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The 1998 Burger King Promotional Pokémon Toys were a set of toys distributed with Kids Meals at Burger King in 1998. All toys were paired with a trading card, which were made exclusively for this promotion. The toys were used to promote Pokémon: The First Movie. There were also a set of 23 karat gold cards which came in Poké Balls that were available to buy at the restaurant chain that year. There were 6 gold cards in total.

Gold Cards

The gold cards came in a blue box, with images of the Pokémon, the card, and the whole set of cards. The card is a thick piece of gold in a plastic cover, with a picture on the front and back, and Pokédex data on the back. It also came with a certificate of authenticity signed by the chairman of NOA at the time. Both the card and the certificate are contained in a plastic Poké Ball with a shiny red top, with a button for opening and closing.

Pokémon Toys



Key Chains

Poké Beanbags




The phrases that the talking Pikachu said were:

  • "Pikachu"
  • "Pika Pika Pika"
  • "Pika-chu"


That very same year, the Poké Balls the Pokémon toys were distributed and were recalled. Two infants suffocated to death when half of the outer portion of the Poké Ball covered their mouth and nose cutting off their air supply.

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