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The 2010 Pokémon World Championships was the seventh World Championships event hosted by Play! Pokémon, the renamed organizing group for Pokémon Organized Play, and marked the second to officially accommodate both the Pokémon Trading Card Game World Championships and the Pokémon Video Game World Championships. The annual invitation-only event was held at the Hilton Waikoloa Village, located in the big island of Hawaii, and ran from Friday, August 13th with Last Chance Qualifiers, and official competition running on Staurday, August 14 and Sunday, August 15.

Brackets (TCG World Championships)

TCG logo
Pikachu, whose mascot suit underwent a Extreme Makeover, greets the Junior and Senior Division TCG Champions.

The TCG World Championships used the Diamond & Pearl-onwards Modified format for the second time.

Junior Division

  • Champion - Yuka Furusawa (JPN)
  • 2nd place - Juan Pablos Arenas (USA)
  • 3rd place - Simon Taylor (USA)
  • 4th place - Thomas Harle (FRA)

Senior Division

  • Champion - Jacob Lesage (CAN)
  • 2nd place - Mychal Bryan (USA)
  • 3rd place - Ann-Marie Thompson (USA)
  • 4th place - Hiroki Yano (JPN)

Masters Division

  • Champion - Yuta Komatsuda (JPN)
  • 2nd place - Michael Pramawat (USA)
  • 3rd place - Frank Diaz (USA)
  • 4th place - Miguel Garcia (CHL)

Brackets (Video Game World Championships)

Video Game Logo
Left to right: Tachigi, Yamamoto, Ito, Rizzo

The Video Game World Championships required competitors to use HeartGold and SoulSilver.

Junior Division

  • Champion - Shota Yamamoto (JPN)
  • 2nd Place - Santa Ito (JPN)

Senior Division

  • Champion - Ray Rizzo (USA)
  • 2nd Place - Yasuki Tochigi (JPN)

Brackets (TCG World Championships)

Junior Division

Round of 16   Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Final
(Best of Three)
1  Sota Horikawa** JP  
16  Hiroki Masuda JP     16  Hiroki Masuda JP  
9  Thomas Harle* FR   9  Thomas Harle* FR  
8  Nathan Sweet US       9  Thomas Harle* FR  
5  Juan Pablo Arenas US       5  Juan Pablo Arenas US  
12  Titouan Vannay* CH     5  Juan Pablo Arenas US
13  Koichi Nishida US   13  Koichi Nishida US  
4  Tsubasa Nakamura JP       5  Juan Pablo Arenas (0) US
3  Simon Taylor US       10  Yuka Furusawa** (2) JP
14  Sumika Yanagida JP     3  Simon Taylor US  
11  Micah Olton US   6  Toshimi Yamazaki US  
6  Toshimi Yamazaki JP       3  Simon Taylor US
7  Nao Kawamura JP       10  Yuka Furusawa** JP  
10  Yuka Furusawa** JP     10  Yuka Furusawa** JP
15  Henry Chao US   15  Henry Chao US  
2  Gustavo Wada BR  

Senior Division

Round of 16   Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Final
(Best of Three)
1  Aaron Lin Feng Choong* AU  
16  Edmund Kuras US     16  Edmund Kuras US  
9  Ann-Marie Thompson US   9  Ann-Marie Thompson US  
8  Ojvind Svinhufvud FI       9  Ann-Marie Thompson US  
5  Michael Diaz* US       13  Mychael Bryan** US  
12  Andrew Krekeler US     5  Michael Diaz* US
13  Mychael Bryan** US   13  Mychael Bryan US  
4  Karri Makela* FI       13  Mychael Bryan** (1) US
3  Jacob Lesage* CA       3  Jacob Lesage* (2) CA
14  Ty Wheeler US     3  Jacob Lesage* CA  
11  Toya Nishimaki JP   11  Toya Nishimaki JP  
6  Takuto Itagaki JP       3  Jacob Lesage* CA
7  David Hovland Jensen* NO       15  Hiroki Yano* JP  
10  Michael Bergerac US     7  David Hovland Jensen* NO
15  Hiroki Yano* JP   15  Hiroki Yano* JP  
2  Brandon Jones US  

Master Division

Round of 16   Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Final
(Best of Three)
1  Yuta Komatsuda JP  
14  Morten Gundesen DM     1  Yuta Komatsuda JP  
10  Gordon Coates CA   7  Sami Sekkoum UK  
7  Sami Sekkoum UK       1  Yuta Komatsuda JP  
4  Miguel Garcia* CH       4  Miguel Garcia* CH  
15  Colin Stromberg US     4  Miguel Garcia* CH
12  Tomi Sjoblom FI   8  Wai Kit Lam HK  
8  Wai Kit Lam HK       1  Yuta Komatsuda (2) JP
9  Con Le* US       2  Michael Pramawat (1) US
2  Michael Pramawat US     2  Michael Pramawat US  
16  Takuya Yoneda JP   5  Yasmin Kiss DE  
5  Yasmin Kiss DE       2  Michael Pramawat US
6  Curtis Lyon CA       3  Frank Diaz** US  
11  Yee Wei Chun* MY     6  Curtis Lyon CA
13  Tsugyoshi Yamato** JP   3  Frank Diaz** US  
3  Frank Diaz** US  


  • * indicates a player to be a National Champion.
  • ** indicates a player who has entered the main draw via the Last Chance Qualifier.
  • (#) indicates the number of games won in the best-of-three match final.

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