown away. Jessie states that it more than she expected, and Wobbuffet, in the back of the trolley, concurs. Ash exclaims his identification of them, and Brock, somewhat exasperatedly, states it is not they two again. James states that, sad to say, they found no treasure, but Jessie adds that catching Pikachu is treasure enough. Jessie bends down, holding the net and its contents. Sableye angrily yells at Meowth, and Meowth states that the jig is up, leaving Sableye behind as it fumes angrily. With Meowth in the trolley, Jessie that it is time to say goodbye, and Team Rocket does so. Ash addressed Brock to not worry and sends out Taillow, commanding it to stop Team Rocket.

Taillow flies up to Jessie and repeatedly pecks the top of her hair. Jessie demands it stop its insidious pecking and that it is going to ruin her hair. Angrily, Jessie yells that it is a lot of work to get her hair that way. Jessie brings out a bomb from her waist and hurls it at the group’s direction, despite James’ urging that she refrain from doing so. The bomb explodes, blasting the trolley out of the mine with tremendous speed from the force. The explosion causes the wood reinforcing the mine to crack, and Ash exclaims that they have to get out, Brock adding that the ceiling is going to fall. May and Max close their eyes in the trolley, Max asking May to hold him. Sableye points towards a direction inside the mine and speaks as if urging them to do something. Ash acknowledges Sableye’s actions, Brock stating that he thinks Sableye wants to help. Sableye waves, indicating that they should follow it, before running towards a point in the mine with the group following.

Team Rocket is outside the cave, if somewhat battered from the rough ride. Jessie remarks that it was close, but James states that if the little shockwave Jessie sent out had not blown them away, they would have bought the farm too and sourly thanks Jessie. Pikachu calls out, and Corphish also does so in a melancholy manner. Meowth remorsefully remarks that he feels bad, tricking Sableye like he did. Jessie states that she does not feel bad because it really was not their fault, and James replies that it is certainly not his fault in any way, shape, or form. Ash asks what they are talking about, and, surprised, Team Rocket turns towards him.

Ash and the rest of the group are on the top of the rocky ledge of the mountain’s entrance, and Ash states that of course it was all their fault. Corphish and Pikachu are cheered at his appearance and call out happily. Surprised, Jessie acknowledges the twerps and James adds that they are safe. More cheerfully, Meowth comments that Sableye is okay too. Ash exclaims that they are safe but no thanks to them, and that Sableye helped them. Sableye angrily shouts at Team Rocket, and James requests Meowth to translate. Meowth translates with Sableye saying that the ones who destroyed its favorite place to play are in big trouble. Ash commands Sableye to help Pikachu and Corphish, and Sableye leaps down, swiping the net and released Sableye and Corphish. Ash commands Corphish to use Crabhammer and Pikachu to use Iron Tail. Corphish and Pikachu both do so, slamming into Team Rocket. Sableye then uses what seems to be Night Shade on Team Rocket, causing an explosion and for Team Rocket to be blasted off.

Ash states that he is glad everyone is safe. Brock credits Sableye, saying they owe it all to it. Pikachu and Corphish enthusiastically thank Sableye, and Max notes that even Corphish is thanking Sableye. May then brings up the possibility that maybe now Corphish will settle down a little bit more. Sableye says goodbye to Pikachu and Corphish, climbing on top of the ridge and waving towards the group. The group waves back.

Major events


Pokémon debuts




Who’s That Pokémon?: Nosepass


  • The English dub title is based on the phrase "ready, willing, and able."
  • The disguise worn by Meowth in this episode is the same one he wore in Holy Matrimony!. This episode aired 5 years and a day from the date of that episode.


  • While May and Max are stuck in the net, Torchic's Poké ball disappears after May releases it.

Dub edits

  • Jessie's skirt is lengthened for a few scenes in the dub.

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AG028 : Seeing is Believing
Advanced Generation series
AG030 : A Meditite Fight!
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