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==Set legal==
==Set legal==
*[[EX Deoxys (TCG)|EX: Deoxys]]
*{{TCG|EX Holon Phantoms}}
*{{TCG|EX Crystal Guardians}}
*[[EX Emerald (TCG)|EX: Emerald]]
*{{TCG|EX Dragon Frontiers}}
*[[EX Unseen Forces (TCG)|EX: Unseen Forces]]
*{{TCG|EX Power Keepers}}
*[[EX Delta Species (TCG)|EX: Delta Species]]
*{{TCG|Diamond & Pearl}}
*[[EX Legend Maker (TCG)|EX: Legend Maker]]
*{{TCG|Mysterious Treasures}}
*[[EX Holon Phantoms (TCG)|EX: Holon Phantoms]]
*{{TCG|Secret Wonders}}
*[[EX Crystal Guardians (TCG)|EX: Crystal Guardians]]
*[[EX Dragon Frontiers (TCG)|EX: Dragon Frontiers]]
*[[EX Power Keepers (TCG)|EX: Power Keepers]]
*[[Diamond & Pearl (TCG)|Diamond & Pearl]]
==Premier Events==
==Premier Events==

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In play

Late 2007-Late 2008

Set legal

Premier Events

  • City Championships
  • State Championships
  • Regional Championships
  • Battle Road Spring
  • National Championships
  • World Championships